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Ronna Lou Image

I first heard about AFA Davao from one of my friends who has a friend who just got married to a foreigner from AFA Davao. After hearing good things about it, I was excited to apply and thought that maybe there's a possibility of me finding a foreign husband. Me, my cousin and a friend applied together with our complete documents and valid ID's. In the office, they give us orientation, provide us with more information, evidence and assurance that it is real and safe. The staff are very helpful, friendly and seem like trustworthy persons. What gives a confidence that the company is legit and can be trusted is that one of the staff who works in the office is my senior in college. I started filling up the forms, writing my own introduction as to who I am and my idea of interest to the man I am looking for. I also wrote a summary of my life experience which leads me to the idea of finding a foreign man. Then the staff took a photo of us for our profiles. I am quite nervous about them taking pictures but it was really for nothing. I had fun, they taught us how to pose and select different clothes that we are comfortable to wear.

After 2 weeks of approval period. I became an official member. I trust myself that I did the right thing. Becoming a member was xciting. I got a chance to meet a lot of women who are also looking for a chance to meet their other half. From time to time, we went to different places for picture talking. Shooting a video introduction or updates of ourselves. Feels like we are a model or an actress. Feeling shy about what to say in the videos and about our english speaking. It's a challenge to put an effort in every little thing we do to make the video and picture possible, especially with our work schedules. When we were doing the video, the ladies were taking turns one by one to say what they wanna say to the person who is going to watch that might be their future husband. I am very thankful to the Davao staff. They are so kind, very helpful and supportive. They help us cover our fare expenses and food since sometimes it takes a whole day to take everyone's turn.

Through AFA Davao, I had a chance to get to know a person via letter, meet and greet a lot of wonderful foreign guys. It feels good to hear that someone from the other side of the world knows me, appreciates my beauty and is interested to meet me. I felt excited getting to know each other with an old days style. But sometimes, I felt like it would be better to know them in person vice versa rather than sending letters for a long time. I don't want to feel the ups and downs of a long distance communication without meeting in person first. It would be better if they decided to meet me face to face rather than sending letters back to the forth.

I have been an active member since 2013 to 2016. Through those years, I only got a chance to join social night events due to random selections or invitation from the foreigners. For me, it feels like you won a lottery when you received an invitation since out of a thousand ladies in the Davao branch alone, you were selected to join. At the event, I noticed that all the women really put a lot of effort into looking presentable and beautiful. Of course, I am one of them. Most of us arrived an hour before the event started to get changed and put makeup on. Some are just on time and few are a minute late due to work schedule. When the event started, me and the ladies we're looking at the guys entering the room with their confident or shy faces but surely a surprised look. We all are having a great time meeting and greeting each other. The games, pageant, dancing are fun but the most important is the question and answer part (table hopping). I am curious and observant about how the guys talk when they're asking or answering questions. What is their facial expression towards the conversations. How they approach or react on the topic or situations. While they were talking, I was looking into their eyes and seeing what I could find who he is as a person. That was some of the things I looked upon searching for my potential husband. I found several potential husbands for me but none of them gave me the feeling that I can say "he's the one". None of them made me feel and see a future with them. During the events, even though we are enjoying it, I can still feel the pressure in me and saw that some of the ladies feel the same. As everyone noticed, there are a lot of women but only a few men. There is only a small chance for us to be selected and had a chance to select. The probability to find your perfect match is also small but luck plays a big part.

I had a nice experience when dating from AFA. I once was invited to be in the excursion but as a chaperone. 3 of my friends that time were invited in the excursion and so they wanted me to come. I volunteer to be their photographer to at least earn my keep. As I was being the lady behind the scene. I realized that this really is working. I saw a lot of couples becoming closer. They become more passionate and are really putting effort to know each other. I saw that love is growing and they are all wearing wonderful smiling faces. I saw that love can find its way no matter how short you've been together. It is just a matter of dedication to show what you feel.
Some of the men I met became my friend. One of them is John from Texas. He was the one you invited me to join the social night event which was my 3rd and last. I feel grateful because I would have never met the love of my life if he didn't invite me that time or maybe destiny will still find its way.

It was October 8, 2016 Saturday the 2nd social night event in Davao tour. That night I felt that this could be my lucky night and asked God to give me a sign. Even if I have those positive feelings, I still don't want to have a high hope which might hurt too much if I fall. The same as the other events I attended, I just plan to enjoy the night. Then the table hopping comes. I was surprised. He is not on the list of clients and even not present in the clients introduction. He sat on the empty chair beside me and introduced himself. "He said his name is Rob". After his introduction, I just can't stop myself from saying "Rob, your my Robinhood, you stole my heart". Then he replied with a cute geeky smile, and again, I was starstruck. He is such a cute and kinda nerdy type I like. While the other ladies are trying to get his attention, I was just observing him and trying to understand him without disturbing what he was doing. The event moves on and I can't find him in the crowd. I tried to send a letter in the box but none of them are his. Even though he is nowhere to be found, I just enjoyed the night with the rest of my friends.

The virtual assistant was the one helping and contacting us if we receive a letter or a date invitation. She notified me that I have a scheduled date with Rob. Sad to say that I missed it because I fell asleep due to the graveyard work schedule. Even though I was 3 hours late, I still went to the office and asked the staff if they could contact Rob and tell him that I am really really sorry. That I am really interested to meet and have a date with him. He is so kind to forgive me and give me a chance to date him. Since I am really interested in him, I really put an effort into not to end the day with regrets. I wanted to apologize to him in person. To let him know that I like him and to show him who I am despite being late. Ever since then we dated everyday after my work. Everyday we learn a lot from each other. We shared the pros and cons in our life. Then we begin to talk about what the future might be.

During the tour, I've even heard a lot of couples getting serious, such as meeting the parents. 2 of my friends got engaged at the same time. Me and Rob got invited to their engagement celebrations. Rob was even teased by my friends that he will be next to be engaged. I was just being silent because I don't want to assume about something that might not happen. I am just happy to know him more. While dating, Rob and I also did some filipino courtship culture such as meeting my parents, my brother in the cemetery and my relatives during meals, karaoke, drinking liquor and such.

I never thought that after 9 nights of knowing him, he proposed to me. No words can explain how happy I am knowing that we are taking the next step being committed together. Speechless to the point that I forgot to say yes. But luckily he understood and put the ring in my finger. The next day he met my parents for formality as an engaged couple.

We went to the AFA office Davao to share the good news. Also to remove my profile in the website / agency and marked it as engaged. They provided a lot of information, recommendations and steps to process the fiance visa. Even though Rob already left the country. The AFA Davao office is still giving me assistance while I am gathering documentation. They helped us during the preparations for the U.S Embassy interview.

In 3 years of being a member of AFA Davao, they became my extended family. They were so happy to know that I am finally not available. I am grateful and forever thankful that AFA Davao existed. I am proud to say that I am one of the luckiest women on Earth that found their lifetime partner and it was possible because of AFA. Even though my husband Rob lives miles away, we had a chance to meet each other because the company exists.

If there's a will there's a way. Me and Rob took a chance of it. AFA was the bridge that made it happen.

Ronna Lou L.
Davao City

I went to the June 2024 Mexico City tour. It was so much fun. Ohla and her staff are great!!! I am still I'm contact with two women. I met one through the website and one at the first social. I view them both as having future wife potential.

Richard L.

My experience was entirely positive. It was as advertised, which was the most important thing for me. You run a credible organization in an industry that has a terrible reputation.

Olha and her "Ukrania/Russian Mafia" were fantastic. She was born for her job, as she makes all of the tour clients feel welcome and special. She was very well liked by all of the other guys as well.

Indeed, I would go on another tour through AFA, but I don't think I will have to. I met a lady at the Saturday evening social that I believe is special and hope to establish a lasting relationship with her.

Thank you.

Bob A.

Hi John, thanks for your help. My time in Medellin was great. Las Mujeres in that office are the best. When U come to the NYC area I'll be your #1 spokesperson.

Gracias Glenn

This entire experience has been one of the best times of my life. The staff and all other people were great. I believe I found my perfect match. Only time will tell. I like to give a special thank you to Daniel in the video department. Rob at the office. Michelle at the Phx office and all other staff that were a part of it all. Also a special shout out to Hannah. I would only join another tour if my relationship with the woman I chose doesn't work out. I'm extremely thankful and grateful for this entire experience

Aashan J.

Hi John,

My name is Eric. I'm a 57 year old dentist in the United States Army, living in El Paso, TX. I have been divorced for 19 years.

I just got home from spending the past 9 days in Medellin and want to tell you what an amazing job all the staff in Colombia has done for me. It was one of the best things that I have ever done in my life!

I got your email address from Manuela at the Medellin office.

I used your company in the past many years ago with a trip to Ukraine. I had a nice time then, but I didn't meet anyone special. Things got tough for me financially and I had to wait for a long time until I could consider using AFA again.

Last summer, for some reason I cannot remember, I became interested in Colombian women. I started watching the videos on youtube and I signed up for the tour in Cartagena, Nov 2023.

I had an excellent experience then, and I thought I met someone I could have a long term relationship with, but that ended up not working out.

Then I was considering the Medellin tour coming up this June. But I kept watching the videos and I thought that for the price of 2 tours, I could get more focus on what I want and need, with the Elite Club.

I worked with Maria and Daniela with video conferences and video dates. They both really know the woman registered in your agency and were able to tell me which ones to avoid and which ones would be a good fit.

There was one woman I was very interested in, who I had 4 video dates with and I got her whatsapp number. I thought that was the only person I needed to see when I planned my trip. But Maria and Daniela both told me to continue with other video dates and they even planned many dates with different women for me to meet in person.

I have to tell you from the time I arrived in Medellin, until I returned home, I have not had better service with anything in my life.

I worked mostly with Manuela in Medellin setting up my dates and giving me advice and my interpreter was Valentina. They both did a great job. I had so many dates, that I couldn't believe it. I wasn't really looking for quantity, but I understand the process.

I met many women, but I feel like I have good chemistry with 4 of them. Each one of these women wanted to see me as much as possible. The toughest thing for me is having to tell them that I can't see them, because I already had a date planned with another women.

On my long trip home to Texas, I was able to think about what I should do next. One of the woman who I had chemistry with and saw on my last day in Medellin wanted me to decide on one person, but I told her I could not do that. When I got home, I determined that she would be my 4th choice, so I sent her a text telling her how wonderful I think she is, but I felt a stronger bond with someone else. It was very hard for me to do, but she was understanding.

So now I am still in contact with 3 women who I think are all amazing and I am going to have another video meeting with Maria soon, the figure out the next step.

I never thought I would have interest from such smart, beautiful women like these, and I am a little overwhelmed because two weeks ago I had no one interested in me romantically. Now I have 3!

Even if I came home "empty handed," and did not have any connections, I still would tell anyone that I had a great experience.

I'm not in a rush, but hopefully I will end up marrying one of these women and I will invite all the women I talked about above from AFA to my wedding.

I have nothing but great things to say about my experience and would recommend it to anyone.

Thank You,

Eric L

Hi Anna,

Thank you sooo much !!! I truly appreciate it!!! And, I want to tell you that I an having one of the best times of my entire life in this trip. Really, it's been great!!!.

And, I also especially want to tell you just how AMAZING that Helen has been for me. She is super efficient, knowledgeable and GREAT at her job. But, even more than that, she is a really nice girl, and she has just been sooo kind and wonderful. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate her help and devoted work!!! She's the best!!!

Thank you again Anna. You girls may have changed my entire life!


Paul K.

The socials, organized by Paul and Leonard with about 140 women, were amazing. And, I say that with this being my fifth AFA tour. Also, I appreciate that Len selected my translator, who was a perfect fit. I hope she has additional career opportunities with AFA. Her name is "Mam". I kept her informed of my relationship progress in Thailand.

Alan B.

The Thailand staff, Leonard, Paul, Lyla and Daniel were very friendly and helpful. They were always there to help us out and give advice if we needed it. Also really liked that they had restaurants and other venues recommended to goon dates, and built relationships with them so if we felt we had been overcharged they could look into it for us and get a refunded if we had been. Great group of guys on the tour. We are still in touch encouraging and rooting for each other.

Lastly, there were so many beautiful and friendly Thai women at the socials! Enjoyed all my dates and exploring Bangkok!!!

David H.

I may want to go meet a woman I've been corresponding with via letters for 6 months from Ukraine who is supposed to be moving to the UK. So I don't know how the logistics of being introduced works in that situation. I havent made up my mind and could use some advice, which is why I requested a call at some time.

On the Costa Rica tour I met many nice women. Am currently talking with one. I was very happy with the staff and the overall experience. No complaints at all. The socials were a little overwhelming, due to my personality. I would recommend to a friend, but have no friends that would be interested.

Justin O.

I met with a few ladies but one truly captured my heart and we are going to try to move forward via phone conversation until i can go to Thailand again later this year if everything continues moving forward.

Kenny S.

During the recent tour to San Jose, Costa Rica, I really have no complaints (besides the traffic). I want to give a special thank you Gustavo and Andrea. They were very down to earth people and addressed any concern we all had. I thought it would feel more ackward because I had never done anything like this before but it did not feel ackward to me at all. You could feel not all women had the best of intentions but thatis just like dating American women. You have to find the one you can`t see your life without. I think I found the one for me and will be returning to Costa Rica very soon. If you are reading this, please, take a chance. You will not regret it!

Andrew G.

Social was fun, met a lot of great women, moving forward with one, need to rethink the city tour but overall a great trip, especially if it leads where I hope it does, Thanks again


Great tour in Peru! Great staff! Gustavo and Andrea have built a wonderful culture and appear to only attract nice people. They worked very hard to secure dates for the men. The socials were so much fun. I highly recommend the tour!

Kevin R.

I liked the Philippines tour more fun than the China tour. more informal and the Filipinas are much more open and fun than the Chinese women. different cultures, I guess.

Jeff B.

Thank you Anna, I want you to know that thus I a great idea for your clients looking for their mate. For me it gives a glimpse into the world of the woman that I am courting. I allows me the feeling that what her and I are experiencing is real and hearing her voice is a boost in my confidence. Thank you for allowing me to be one of your first clients to be picked for this feature. I am very impressed with your services in general and your kindness specifically puts AFA far above all the pretenders out there!!

Don S


We just got the notice today and I've sent it to the lawyer. We are both very excited and hope her interview happens soon.

You, Paul and the rest of the team do a fantastic job and would recommend you all to anyone. I don’t have many single friends but if I did I would tell them to head to Thailand with you all.

Thank you so much for the kind words and if I can afford to go to Thailand I will for sure take you up on that offer for a Stag Party to get one night of fun in before I take the plunge. It was for sure an effort to pick from all the wonderful women in the group and I hope they all find great husbands to go home to. I will let you know if i am able to and hope I get to. Be well my friend and hope to see you all again someday!


Hi Michelle,

Tour went great, my partner is now with me in New Zealand. Could I please cancel the monthly payment for the platinum membership.



Good Afternoon. I am proud to say that I attended the social event in Oct 2023 and met the love of my life, Lyra! So thank you for creating the event and making that happen. The reason I'm writing today is that I have an American friend that is going to be in Cebu on January 27th and he'd like to attend the social event only. Is that available for him? He's a retired nurse just like myself.

Joe B.

The tour was great! Olha goes above and beyond to help everyone more than she has to! The rest of the staff, same thing. I have been on several tours, and this one was the best as far as the manager and office staff being attentive to your needs.

Thank you,

Michael K.

Fantastic, exceptional staff. You need to add Mexico and Mexico City here on your survey and homepage list of city tours.

I live in Tucson and would be willing to a promotional interview on your webcast.

Michael Bass

Hello Anna,

I just wanted to say that I had a great trip to China. I am sorry I wasn't able to to the group tour but still I enjoyed it. The staff was great. I would like to say my translators were fantastic. Especially Libby and Winnie. I had a good rapport with them and they were very helpful.

I met a wonderful woman and we have been talking everyday. I think there is a strong possibility we will be moving forward together.

Ryan R.

This is my first time attending a social event of this nature. It is another way to meet people, except in this case, from different parts of the world. I do not consider this type of event a traditional dating site (Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, etc.) or marriage service ("mail order brides"), as stated in the title, when searching through the internet, ("Russian Women Latin Women and Asian Women Dating Service - Mail Order Brides").

In fact, this title or search criteria, when searching through the internet, should be eliminated from A Foreign Affair and its affiliates, in order to preserve the integrity, sophistication, dignity and class of the agency.

The manner in which the socials were presented was extremely elegant, sophisticated, beautiful and with a "touch of class". It is catered to more sophisticated people, who have a genuine interest in meeting someone for a long term relationship or marriage. It is not designed for those, who are attempting to just "hook up", a term currently used in western culture.

Great care by Olha, who was in charge (coordinator) of this social event, was taken by her, Jenny, Coral and the entire staff to make sure that those who attended, (men and women), were given a comfortable setting to meet and form friendships or romantic relationships in the future. This was not an easy task. Olha, Jenny, and Corral took pride and worked tirelessly in presenting a social event that was outstanding! All of them made sure that those that did not have dates, for one reason or another, were entertained in different ways with restaurants, other social venues, historical sites, etc. Every effort was made to make everyone feel comfortable, despite the different nationalities, customs, level of formal education and social background. Their contribution to success of the event was "above and beyond" all expectations.

Olha and her team are to be commended and recognized for their dedication, kindness, attention to detail, organizational and social skills, to make this social event something to be proud of. I am extremely happy to have been part of this event and to have met many people from different backgrounds. I have formed new friendships with many people, including the possibility of a romantic relationship in the future. Both of my parents are from different countries and both met in the United States. This event is a different way of meeting people.

While it has been said by some there were not many women in the first social and maybe even the second social, it is my strong opinion, great care was taken (Olha) to eliminate those women, who were not genuine in the pursuit of something real and/or special. It can also be said some men were also not genuine in the pursuit of something real or special. The expectations of some men were not reasonable, based on age, as well as, social and educational background. A few gentlemen were there to "hook up". Unfortunately, it is very difficult to eliminate both men and women, who are not there to find someone special. Olha and her staff took pride in presenting a social setting catering to "QUALITY NOT QUANTITY". If this had been the opposite, then this agency would be the same as the other dating websites out there.

To be fair, there are a few dating websites in existence striving for excellence, but most have succumbed to economic principles of profit and loss and catering to current social norms, rather than presenting a quality product. I do not think anyone out there can do better. There is always room improvement, in any venture and nothing goes perfect, but Olha and her team did an OUTSTANDING job. What makes it special is they "care" about people.

Dating in the western world, nowadays, has been labeled as a complete disaster because of social media and dating sites catering to the "hook up culture", like Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, etc

I wish I had come to a social from this organization before. As they say, "Better late than never." It was a nice blend of site seeing and dating people from another country.

Thank you Olha, Jenny, Coral and the entire staff for making this event something to remember! It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again! OUTSTANDING!!!!

See you in the next event, hopefully soon.

Your new friend


Hi john april 21st 20 year anniversary with the love of my life iryna!


Thank you for organizing my successful trip to Shenzhen in June and July this year. I met many ladies who are potential partners in life. Your team there was incredibly helpful and professional. I also learned a lot about Shenzhen as a futuristic city. I met a lady online that I didn't get a chance to see while I was there. We have exchanged letters for several months. Is it possible for you to give Iris or Careful in the Shenzhen office permission to link us on WeChat? Both Iris and Careful have my WeChat contact information. Fengyan is a doctor in Shenzhen and we have great mutual chemistry.

Your work in bringing people together from different cultures is outstanding and highly appreciated. Thank you for your generous consideration of this request.

Best wishes to you and your staff.


Ernest G.

The Columbian AFA staff were incredible. They were attentive to the client needs, and all of the planned events were well coordinated and focused on quality time for couples. I had my doubts going in, however, after the Medellin tour, I feel AFA is the best matchmaking agency out there! Much love to the Columbian AFA staff. Keep up the great work!

Matthew S.

A huge thank you to Maria, Manuela, and the entire Medellin staff. I Hit the jackpot and she chose me!

Asa S.

Been to multiple tours in the past 20 years and this staff rocked it! Maria, Manuela, all were spectacular.

James R.

This was my first AFA tour and my first visit to Asia. The people of Thailand were very warm and welcoming! The AFA staff in Bangkok were very professional and looked after all details. The 2 socials were awesome, and I met a lot of very interesting ladies. 10 days was not enough, 14 days would have been better, a month would have been Great. I did meet a wonder woman while I was there and we have been in contact almost every day since I departed.

Thanks John!

Greg B.

Hey John!

This is John Teasdale, we talked for a while on the phone a week or two ago. I ended up booking a trip to Kyiv and wanted to reach out and tell you how awesome Helen was as my local contact. She was proactive and supportive in every way. Even as a last minute trip, I went on four dates with women who were so close to what I'm looking for, two of whom I am still in contact with. Given the speed that this was all brought together, I have every confidence that if I could have stayed in Kyiv for a month, Helen would have found me a wife. If none of my connections work out, I will be back early next year.

I am delighted that this service is everything that I hoped it would be. I have already started recommending it to my single guy friends who are serious about dating.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, it helped give me the confidence to go.

John T.

Hello John,

I was in Kyiv this year from May 29 until June 8. During this time, I met many wonderful ladies through the site, and was able to experience the warm hospitality of the Ukrainian people and Kyiv city. I would like to say that the beauty of Ukrainian women is absolutely breathtaking. They carry themselves with dignity, elegance, and grace that I have never observed before in any other woman. But the main thing that immediately struck me is how polite, friendly, and helpful everyone in the city was to me. Every single person I met and interacted with was kind and personable. Many times, I had to communicate using my phone (google translate), and everyone was patient and understanding.

Although Ukraine is currently at war, I felt very safe during my stay. On a few nights during my stay, I heard the air raid alarms, but very quickly they would shut off. The city is very well defended, and during the day people go about their daily lives. Because of the war there is a midnight curfew in effect, but Khreshchatyk Street (the street close to my hotel) and Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) were fun and lively places to walk and visit during the night.

The hotel I stayed in was Premier Hotel Rus, located in the center of the city, near the Gulliver shopping mall. It was within walking distance of the AFA office. The hotel was nice. The staff was friendly and helpful (as was everyone in Kyiv!). The food at the hotel was very good (even now, I am craving some cherry vareniki!) but there are also many places all around to eat, both local cuisine and American places like Domino's Pizza, KFC, and McDonald's. For anyone who plans to travel to Kyiv, I highly recommend Hotel Rus!

Everything I saw and experienced, and every single person that I met, were memorable experiences that I absolutely will never, ever forget! It was an incredibly wonderful experience, and in fact, I plan to return this October. I am going to visit a very special lady, and something tells me that soon I'll have plenty more good news to share!

First, I would like to thank you, John, for making this possible. I also want to thank all the wonderful people at AFA, as well as a very special thank you to Helen over at the AFA Kyiv office. I will keep in touch, and I'll let you know how my trip in October goes!



Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5/5)

Dear Maria,

Dear Claudia,

Dear Manuela,

Dear A-Team from AFA:

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Barranquilla, Colombia, and I must say, it was an unforgettable experience! From the moment I arrived (July 21), I was captivated by the warmth and hospitality of the locals. Barranquilla is a vibrant and beautiful city with so much to offer visitors, and my stay was made even more exceptional thanks to A Foreign Affair (AFA).

First and foremost, I am immensely thankful to AFA for facilitating my life-changing meeting with my now-girlfriend. She accepted my proposal just a day before my departure, and I couldn't be happier. AFA's matchmaking services were truly exceptional, and without them, I wouldn't have found the love of my life.

From the start, the people of Barranquilla welcomed me with open arms, greeting me with genuine smiles and a heartfelt "¡Bienvenidos a Barranquilla!" Their warmth made me feel at home from the very beginning. The city's rich culture and traditions were on full display during the Carnaval de Barranquilla, a dazzling celebration of the region's heritage that left me in awe.

The culinary scene in Barranquilla was a delightful treat for foodies like myself. I savored mouthwatering seafood dishes at local restaurants and enjoyed delightful street snacks like arepas and empanadas. Every meal was a culinary adventure.

The city's location along the Caribbean coast provided access to stunning beaches. I spent a day at Puerto Velero, where the clear blue waters and soft sand made it a perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun. The picturesque sunsets were an absolute dream.

Barranquilla truly comes alive at night! The vibrant nightlife offered an array of bars, clubs, and salsa dancing spots. I had a blast immersing myself in the local culture, dancing the night away with friendly locals and fellow travelers.

Throughout my stay, I always felt safe and secure in Barranquilla. The locals are watchful of their visitors and go the extra mile to ensure everyone feels comfortable and well taken care of.

Now, let me express my heartfelt gratitude to AFA for their exceptional white glove service. The entire team, especially my VIP Tour Guide and matchmaker translator, Sara, made my trip truly special. Sara's professionalism, kindness, and expertise were unmatched, and she played a vital role in bridging the language gap and making our dates even more memorable.

I also want to extend my appreciation to Claudia, the local office manager, who went above and beyond to set up a wonderful time for us in the nearby city of Salgar at the breathtaking Kilymandiaro Beach Hotel. The arrangements made for us were impeccable, and my girlfriend and I were in awe of the thoughtfulness put into every aspect of our trip.

The A-Team's dedication to assisting us in our communication was remarkable, ensuring that our connection deepened with each passing day. Their genuine care for our happiness made this stay truly unforgettable.

In conclusion, my stay in Barranquilla was beyond amazing, and I owe a significant part of this magical experience to A Foreign Affair (AFA). Thanks to them, I found love in this wonderful city, and my life has been forever changed.

Barranquilla, with its warm spirit, rich culture, delicious cuisine, stunning landscapes, and now, cherished memories of love, has left an indelible mark on my heart. I highly recommend visiting Barranquilla to anyone looking for a truly unforgettable travel experience.

Thank you, Barranquilla, and thank you, A Foreign Affair (AFA), for the incredible memories. I can't wait to go back in a couple of months and continue to explore the beauty of this city and the love it has brought into my life.

With love,


aka Organic Chocolate

The tour was wonderful! The entire AFA staff and translators were top notch! Careful was wonderful and very helpful for getting local information and assistance. I cannot say enough great things about this tour and appreciate the experience!

Bill P.

I met someone special and am now engaged. I am going to be moving to China and get married in her home town of Liuzhou in a couple of months. Thanks to AFA and all of the staff that made this possible. Everyone was very helpful and a special thanks to all of the translators. Without their help it wouldn't have been such a success.

Jim S.

I did enjoy myself very much. I would like to know what it would be like when I go back to Medellin to visit the person, I have been communicating with to see others who expressed interest in me at the social from looking at the hearts in the book.

Mohammed B.

Hello Michelle!

I just want to extend a big "thank you" for answering my questions on Monday! I know you weren't in the office and not feeling well but had calls forwarded and answered my phone call! Wow! You are a great employee of AFA! I can't seem to find John Adams' email so I'm sending a copy of this email to Anna (also a tremendous employee) so my reply can 'make the rounds'.

I like to recognize customer service folks who go "above and beyond"! Everyone seems quick to criticize but great customer service ought to be recognized also!

I hope you are feeling better Michelle and I look forward to communicating further with you regarding the Peru tour.


John N. P.

Amarillo, Texas

Hey John, ladies,

I just thought I'd give you an update on things. I arrived in Playa del Carmen May 7th to spend more time with Elena, things are going great between us. I'm staying until the 20th, Then I really have to get back, otherwise I would stay longer. Ladies, yes we've talked a bit about the wedding, but we can't really make any plans until she gets approved for the K1. I've contacted Laurie about it so the ball is rolling on it. So you will just have to wait for an invitation until then. I'm sorry I missed the last web show but we were having fun. The only thing I don't like about Playa is the humidity. She has a home here and we've been dealing with some of that besides just spending time together. I want to just give a big thanks to AFA and everyone there and Olga and her staff here I can honestly say that this is the way to go. She took me to a water park on the ocean. We swam with the dolphins I'll include a few photos. I am still in contact with a few of the guys from the tour and the web show. I share my experience with everyone. I really dislike those who say this is all a scam and the ladies aren't real.

I wish you all the best and will see you on the web shows

Jeff B.

Your staff was very friendly, courteous and helpful. Literally, I had the best time ever. I would definitely use your agency again. I enjoyed every minute of my visit there. If I know of anyone interested in meeting some one for a serious relationship, I would recommend them to you. Thank you very much!



I had a great time in Costa Rica. Right now I do not plan on another tour. I met someone in Costa Rica whom I am still dating. If this doesn't work out. I would definitely consider doing another tour.

Andrew R.

I really had a great time Maria did a great job she is the best she run everything well I was very happy on what she did and I really got to know her in person!!!! I think you got to tell this guys to stop writing and to go on a tour and to see it for them self. I really did like Barranquilla, Colombia very much and it is a great city to see you should tell Anna to go down to Barranquilla and see it for herself and see how Maria does her job very well! I really had a great time I was the last time leaving the AFA tour on Saturday morning and all of the guys were a very big help and I learn a lot on this tour. This was the best tour that I have been on and this was better than the tour that I did in the Ukraine of 2019 it was a five city tour and I do not know what my next trip will be I will found out this coming fall. I want to thank the AFA for doing a great job with the tour and they are the best. on what they do for a living they are the best on what they do.

James N.

I got Covid in Medellin during last years tour so I did not get to experience fully how your team works. Maria AFA provides amazing post social date follow up and advice 24/7. And the system where the men directly meet and listen to every woman present is excellent because it respects the women in a way that an unorganized open social gathering can not. I've been to many other socials in other counties going back to Anastasiadate and European Connections long ago. Yours is the only 5 star in my history of experience.

John P.

I was absolutely amazed by the overall tour. This was by far the best time trip that Ive ever taken and invest in. I have met so many amazing woman but I found one who is beyond amazing and our eyes connected when I came to her table. We are talking daily and I plan on returning to see her in 2 months. The only advice that I would give is on the social. maybe take time from the other events and give more time for the men at the table. 10 mins is not enough time.

Ervin K.

I had a great time in Mexico City. Olga put together a wonderful experience and was very helpful in navigating the many beautiful women who attended the socials along with my interpreter Sasha. Olga and her team were always available to help or advise whenever needed and always had my best interest as a priority. Thanks to them I have met 2 woman that could very well turn into a lasting relationship.

Jim D.

Wonderful experience!

Colombia is friendly and welcoming. The AFA staff picked me up at the airport, took me to my hotel, and made certain I had everything I needed to meet and date the ladies I was interested in The Socials are very well organized. The team in Columbia is efficient and experienced at running this type of meet and greet.

Their are ladies of all types available to meet. Tall, short, and very intelligent.

My only warning is how much they love to dance and party! Music and dancing is always just around the next corner in Columbia.

So Don't delay. Get up and go there. You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain.

Carson H.

I enjoyed the tour but because of bad weather in Texas I was a day late arriving in Mx. City. I never really caught my breath. It was an exhausting trip just to get to Mexico City.

The hotel Geneve is absolutely beautiful and historic! Lot's of restaurants and coffee shops nearby.

Frankly, I'm not a big fan of "speed dating" because I find that it chews up alot of time that could be spent talking to ladies we are really interested in.

But that's just me I guess.Seemed like most of the guys really liked the format.

I wish to thank Olga the chief matchmaker for all her hard work! She really helped me with my tour etc. Alla and Alina the office mgrs too! , Regina my matchmaker and the rest of the interpreters and staff were outstanding! Some of the best AFA staff I've ever encountered on a tour (and I've been on quite a few)

Thanks AFA !

John P.

testimonial image testimonial image testimonial image testimonial image

Candy and I got married on 11/2/2022 in Cartagena Colombia, ever since we met on AFA communicated through letters then video chatted , we decided to communicate off the side , and established a long distance relationship where I was traveling every few months to visit her. We made it official 11/2/2022 and I wanted to thank AFA for giving me the opportunity to meet my beautiful wife.


Garrick Jackson

Ken, right away I want to tell you that as people ask the usual "did you have a good time?", my quick response is "I had the BEST time of my life!". As a matter of fact I am returning next week with my daughter for her 18th birthday (her Bday is the 25th), staying at the same hotel. I"m sure I"ll get to see some of my friends and even have time scheduled with Olha, my matchmaker, who is a professional coach, to coach my kid. My daughter is a dreamer, wants to be an artist and is a Frida Kahlo fan. I have lots of places and things for her to see.

I have continued contact with some of the guys and as usual the bond remains beyond borders. I enjoyed getting the personal take on Ukraine/Russia from the girls and their heartfelt emotions about the conflict that made it and continues to be personal for me as well.

Some takeaways include;

Social/Date attire prep

Lots of guys could use input on attire and presentation selection with minimal expense. I could have upped my game, especially on the excursions.

Men who attend

Maybe a screening process instead of first come first serve? John stood and heard some complaints from some of the ladies at the second social as to the age of the men. Though we did explain that a lot of younger guys are not as adventurous or just plain chicken. But on the other hand it leaves us older guys attending to the needs of the younger ladies, so not completely a bad thing.

Having Realistic Goals and manageable expectations

Another cleint for instance came with intent to find a lady with kids, yet found a possible match with a lady without kids. After a lengthy discussion with him we discussed the pros and cons, mostly cons in his situation of relocating kids away from their father and home to a America. Not necessarily a flip the switch senario. Instead we discussed the opportunity to adopt a child that needs and yearns for a stable home either in MX or US. We discussed that child would be more his than a kid with a longing father back in MX. And the lady, he remembered, had shared that she was okay with adopting. It was like he had an epiphany.

This service is underated and there is no way to understand it until it is experienced. The celebrity aspect alone is someting I never would have experienced in my later life! Walking around in public with camereas following us around made us look like we were some sort of dignitaries or at least important people. Thinking back now I should planned a better wardrobe outing.

Overall no man could ask for a better experience than what you guys provide. I was fortunate to have attended this social and I look forward to many more. Especially Cancun! Sign me up cause I am going!! Talk about Bang for Buck/Peso!

Thank yall for allowing me to be a part of it.

I was aggravated with Whatsapp but now everytime it dings my heart goes a flutter!

See ya on the next one.

Joe G.

Good morning,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the entire AFA team for the exceptional event that was hosted from 22-28 September, 2022. The event was one that I will not soon forget. I have met a wonderful person thanks to your agency and I am very optimistic about the future.

As with most people, I entered the Agency with skepticism and doubt about the potential for success. I can say without hesitation that the program far exceeded my expectations. My personal success and the success of the event at large are in large part due to the amazing people you have working at AFA Colombia. In particular, I want to highlight the professionalism and dedication of the Medellin staff. It is impossible to understand prior to attending the event the time and effort that the individuals in the Medellin office put into making each client the center of attention. We all required (demanded) personal attention of every detail and the Medellin office, led by Manuela, worked diligently to accommodate all of our needs. She did so with patience and care. There were numerous times where I saw several gentlemen requesting information from Maria and Manuela, and they handled every challenge flawlessly. Their passion and dedication to their work is demonstrated in their performance.

The most challenging part of the trip for the client is dwindling down the list of the women you would like to meet. Maria provided excellent guidance in mentoring throughout the process. I can't begin to express my thanks to the entire staff of the event. The long days and nights spent by the AFA staff ensuring that all needs were met did not go unnoticed or unappreciated..

You will never be able to convince all of the skeptics on your methods, but you have convinced this one. Thank you for everything, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity and the experience you provided.


Hi John,

I completed the post tour survey and also talked to you on the phone, but I wanted to add a more personal touch. As you know I've been on multiple club tours to Ukraine and Mexico, and a group tour in Costa Rica. I've praised you, Michelle, and AFA staff for setting me up on each tour, and I praised the AFA tour staff at each of those places. But I honestly must say the recent Thailand significantly exceeded all other tours and we talked about some of the reasons why. Men Stokes and his staff do it the Thai way, and boy do they do a great Job, easily my best tour, and I liked them all.

Sometimes tours hit bump in the road and stall out for whatever reason. One week in it stalled for me, Len sent a group inner staff email, to help me. A staff person called me within minutes for a fresh picture, and profile updates, and it got sent out to all their contacts. In less than 3 hours they emailed me a list of almost 30 profiles of ladies who'd just seen mine and were wanting and ready to date. This is amazing, not just 30 profiles, but each qualified within the last couple hours that they wanted to date me. The point is, Len understood that for those of us on the tour, the most valuable commodity is time. We had such an eclectic group of tourists, but everyone got along and wanted to spend time with and without dates, all were welcome.

Sometimes a tour looses it's momentum a couple days after the socials are over, but that wasn't the case in Thailand. Len Stokes kept everyone engaged in dating always concerned that everyone who wants a date has one several times per day. It's one thing to set that as a desired goal, a goal every afa staff all over world has, but Len's staff set us as top priority all the time. For 3 weeks Lens staff set up impromptu gathering places and activities. I think by last count 11 out of 14 left Thailand with a meaningful romantic relationship. That's pretty incredible! Really best tour ever!

I've become friends with every AFA staff person I was working with around the world, and Lens staff in Thailand was no different, except more staff. One day I'll be married, and the AFA tours will stop, but I'll have my bride along with good AFA staff friends, around the world.


Tom Pugmire

PS- you were right, I really liked and enjoyed your partner Ken's company, he was truly an asset to our tour.

As awesome as I think afa staff and tours in Ukraine Mexico and Costa Rica are, Thailand takes it to a whole new level. The others are great but none can do what the Thailand afa staff do for attendees. If someone wants to call, I will be happy to detail specifics. I love Thailand, the staff, and the tour. I’ve had many great tours ht this was head and shoulder the very best ever!

Tom P.

I'm glad I went on the tour.If I didn't, I wouldn't have met my fiance. To me,the only hard part is the waiting. I want to say thank you to my buddy Sheila for putting us together, and all the office staff that helped me.

Keenan P.

Very Amazing Tour John & Michelle, As you know I met a Princess, I hope I'll be with her forever I'll keep traveling with you for the 4th time. Let's see whet God has in mind for my future :)

Daniel B.

I had a very nice time on my tour to Barranquilla from August 18th to the 27th. I feel that my tour was a success, and I met somebody that I am communicating with daily who I feel that I can move forward with. In addition, the tour was structured very well, and all of my interactions with AFA staff working in Colombia and the United States have been positive.

David A.

Goodmorning Alexandra and Claudia, I wanted to take the time to tell you thank you for providing me with a great experience here in Barranquilla. The service and professionalism here in the Barranquilla office was amazing and beyond what I had expected. It was wonderful to meet you all.

I would like to take the opportunity recognize one of your interpreters who was so valuable to me during this experience. Her name is Neme, Neme is a true professional. She was always prompt and on time whenever I was scheduled for a date. She gave accurate and precise translations. She made myself and my date very comfortable. The ladies that I dated always request her to translate for us because of her great personality, loving heart, and genuine interest in seeing myself and my date happy. Her knowledge and recommendations for restaurants and local places of interest to visit in Barranquilla were valuable as well. As a result of her assistance i am happy to write that I met a wonderful, loving and beautiful woman here in Barranquilla. We are both extremely greatful to the agency and especially Neme. Please forward this message to Maria the person in charge for AFA in Barranquilla for me please in order thank all the wonderful people in the Barranquilla office.

Sincerely, Jean C.

Hi John, how's it going? I just wanted to tell you that I just got back from my trip to Columbia and I was really impressed and happy with all the effort that Maria put into helping me at every step since the very beginning. She is fantastic. I thank you for taking me on as a client and helping me out.

Mark O.


John, Ken, Ana and Dina I was on the inaugural tour in March and had a blast. I had the fortune of meeting John and Ken as well as the pleasure of getting to know the lovely Tanya. Needless to say this trip changed my life and I plan to tour as many times as necessary. Im thinking Costa Rica next but would really like to go to Ukraine and or maybe China.

In the meantime I would like to offer my input on the upcoming Mexico City Tour on any upcoming webcast. We could schedule a call in toward the end of the webcast and would gladly answer questions or concerns about the tour specifically. I feel that I would add substance and ease about safety concern comments as well as details of the positive effort Afa puts forth. The support that Alla and Alina provide is exceptional. It should be known that the ladies in CDMX are as sophisticated as they are fun loving. I would highly recommend the same hotel and I would highlight the wonderful hosts they were and the safety they provided. Those of us that stayed out late found that they would lock and guard the doors while pleasantly opening them for guests. The tours and excursions were right on. I have been back multiple times and Uber all over the city based on those tours that we took.

In conclusion I am willing to provide an upbeat informative reference for the upcoming November tour. Oh I forgot to mention the FOOD!!


Joe G

Hi John!

I attached a couple of photos of me and my lady "Flor". We already told Sarah, Pati, and Ron at the Lima office we are exclusive to each other after spending a second week together in Lima! I just returned home today to Florida. We are documenting everything for the future. She is the best! We do have plans to spend 12 more days together in the near future and much more!

Thanks so much!

Ricky A.


I had the most wonderful experience in Peru than I have had in more than 40 years! I am back in St Petersburg, Florida to regroup, wash clothes, and pack again. I am returning to Lima tomorrow to spend 7 more days with a special lady I meet during the second social. I never had her on my radar. The funny thing is she was one of the last ones I had a date with just 10 hours before I left. I did not want to leave after I meet her and our date went on for a long time. All of us agreed you should never cancel a date and you should meet all your dates you have up to the last minute. For me, I found a diamond and I will see where she takes me!

We were a close group of 5 guys that meet for breakfast in the restaurant on the 21st floor every morning. We keep in touch with everything through WhatsApp. I think everybody had a number one choice before we left! We could not believe more men do not go to Lima, Peru! The view is fantastic there! We ate with dates many time at Larco-mar by the sea! What a view!

I will be there again in 24 hours and I can't wait!

Please tell everyone about this! You can use my name!

I will send you an update with pictures if everything goes as well as my number one and I have planned!

Thanks so much!

Ricky A.

I had a great time. Maria and Manuela, really the whole Medellin staff were on the ball. A great selection of women. It goes by quick.

Glenn A.

Hello John,

I just wanted to give you a personal update. I know I mentioned on the web show on Monday that things are going good for my upcoming trip. I will be meeting two ladies in Munich Germany. I have my hotel booked, and I have a car rented. Kate at the Odesa office has been very helpful in contacting the ladies. I will be leaving LAX on Sunday and arriving in Germany on the 4th, with the first meeting on the 5th. I will keep all of you updated on how things go.

I really do want to let you know that I really do love the way AFA is helping me with my search. I feel like everyone I've dealt with is like part of my family. The Monday web show is great, Most of the guys are becoming close friends and we all just want the best for each other. I did send Anna an update as well letting her know how things are going.


Jeff B.

Very satisfied and well organized. My first tour I ask Mitchell how many days should I go for she said 14. I am glad I took her advise it gave me time to spend with the woman I meet. Well done Mitchell... and of course Maria and the staff in Cartagena they were the best...

Jose R.

Hey John, please share this with the entire staff. I do want to thank you all for all the hard work put in to the tours. I had a great time, I went on the July tour to Kiev and Karkof and had a great time, I'm still in contact with two of the ladies I met. My health was on the down swing and I couldn't do as much as i wanted. However since I've been back I was hospitalized and last Monday I was finally released with a new liver. Now I will have to wait for at least a year before I can travel again. But overall it is the best trip I've ever had. I do want to wish you all a merry Christmas, and happy New Year. I do plan on going back over as soon as I can. Again thank you and your staff for all there efforts in making my trips awesome.



Hey John,

I know we have spoken about this before, and this may be more of the same, but I am still choosing to share.

I always appreciate people who work for me and put forth a great image of what I want my company to be. And I am betting you are much of the same. Anna was really great and incredibly helpful. I really like the city of Kiev and the cultural experiences were a lot of fun. Truth be known, I learned a lot as well.

If you would ever like to talk, please feel free to let me know. Just wanted to give you some insight from someone working with your company.

Have a great day and I hope all is well with you.

Best regards,

Kyle H

I have good news for you. I went to the AFA Medellin Office and set up a date with 7 perspective women and was confirmed for 2 dates. I never made it to the second date because the first one was a match for me.

I met Paula who Is Colombian, speaks English, and is everything I was looking for. Although we still need to get to know each more, we have made the decision to give each other shot at romance.

Please remove my profile from the website so that I honestly give Paula the respect of just dating her.

I know that life has challenges that we all have to deal with, and because of the distance we face, this challenge can be overcome.

I want to thank Manuela and the team at the Medelln Office for their great support and hard work of matching me and Paula together.

Thank you, and God Bless,

William W.

Happy thanksgiving john,

I had meant to write this email to you before now but have been very busy here in kiev. And it seems fitting to send this on this thanksgiving day. While I've communicated this to both Laura and Victoria, and expected this message to be passed to you, I instead wanted to deliver it to you directly.

Last year I enjoyed my trip and your staff in November so much I came back in december. It seems I'm not destined to ever take an actual group tour as I've booked and then been cancelled 2 times to each China, Bangkok, and kiev. While I wasn't able to go to China or Bangkok, I have now been to Kiev 3 times.

The point of my letter is to give grattitude to your staf both in yourarizona office and in kiev. While I've not had the chance to work with victoria and helen this time I did again get to work with Laura. I'm sure I'm telling you what you already know but I'll say it again.... Laura is incredible!!!!!!

Ok I'm biased a bit but because of how great she is again and again, and my friend Narvin has just been introduced to AFA, yet he will equally sing AFA and Lauras praises. I honestly feel the same about my workings with Michelle in your AZ office as well. They're your staff so you must already know but let me just say in my opinion they're both and I'll include victoria and helen in this too...

No matter how good you think they are, the fact is they're even better...waaay better than even that. Many great stories to tell one day when we finally meet, lol but on another note, I went to kiev on a tour with european connections 23 years ago and stayed at this exact same Primeir hotel rus hotel, lol. Curious and thought you might know what happened to them and their agency? I know it was a family I think a father and 2 sons I met at one time. Just curious....

But hey again have a great holiday andit appears I may again return to Kiev in december for new years (provided russia can remember where their borders end) lol. Maybe one dayt soon I'll have good news that lasts forever, keeping my fingers crossed, asnd actually my friend Narvin is having great success as well so thank you and your staff again!


Dear Mr. Adams,

Having just completed the October 2O21 Carlagena Tour I wanted to bring to your attention the excellent work and service rendered by the AFA staff based in Cartagena.

Even prior to embarking on the tour, I was impressed with Begional Manager Maria's informative and interactive Youtube live videos. These videos which featured Maria's explanations, descriptions and interviews were key to my signing up for the tour.

Once the tour began, I was even more impressed by how much Maria worked behind the scenes. From joining us each morning for breakfast to chat and keep us informed of the upcoming itineraries to answering endless questions and giving valuable insight into local practices, Maria was constantly there to help- And not to overlooked or forgotten, Leydys and Alexandra were constantly on their computers and phones working hard to ensure that everyone had dates scheduled if they so desired. I believe their local insight was also an instrumental part of the process.

ln closing I would once again like to compliment Maria's work with the tour. With a hummingbird-like drive, Maria kept the AFA Tour moving and on track. She's very personable and is fluent in three languages. (Wow!) Clearfy she is an invaluable asset to your company.

Many Thanks,


Victoria how are you today? I have something very important to tell you because i think as a manager we want to know about the work of our employees especially from a clients perspective. Laura was very good the last time I was in Kiev but this time is different ... Laura is incredible!!!!! She was good before but somehow she has become even better and you and John should be very proud of her. No doubt I'm not the only one to see this and probably say this too. Narvin and I talked and he feels exactly the same, this trip so far I can say is truly the best trip of my life and these aren't just sweet words and empty compliments I mean them.

Ted P.

Maria and the entire staff in Cartagena were amazing and made the visit worth it. They are some of the hardest working women I have ever seen.

Clint G.


I wanted to tell you how great the girls in your Odessa office are. While I was in Odessa, all the girls worked extremely hard setting up dates for me. Even Anna was working from home while she was sick. I kept telling her to get rest, but she continued working trying to find the right women for me to meet. All the women in the office are concerned about taking care of your clients and the women that are seeking a relationship with a foreign man. The Odessa office is the gold standard in customer service. I can't say enough about Anna and her team in Odessa and the personal attention they give to all involved parties.

I think your agency does great work and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to men that were interested in meeting a foreign woman


Mike H.

Hello Anna,

Just wanted to tell you that my trip to San Jose this September went incredibly well. Andrea from the San Jose office was very helpful, especially with all the difficulties related to covid (early curfew, some ladies were worried to go out in public, others were in quarantine). Andrea did a really good job.

I made some friends, and I am continuing the dating with about a half dozen of the 19 ladies I met. Will see where all this goes, hopefully I will find my life partner.


Everything the Costa Rica tour delivered was beyond my expectations! Even though we had to stop the event earlier than expected. I know you have no control over the covid shut down that was in effect. Covid and 1 "bad apple" in the group of men were the only disappointments.I was surprised at how much more attractive the women were compared to their profile pictures. The social was a great opportunity to meet women I would not have chosen from their profile. Guess what? That is exactly who I connected with! I did meet a lady that I want to proceed with the K1 Visa! Gustavo and Andrea were very helpful and my interrupter was outstanding. Had I not connected with Anna on the tour I would go again no doubt. Any man that is serious and has only the best intentions will find a woman he would be proud to call his wife. If any man would have questions and want a reference, I would be happy to let him know how great my experience was. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime and introducing me to the woman I hope to someday call my wife!!!

William P.

This was my very first social to the Ukraine. I enjoyed my time chatting with the ladies & my dates very much as the time passed by so fast. I hope to attend another social again very soon. The staff was very polite & easygoing. I will pass my experiences on to my family & friends. Thank you.

David H.

Hello John,

Your ears must be ring.... Sitting here with Dave and the guys at breakfast at the Radisson discussing ladies, socials, & shared experiences. For me, Odessa was more than I could dreamt about! The women and dating is sooo much different in may ways than St. Pete two decades ago. But, the complexity is so family like a morning dew.

I feel I have the vibe and pulse of the guys in the morning during breakfast. If you want a detail perspective, that might be helpful, we can have a talk later when I get home if you are interested. I will be always will to discuss and promote AFA in a very positive way.

My cellphone has been blowing up with numerous guys asking what the experience and ladies are like. And truly, I will tell them AFA is the ONLY way to go!

Take care.

Leo A.


I extended my trip before the tour and not getting home until 1 October.


Thanks for letting me go to the social in Kharkov.

The September 2021 social in Kharkov was great. It's like the pandemic never happened. In fact, with the economic effects of the pandemic, there was even more interest in foreign men.

John A. From New York

Hello and Good Morning John,

I arrived comfortably in Odessa yesterday and someone affiliated with your AFA-Odessa office met me outside of the airport as I was expecting, and took me to my hotel Londonskaya.

I don't want to bore you and take too much of your time, but I felt compelled to let you know something you presumably already know....

I was blown-away by the AFA office and staff there; very professional and it gave me a feeling I might do well and have much success when the official tour starts in two days from today.

Not like the mistake I made in Ukraine back last year in July 2020 in Nikoleav!

Already, numerous friends and guys around the world are very curious about the experience I have had and I will be having in the next few days to come.

I have no plans to overstep my boundaries with all the experience I have with Ukraine and the Slovic women, where I am sure all the men attending this September Odessa tour are in good-hands with the AFA staff, including Joe, who I have never met before.

Best regards,

Leo A.

I wanted to call out the exceptional patience of Liz during my many inquiries and concerns as a new member. This is a new avenue for me and my apprehensiveness was allayed by her perspectives and experience.

Norm M.

Hi John, Met my wife, Maryna, 14 years ago in Odessa on a tour with a group of most memorable gentlemen with AFA, and wish to share our continued successes with the most recent Blessing of our son. Always stand bold and proud of what AFA has to offer; bringing families together through the unique combination of love, adventure and fantastic memories. Thank you and all of your staff - then and now. YOUR WORK TRANSCENDS GENERATIONS

Paul B.

Just a quick thank you, this month celebrating 20 years of marriage with the woman I met on your Kiev tour 4/2001.

Thank you

Michael B.


You were right, this was the best vacation I ever took.

I went with the mindset to have fun, see some sights, and meet women.

And I met a lot of women. It was a lot to process, but I'm an expert communicator and was able to find a few to focus on.

In Kharkov, I met XXXXXX. She is awesome, speaks English, great talk about life, philosophy, art, theatre, family, and much more.

After meeting her, I spent the next 13 days with her. We took a mini vacation to Odessa and had a great time with one another.

I have booked my next airline ticket to Kharkov, and leaving next week Wednesday to spend two and a half weeks with her.

I don't know where this is going, but it's a wonderful experience.

Thank you.


Matthew G.

More then satisfied with overall experience! I have nothing but positive remarks! I would highly recommend AFA to friends!

Best regards!

Alexander D.


By the way, it has been a great pleasure to work with Margarita, here in the Dnipro region.

She provides timely responses, makes date arrangements promptly and answers my questions very quickly!

I enthusiastically recommend her for a promotion or salary increase, when such matters are discussed! :)


Rick W.

Hi my friend!

Well, it's been a nice week here in Kyiv. Went to a fabulous resort on the river yesterday. I will find out the name of it and send it to you in email later. I would highly recommend it; beats even what I've experienced at ODS Arkadia for attentive service and high quality food/bevs etc. pool, beach -many options for "accommodations" for lounging. It aint cheap; but its top drawer, Anna even have a great "wandering" saxophonist that can really belt out the tunes!

I had very nice meetings with a few ladies and the staff here were VERY helpful and professional.

Llyudmilla and Victoria are both excellent translators and Llyudmilla is assisting me to get my Covid test before KBP fly out on Wed. Llyudmilla speaks good Spanish too! We speak it to each other when we want to talk in "secret" over here. haha

Have a safe trip o'er and a GREAT tour! Tell John and Tanya howdy too!


John P.


Thank you very much!

I'm glad you were there. She wanted to speak/hear in her native tongue. The interpretation was quick...and it sounded like you included all my thoughts. I am impressed!

I am interested in Kumi and I will setup another call...if she wants to talk some more.

Thank you Gustavo and all who made this happened.


John, we're a strong community. I know you're the owner of AFA, but, it belongs to all of us. For those of us that choose to participate and advocate so strongly for the opportunities, and really, the lifestyle that being a part of AFA provides, we can see and feel the difference in our lives and the lives of those whom become our AFA family. When there's a success story, we all raise a glass and celebrate that amazing new beginning. When there's a tragic loss like this one, we should all feel it and we should all get behind and support the loved ones still hurting. This may be just one man's opinion, but, just like David is probably doing, I know if it were me, I'd be smiling down and grateful if the same was done for my wife and little ones left behind by me.

Sorry for the long winded response but this AFA family really does mean a lot to me.


Hi John. Loving my stay here and even more enjoyable the the efforts of your rep Natalya from Poltava who brought the IMBRA form which Vita and I signed.

Very pleased John and very safe here in Kharkov. But what a long way to get here. Was advised to see about flying through Warsaw. He will pick me up the next time in Kyiv and meet at the airport and drive me to Poltava which will be the next trip in October.

Thank you again,

Mike O.

Dnepr 19:

Liliya and Michael got acquainted on the site and just in a short time realized that they really like each other and want to meet. More and more jokes and feeling of mutual sympathy lead Michael in Ukraine and they met!

It was a romantic place that made their evening wonderful. Michael prepared a bouquet of flowers for Lily and hoped she will like it as she has a flower name too... He was really nervous but the first date was a first step for real relationships.

Liliya was excited before this meeting as it was the first date for last several years.

But on the date Liliya told about her kids and Michael said they are handsome as their mother. They both felt that everything was right and they made a right choice when they made such a long way to meet. Love felt in the air and it was a start of a long and happy story, we hope.

They are grateful to loveme. com for opportunity to get acquainted. We follow this couple and hope they will be the happiest people ever!

John and Tanya

I am sitting here at the airport in Chicago waiting for my last flight of the day but wanted to give you an update. My 10 days in Ukraine are behind me. As I loom back over the trip I wanted to thank each of you for your support in my search.

I especially wanted to let you know what an honor and joy it was for me to work with Larissa. As soon as we realized that the woman I went to meet was much different in person, she really buckled down and was amazing. I think I met 11 different women. I had two dates with one and was invited on 4 more that didn't work out. I have the contact information for most of them, should I choose to pursue anything.

Not only did Larissa find me more dates in just a few short days, each of them were good matches for me. She was also a very wise and thoughtful advisor as I considered my options. Plus, she took great care of me. Always making sure I was in the right place at the right time. I think that you are very lucky to have her as a part of your AFA team.

I am not yet sure where all of this will lead me but I wanted to say thank you and to let you know about the great work being done by one of your team.


Hello John,

I would like to compliment one of your employees. Her name is Briana. I have terrible computer skills and I have no idea how to upload photos. I called your company hoping someone could help me accomplish this. I was truly fortunate to be connected with Briana. So many companies in this day and age have terrible customer service that I wasn't sure what to expect. I must tell you that I was truly shocked what a sweet and helpful person she was. She talked me through it and was genuinely concerned about my problem. I wasn't sure I could do everything she told me, so Briana went a step further and gave me the email address and talked me through everything. I was able to get the photo off my cellphone and send them to her. She even stayed on the phone and told me the picture had arrived and said I should be able to send it in 24 hours. I was actually able to send a pic that evening to Julia in Russia. Julia was thrilled to get the pic as she had asked me to please send her one. Please let Briana know how much her thoughtfulness was appreciated. I'm sure the ladies in other countries wonder about the guys here. They receive letters but really don't know about them. So when Julia made a small request for a photo, it was important that I followed through with it. She was very happy I followed up on it. But that wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Briana's concern. She is truly a wonderful person to represent your company. If you need to contact me for any reason please do.

Sincerely, Ron

I'd like to share my experience with A Foreign Affair.

It is a trustworthy site where I decided to sign-up to meet gentlemen from other countries. I filled in an application and then, I received a letter from a respectful, sincere, loving and kind man, who was sure of what he wanted. I am now engaged to this gentleman. Williams, my soon-to-be husband and I have spent wonderful time together. It was just what my heart needed! Currently, I am applying for the US visa to fly to the United States to be wed.

Today, I am a happy woman thank God, and thanks to the great team at A Foreign Affair and the trust I had in them.


Jackeline S.S.

I wanted to recognize the work that Maria and her team are doing with my VIP program. I am so impressed with how great they are and their ability to go the extra length. Yesterday was a great example. My date had an accident on Monday and it looked like we were not going to be able to have the date. Maria and her team reached out to the date and tried to help her get the Zoom app installed on both her and her father's phone. Maria offereed to the date for us to send her a taxi so that she could come to the AFA office to take the date. Your team was able to assist her as she could barely walk to the office so we could have our date.

I want to recognize how this is an example of how great the office is in Colombia. Maria and her team don't just do this as it is their job, but they go the extra length to make sure that both the women and the men have a great experience and are able to find their true love.

I can't say enough positive things about the Colombia team. They are amazing, thoughtful, cheerful and I look forward to meeting them in person when I arrive in Colombia on April 22.

Please keep up the great work and keep sharing true love.


Good Day,

John, just wanted to take a moment to let you know the superb service I have received from Helen in your office there in Kiev. She is always polite, professional, reliable, knowledgeable and goes the extra distance. You are lucky to have her !


Odessa, UA

Hello Gustavo,

Here is the testimonial you can post on the website or how ever you want to use it. Thank you for your assistance with your service.

Gustavo and Andrea were excellent in helping us (guys) with dating the ladies here in Costa Rica. The socials were well organized and they gave us the opportunities that we came here for. It was especially nice to meet in the mornings for breakfast and discuss the upcoming day's schedule. If you needed or wanted something, they would arrange it for you, even on a Sunday. This was extremely helpful since I was new to San Jose and do not speak the language. As in life, there are no guarantees, but AFA and their staff give you the realistic opportunities to help you find what you are looking for. The rest is up to you. As for the ladies... well, if you know how to read their minds, please let me know.

-Joe K.

After researching his options, Joseph decided to take a Euro Club tour in Kyiv Ukraine. Listen as Joseph recounts his experiences dating Ukraine women with the assistance of the local office.

Joseph Euro Club Ukraine Dating Review

Good Evening John,

Thank you for your continued work every week hosting the nightly webcasts. Between you and Dina you not only answer questions, you make the next step of getting on the plane and meeting that special someone feel that much closer to a reality.

I wish you and Tonya the best. Thanks!


Charles S.

Platinum Member & Eager Client


Hi John, just wanted to thank you and your staff for the very successful Skype conversation I had with Vita yesterday. Something that should been done a long time ago, but found that she felt insecure not knowing the language. The Interpreter made her feel at ease and the time flew by so fast. Next step and her request she would like to meet meet in Poltava in the warmer part of spring. Will only be for 3 days as she has to work, but strictly a personal tour. Corresponding for a year helped very much for her sake as she would have been incommunicado with the other service (xxxxxxx) where we initially met and have since cancelled my membership. So this virtual meeting confirmed any feelings we had for each other. Dina did a great job in setting us up and commend her for making the experience comfortable for her in that she could converse freely. You have done a great job and am interesting some of my friends to give it a shot. Many go to Las Vegas to gamble and whatever and I am sure would drop a similar amount at the tables. So, I hope they too will realize the opportunities. Also mention to research youtube and Ukrainian girls. Personal recommendations are very convincing.

Thank you again and hope your foot has healed. Warmest regards to you and your family,

Michael O.

Hello Anna and John,

I returned from my trip to Mexico last Thursday. I wanted to take a moment to tell both of you what a pleasure it was to work with Patricia. She is an exceptional person and AFA is lucky to have such a partner to work with. I cannot say enough good things about her.


Hello John:

I have to tell you. I have been working with Maria this week and I can't say enough great things about her. She has been very communicative as we are working through the dating process. I was amazed that it was only one week ago that she and I met to see what I was looking for and do the video and already I have had a date every day since Tuesday.

Already with the three women that I have dated, 2 out of the 3 would be very easy to get to know and date. All I can say is this week I have 7 dates scheduled which is more dates than I have ever had in my life. The next few months are going to be a lot of fun and excitement. I have complete trust in AFA and I am not sure what your guiding principles are but I am sure that one of them is "We do what we say we are going to do and we do the best we can for the clients".

Have a great day. And here is to much love and success. -cheers -


When they say "client-first" business they mean it!

It may be a little long, but I believe it's worth mentioning so others can see how these folks "have your back" and when they say they are "client-first" they mean it.

My name is Bart and I'm fairly new to A Foreign Affair. In that short time, I am very impressed with these folks. Like Ronna Lou calling back quickly after I left a message (I was surprised with that because she had to have a ton of messages), or John, Gena and his manager helping me with getting a gift over to a lady who was in a country that did not have "Gift Services."

My story starts as I was focusing on women from the Philippines. My goal was (and continues to be) to travel to one of their socials after this darn virus thing goes away! – remember Pinays, Jesus is in control. I shall visit you!

I was getting several introduction letters from there and other countries. It just so happens, there was one letter that caught my eye, but this letter came from a lady in Chile. I was interested and started writing her (and she was writing back). I was intrigued because I had never visited Chile or known anyone from there. I started doing some research because I wanted to buy a gift for this lady, but I found out that country does not have "Gift Services." I was a little bummed with that, but I said let's make this happen and enlist some folks to help me.

Reason for "being Impressed" #1:

After making some calls to the site, this is when John, Gena and his manager got involved .and they started making things happen. It's like they heard what I was trying to do and they said, "dude, let's make this happen for this guy and lady." After a few emails and phone calls, Gena informed me this was doable and we could make this happen. I gave them my "thumbs up" and said I would pay a little extra because of all the coordination and logistics that had to go on behind the scene. I was not trying to rush the gift down for Valentine's Day (it was not that type of gift as we just met). I was just trying to get a gift down to a lady who seemed cool but was in a country that didn't have "those services" and probably never got gifts from men (like other ladies who lived in a country that had those services).

Reason for "being Impressed" #2:

Ok this is when the story gets interesting (and life throws our plans a "curve ball")

Evidently, during Gena's research and coordination with getting the gift to the lady, he found out the lady was in a serious relationship and would be leaving the site. So, Gena let me know this over the phone and basically said, " sorry dude. That's sort of uncool how she basically led you along for a little bit." I said, "yeah, but it's nice we caught it early. No harm, no foul." I told myself, well at least we found out before spending money on the gift. Then I said to myself, maybe I'll go back to my original plan of focusing on Filipinas and finding one that wouldn't do that.

After discussing the situation with his manager, what happens next, is in their (Gena and his manager) words, not mine: "It's unusual for such a situation to happen."

Gena let me know they would be refunding me the money I had spent on the emails I sent and opened from this lady. THAT was unexpected! THAT was a pleasant surprise that was appreciated.

As I said at the beginning, I know it's a little long, but I leave you with this thought

For the reasons I laid out, these folks did not have to do ANY of this for me. They were not obligated to do ANY of it. And yet, they did.

Let that sink in for a little bit and then you'll know why I titled this: When they say "client-first" business they mean it!

Just my thoughts.


Although we are not engaged, this suits us both, I have made the mistake of rushing in too fast with relationships previously. This time that has not been possible. We hope to meet again soon, I can not wait to get Lily here in the summer. I want to show her around, and there are so many things I want to do with her. She has never been on a motorbike, but is keen to try. We both love animals too. I have never been married, and have lived on my own for 29 years, this will mean big changes for me, I feel that I am ready for this, I always wanted a proper courtship, I am very confident that my journey is over. Lily is just right for me, I want a balanced relationship and have a lot of love to give her, Thank you John for everything. I have had a ball. And now I have everything. You take care

Kind regards, Ray

Hello John,

I am a true believer that you should give credit where credit is due!! Michelle by FAR is and has been THE BEST person of contact in helping me with my search in finding a foreign bride.

I appreciate her advice.

Steve S.

Well I just can't help this late review..I live in the calif Bay Area on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge .

I decided to visit Cebu Philippines 8.5 years ago on an AFA tour. Having been divorced. I sought out a new partner..it was going to be a very immersed experience I had realistic expectations. I did not do the letters. I jumped in. I love Asian people and felt I could find a partner..well the romance event was overwhelming So many ladies so little time.

Guys nothing can truly describe this, you will have the best vacation of your single life. Bar none! I met several ladies and did meet a very attractive woman. 26 Btw I was 58 at the time.

My goal was a relationship. And I got it. It took a solid year to get her fiance visa. And 5 long years to get her 10 year card. She's still waiting on citizenship.

It's a long haul... she's given me a son . And so much more. Love. Affection and companionship I am blessed with her ability to make friends and I'm included in a great social circle of Americans and their wives.

That I did not see coming ..:) It wasn't always a breeze, cultural differences.. and human errors but I can tell u first hand. If you are seeking a great chance to find love partnership and with this agency ..it's real and you really can find it go ! don't do letters just go...I did w my eyes open. It truly works.

Brad and Gi Gi

Hello John this is Gabriel! Thanks very much for taking the time to share with me all these important info about foreign dating. I am very excited by your sincerity, you are a great guy. You know I have been a member of different Asian sites in recent past and they share one thing in common, they are really not interested in getting members to meet each other in real life. Your company seems to be the only one I have discovered thus far that give people the chance to meet face to face. I appreciate the time you gave me today and I look forward to walk along with you until I can get my hands on one of those lovely Chinese gals.

Thanks again and have a good day


I was really adventurous and determined to make a decision and wanted to find my bride through this website (AFA). Also I came here in fear and trembling wether I was trustworthy or could really save my future my wife. But I did everything on the website here. Taking time and arranging meetings and working so perfectly for me.

AFA Affiliate officer Polina and interpreter Julia they joined each other as a team, so everything was completely soled and connected to my question in advance even they are busy with each other.

Try, what I really would like want you say and trust this AFA Website. I have nothing to say except to say that is is amazing.

I just wanted to say, well done! You are a great representative of a fine company!

John Kim

- 12 November 2020

Hi John: I wanted to say a big "Thank You" for the informative video update on your website re: Ukraine tours and covid situation. It's certainly been a "fluid" situation there and keeping up with changes in Euro travel and entry to Ukr are seemingly in a state of constant confusion!

I subscribe to the Kyiv Post online and from them I know that Western Ukr in particular has been hammered with the covid.

John, your video really helped put into perspective how AFA is taking important steps to ensure the future viability of tours and "one of one" meetings etc.

We just gotta be patient and we know that as soon as it's safe; tours are "ON!" If we decide to go on our own; the information is also helpful and very important.

I just wanted to say, well done! You are a great representative of a fine company!

Take care, your old client;

John P.

Amarillo, Texas

Good Morning Anna,

I had the most amazing time in Cartagena thanks in part to Leydys.

I will definetly recommend your service to others.

Thank you so much,


HI Anna and John, I'm sure you already know this but I just wanted to put my two cents in and tell you Larissa is so easy to work with and I am very happy with her personality and her responsibility with her duties at AFA. Thank You for this opportunity.


Howard W.

John recounts his experiences using the website as well as his recent group tour to Nikolaev.

John Nikolaev Ukraine Review

John I have been in Odessa since Saturday. I just want to say that Kate at the office has been wonderful from helping me at the airport with phone service to taking me shopping just now. She is very understanding and is treating me great.



testimonial image

Stan just sent this photo in of himself with his beautiful wife, Mayla, and their gorgeous daughter Dorthy, and they recently discovered that they are expecting their second child together!

I have known Stan for many years and I will say that the road to his happiness was not a straight line.

There were many up's and down's, Stan had to go through a few different relationships, as many of us do, until he was blessed to find Mayla in Davao Philippines.

The one thing I always loved about Stan is that he was/is always positive and has a heart of gold.

He is the kind of person who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. I also admired his perseverance, he never lost faith and was determined to find his soul mate, which he did.

I am so happy for all of them that they are now together and building an amazing, loving, family and I am proud that AFA had a small part in helping that take place.

Congratulations guys, can't wait to see the next family photo!

Joe recounts his experiences on his trip to Medellin Colombia through A Foreign Affair

Joe Medellin Colombia Tour Review
testimonial image testimonial image


We spoke yesterday. I thought I would send a couple of photos from the wedding. We had to get married "online" because of coronavirus limitations. We were physically in our house in San Antonio, the judge was in his office or home. I dropped off the marriage license to the judge's office, and paid him online. Then the wedding was done on Zoom.com, and we invited a whole lot of people, in both the US and in Ukraine, who joined us to watch the wedding on Youtube. Because Iryna still does not speak or understand English to any great degree, since we communicate in Russian, I had to translate the judge's words for Iryna into Russian. But we each said our vows in both English and in Russian... She memorized both versions on her part...

My new bride is Iryna. Of course her profile has been removed from the website... We met for the first time on March 1, 2019, after only 3 letters. I was already in Ukraine. I think I told you, that I have airline pass privileges, so it costs me virtually nothing go to Ukraine... Business Class... And I have many friends all over Ukraine, but mostly in Kyiv and Chernivtsi. I cannot tell you how many letters I sent women on AFA, or how many trips I made to Ukraine, before I met her. But my current US passport is about 3 years old, and has 4 full pages of entry/exit stamps into/out of Ukraine. We just got her K-1 visa towards the end of February, and then got her out of Kyiv on a special UIA flight after the regular flight she had a ticket for was canceled. The special flight was to bring Americans home from Ukraine and Ukrainians back to Kyiv. They didn't want to let her on the flight at the airport, but a lady from the US Embassy in Kyiv intervened and she got on...

In the photo, I am in my US Army Colonel uniform. I retired from the Army a few years ago, but the uniform still fits, and she wanted me in uniform. There is a song in Russian, "The Real Colonel," that is a standing joke between us. So she wanted me in the uniform... She is wearing my mother's wedding dress from more than 70 years ago, in 1948. Both Iryna, now, and my mother, then, are/were EXACTLY the same size... the dress fit Iryna like it was made for her...

Look forward to further contact...

Bob R.


testimonial image testimonial image testimonial image

Wanted to drop you a note thanking afa and Tatiana for introducing me to Olga and assisting us with language and cultural barrier. She was very instrumental in helping us. Fast forward to oct 2019 Olga arrived in USA and we were married in December 9 If you need help with the tours in the future Olga and I would be glad to assist in any way we can


The January 2020 social in Kiev was great. It was literally wall-to-wall women. Standing room only. The socials keep getting bigger. There were probably 20 women for every man. Maybe 30. For the guys that were not sociable, the interpreters introduced them. After I spoke to a few ladies, the other ladies started getting jealous, and they started following me around trying to talk to me. I took 15 numbers, scheduled 5 more dates, and went out that night with two women in their early 20s who teach English.


Jon from New York

testimonial image

I took a trip from Ukraine to Davao Philippines shortly a month after I was with Joe on the Odessa tour.

I ended up staying in Davao for 3 months. I did the Asia Club 10 day tour with the Davao office where I met and fell in love with a pretty 27 year old.

She made it to the USA with the help of AFA's immigration lawyer Laurie and we got married on June 5th 2020

I am very happy now. Thank you for your friendship and knowledge about the whole procedure.

This knowledge gave me the fortitude to see this through to 'til the end.



Hello Anna,

And Dina too!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

I am having a great 2020!!!!

I hope that you are warm and this letter finds you well!!!!!

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you about my 2nd trip to Costa Rica to see my lovely lady again this past week. I arrived CR last Thursday and returned home this past Tuesday. Jessica and I had a wonderful time together furthering our relationship. We have great chemistry together and as Forrest Gump said †we go together just like peas and carrots !!!! We are not engaged yet but I did give her a promise ring, of my my love only for her. She has a US Visa and still has some time off of work, so she is going to come visit me January 22nd - 27th here in Wichita. I want her to see where I live, experience what it is like here in the wintertime and further our relationship with one another. We talk everyday on WhatsApp and she is wonderful lady inside and outside!!!!

I want to thank YOU, Gustavo, his sister, and everyone at AFA for getting us connected together.

I wrote many letters to other woman, two trips to Ukraine (no chemistry), but never wrote one letter to her set up an individual tour with you, hopped on a plane and met her on a blind date for dinner and well here we are!! You guys are correct ct in saying don't write letters just get on a plane and go !!!!

As I promised you, if things continue to evolve as I think it will, Jessica and I will send you an invitation to the wedding!!!!

Thanks again for everything!!!!!


Ps: I would like to suspend my profile on AFA (I really don't think, that I need it anymore). How do I go about doing that????

John wrote Irina three letters through A Foreign Affair and decided to meet her in Ukraine. Here they detail how their first meeting went and how the courtship played out prior to marrying in Texas.

Robert and his wife Irina

Hello front desk,

You state you regret that you were unable to help me fine a soul mate. However, you did help me find a soul mate. I wrote one lady from your site. I traveled to your city office where they arranged for me to meet this lady. We realize that each of us offer what we are looking for and have actually fallen in love. I proposed and she accepted and we will be married this spring or summer.

So I did travel, however, not through a tour and your site gave me my soul mate half way across the world from my Northern British Columbia, Canada home.

Thank you. You have a success story.

Feed back

Advice to other men looking for a soul mate and life partner/wife. I see comments on chats that the men are upset with having to spend $200 in a month for emails to the ladies. If they are complaining about $200/month they should not be looking to distant countries for a wife. I spent over $2500 in emails per month, within 1 1/2 months of starting writing I spent $4000 for airline tickets, hotels and extras to meet her. A man cannot budget cheap in finding a wife as a soul mate is priceless and extremely rare. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR MARRIAGE SITE - I found my soul mate/wife on it.


Arthur H.

This video below tells the story of John and Gellie of Houston, Texas. They met in Davao City, Philippines in 2016 during an AFA group tour. It's a very touching story of two people seeking their soulmate for life. Baby girl, "Brialla" was born just days after we completed this video with them.

John and Gelly's Filipina Love Story

Good morning Anna,

I want to thank you for your help in getting me to Ukraine, and also to let you and the staff know that everything is going well. I landed here on Wednesday evening Ukraine time. I barely had a chance to change clothes before my first date with Inna. She is the main lady I wanted to meet. We have seen each other with the help of a translator every day since. Her daughter who is 5 years old seems to really be taken with me, which I am very glad of. The first day I met her she was acting shy, but when we got up to go across from the hotel for a walk, she took my hand not Inna's. I really haven't been this happy in a very long time. I have included a few photos.

Please also share with Dina, as she has helped with the phone translations before I came here. Oh and as for jet lag, I didn't have time to deal with it before we met. Inna was that excited to see me. I thought I'd have at least one day before we met. I only had an hour after I got off the plane. On another note, I have made her cry twice now. The first was do to a poem I wrote for her, and the second was when I let her know how I felt. we were sitting in the same seat in the hotel lobby so now she doesn't want to sit there. It's a joke we share. Oh and I don't think she ever noticed my shoes!!!

Thank you all again, and I will keep you guys up dated after I get back home on the 21st

Warmest regards


Want to wish you a very Merry Christmas (both Christian and Orthodox), and a very happy festive season. We are both doing very well, and working hard (long hours, too), and we are happy. Raisa is currently waiting for her Green Card, which was supposed to arrive last week, but we are still waiting (ten-year). Hoping the rest of the holiday season creates more happy memories for you all. And if you don't mind, I like to give you all, at A Foreign Affair, a huge shout-out in congratulating you all, as you celebrate your 25th year of providing excellent service. The level of service that you have provided since 1995, continues to improve, year after year., while also educating people with the facts that are so important, to achieve that successful outcome. I know that your success will continue to grow, and wonderful outcomes will result. CONGRATULATIONS!! You earned it.

Joseph B. C.

The overall experience was good for me, I was relaxed, and didn't feel intimidated by anything in Shenzhen. The weather was warm, the people were friendly, my interpreter was amazing! (Lihong Rachel) We had fun going out for drinks and dancing at CoCo Park!

Bradford A.

The overall experience was absolutely fantastic. I met guys that i am sure we will be friends for a longtime. I had amazing memories with at least 3 guys that is probably rated as some of the best experiences i have ever had. Due to this i understand why German\Canadians guys are so much fun to hang out with. I met about 3 ladies, and hope that 1 of them is the special one.

The only issue i have was the Kiev social event that became a bit crowded in the middle of the venue and i could not get from the one side to other side very easily. The lack of seating space also made it hard for me when i wanted to sit down and could not find anywhere to sit down. I think it would have been nice if we perhaps had a speed dating setup so we could have met all the girls from the venue and visa versa, as i thought i missed a few girls that others have spoken too.

I liked to Odessa social very much, there was plenty of space, very good lighting to see everyone and plenty of comfortable seating. This was the highlight of my tour. It would have been nice if we had more than 2 hours to transition from the 6 hour bus ride to the social event though.

Overall, i had a wonderful time, and don't regret anything, it was a BRILLIANT experience. The staff was absolutely amazing and helpful. Helen was my manager in KIEV, and was AMAZING in helping me with the culture differences of woman in the country. Helen helped me recover a relationship with my future wife when i thought i destroyed the relationship :)



Outstanding service well pleased with the tour

Mark B.

I just wanted to thank AFA and yourself for the services you offer and deliver. It was a wonderful experience meeting so many beautiful, intelligent, educated, articulate and hard-working ladies through AFA. All told, I made 5 trips to Ukraine and one side trip to Italy. I could give you the whole history, but to make a wonderful, but long story short, I have met a wonderful woman here in Wyoming in part because of AFA.

This past April, I was turning in my rental car at the Casper, Wyoming airport after taking a pre-employment physical for a job in Sinclair, Wyoming. You probably don't recall, but I used the Odessa office to set up a short (3 day) visit in March of this year, so my Russian was at its best. During the course of turning the rental car in I made some comment in Russian. The lady at the counter obviously didn't understand and I had to apologize, mentioning that I had been going to Ukraine to try to find a bride. She commented that "maybe we should date" and I asked for her number.

I got the job and subsequently began courting Heather. I credit the confidence I gained in my trips to Ukraine for how well I was able to relax and just be myself. We continued to date and are currently planning a trip to Italy in December. We plan on being married next March.

I truly want to thank you and all of the folks in and associated with AFA. I have to give credit to you, the people at AFA and most especially, the wonderful women of Ukraine. I'll never forget Dasha, Nonna, Tatiana, Irina, Svetlana, Victoria and Natalia. My special thanks to Anna and Katya of the Odessa office.

Keep up the good work!

Robert S.

Dear John,

I joined the tour 12th to 21 Sept 2019: Kiev - Kharkov, lead by Joe. You can add me to the list of guys that is kicking himself for "not doing it earlier". An awesome cheers to Joe for keeping me on the right lines and well advised. If it were Joe and a bunch of dudes just going on a Ukraine pub tour I'd still be a happy man. Helen was my assigned date co-coordinator in Kiev. I never got round to thanking her more properly. She is a machine and spent some out-of-hours time organising absolute class dates for me. My objective of the tour was to experience something different, make a few pen-pals and start to have something in store for the future. Now I have too many women to stay in touch with, more flights booked to Kiev, and one has already visited me in Paris. If things dry up I would still come on another tour or just a social. And I would recommend the AFA service to my single friends.

All the Best,


Hi John,

I just got back from the Philippines last Wednesday and had the greatest experience of my life thru the Asian club. I want you to recognize Lota who works in the Cebu office who made sure I made it there ok and took care of everything while I was there and even when I got home she wanted to make sure I made it home safely. She also picked me up at my hotel so I could go to church with her on Sunday. I met lots of sincere, caring and loving Filipino women and I narrowed to one special lady. I plan on going back in March of next year to spend some time with my special lady. Actually the whole staff at the Cebu office was great and helpful. Give Lota thanks once again I will stop by her office to say hello when I go back in March.


Eric Bennight

Hi John,

I Just wanted to say thank for the great event in odessa. I had a Wonderful time and i believe i met a special lady there who is going to be my future wife. We have spent 5 days in a row together on this Ukraine holiday. Once again thank you.

Eric G.

One of the most compelling stories we have ever been privileged to tell, Dave had lost both his wife of many years and his daughter to cancer just five months apart. Devastated and depressed, his family convinced him to get out, do SOMETHING! Dave tells his story about why he chose an AFA tour and what happened. Ultimately, Dave met his new wife Nina during one of our social events in Poltava Ukraine, which turned his life around.

Top Video Testimonial Image

Mr. Adams

Wanted to drop a line and thank you for the Medellin Tour. Those Medellin Tour socials were awesome! I had lots of fun and met 100's of girls.

Perhaps it was fate that the Peru Tour was lacking and the Medellin Tour was available, but, there is no doubt in my mind that AFA delivers as promoted. Excellent in every aspect.

Met a great gal in Medellin, spent my time with her during the tour. Went back to see her 2 weeks ago and she's coming to visit me in 3 weeks. It's going well, google translate is a hoot.

Guy T.


Dear John, I wanted to tell you about my recent trip to Kiev and the excellent help I received from your office staff. Particularly Helen who was great in not only setting up appointments with women for me to meet, but offered insight and perspective to someone like me who has never done this type of thing before. I originally came over to meet three women that I had been corresponding with and immediately the first two didn’t work out at all. That left me with a number of days to fill and no plan. Victoria and Helen sprung into action and I have never felt more welcome and accommodated by people who barely knew me. Helen stayed in touch with me daily and sometimes hourly with appointments. She made the entire trip worthwhile.

I did meet several women and will continue to correspond with a couple of them. However my experience was so great that I plan to come back before the end of the year and meet some more women as I have yet to meet the future Mrs. Betzen. I believe in your company and that with the help of people like Helen I will find the right person. I’ve owned and managed several radio stations in my career and know how important great employees are. I thought you should know you truly have a great one in Helen and the entire office in Kiev


Rick B.


You have been extremely professional and helpful scheduling my Asian Club Tour to Cebu. I have called you and emailed you several times, and you have always been patient and supportive. Please forward this email to your direct report Manager and the President of your company. It is staff/people like you that place a real face on AFA. Your website is helpful but it is compassionate people like yourself that make a significant difference in this personal and important decision. I will call you when I return to give you direct feedback about my tour, thanks again a very satisfied AFA member.

Hi Bud,

Just wanted to let you know my fiancé visa was accepted Feb. 21. Now we are waiting. If you ever have a seminar here, I would love to be a guest speaker and verify everything you say is true. Age appropriate, women, men's expectations, etc.

Let me know, we are a growing city with I think a lot of your members.



I had a great time in Thailand, thanks to AFA

John C


I enjoyed the tour and the socials too. There were more age-appropriate ladies that came to the socials, for the Dnilro, Zaporozhia and Kiev socials that i attended. I had a wonderful time, thanks:)

Thank you for a wonderful trip. Lima is a beautiful city with beautiful women. Machu Pichu was a one in a lifetime experience. I would encourage anyone to go see that eighth wonder of the world . The Lima staff is awesome . They are so great to work with and so nice . I felt they are really interested in making a match for me and weeding out things that doesn't work . I feel like Lima is a golden gem that if more guys seen what I saw would hop on a plane first thing and see for themselves . From the beaches which are beautiful to the great Peruvian food . The dishes are amazing . I encourage everyone to try cerviche. Of course, The ladies I can't forget, Peruvian women are the best . So passionate about the life there city , there family. It's just so eye opening to go out on dates and feel the passion these ladies have and the fact that there so beautiful. I could go on and on but I better leave it there . . I plan on go down in July to see Antinuette . A girl !

Stacey B.

I immensely enjoyed my first trip to South America. Lima is a fascinating, vibrant city that I fell in love with. The weather was fabulous, the locals warm and friendly, the cuisine delicious, and there are plenty of cool things to do. Sara, Patti, Liz, Ron, and the rest of the staff are very good at what they do. Everything was well-organized and they checked in with me every day to make sure I was okay and if I needed anything. The only downside to the tour? There were just four of us guys on it. Guys who haven't considered Peru before really need to go. The girls are lovely, well-educated, and place strong emphasis on family. If you go to Lima, you won't regret it. I plan on a return trip this summer; I have a few girls I am considering, but if none of them work out, I have full confidence Sara and her staff will help me find The One.

Melvin T.

Hey John,

I just got back from Odessa, for 5 days, and I'd like to pass on my kudos for my new bestest buddy, Katya, in your office there. She is always available to answer my questions, day or night. When I come in she will sit with me and discuss whichever latest dating drama I'm experiencing, not unlike a shrink, and she has stayed after hours for me, twice.

Thanks to her for making my AFA experience there great.

Lee T. H

Orlando, Florida

Dear Sir:

I am now at the end of my Group Tour of Dnipro and Zaporozhye and, while I wait for my flight home on Monday, I would like to take this time to give you my thoughts and impressions while everything is still fresh in my mind. I have taken the liberty of including Bud and Joe on this email as they appear to be your primary tour leaders to Ukraine. I don't normally do feedback, but this time it's personal.

First, I would like to say Thank You. Your organization has delivered as advertised every time. This is my third trip to Ukraine (Odessa Group Tour 2017, Nikolaev Euro Club 2018, Dnipro Group Tour 2019) and AFA has not disappointed me.

Second, I would commend to you Joe Gregory my Tour Leader. I have occasionally thought I would inquire about becoming a tour leader with your organization, then I recall the difficulties that Joe has faced during my two group tours with him.

No Way! He can keep the job! He has been a font of wisdom and occasionally a bit of tough advice to me and many others. He has dealt with difficult clients as well as the occasional hostile native with courtesy and professionalism as well as an unending sense of humor.

Next I would like to single out some individuals that I believe merit the attention. Everyone I have worked with at AFA has been helpful and polite but there's always a few that stand out. Please excuse me for not having last names for everyone. It is only in hindsight that I realize I should have gotten more complete information.

  • Your Odessa Manager Anna, was helpful throughout my first tour and, as I understand she will be leaving your organization to pursue a new life, I am sure she will be missed.
  • Also from Odessa, a translator named Anna Petrelli. She steered me away from a table full of sharks and toward a table full of nice ladies. I am eternally in her debt. Her language skills were excellent and I wish I could have had her with me for all my dates.
  • From Nikolaev, another Anna. Unfortunately, I don't have any more than her given name. She was able to point out insincerity in one lady that was about to get her hooks into me. On my next trip to Nikolaev, I think I'll track her down and give her flowers.
  • Elena S., an affiliate manager in Zaporozhye. Elena has been excellent in her efforts to make dates for me, as a translator on one of those dates, as well as acting as a tour guide on Khortisa Island. This woman does it all!
  • Polina, the affiliate manager in Dnipro. Polina was able to give me a pep talk after a truly horrible date and had me set up with five more dates the next day. Polina had me back in the ring before I knew it.
  • Also in Dnipro, my translator for those five dates, Julia. She was skillful and efficient in her work and I found her to be truly a professional. What sets her apart is her advocacy for me to the ladies I was meeting. I truly felt Julia was there for me and as fully invested in my success as I was.
  • Last but not least, Anna V. I point her out not for any single act but for the totality of her work. I don't know how she managed to keep everything flowing so well, but she did. Whatever you are paying her, it isn't enough.

Last, I wish to express my thanks to you personally.

I understand that there was some debate about the two city tours. Having done both the three city and the two city tours, I will never do a three city tour again. While the thrill of three socials can't be beat, I sure as heck am at the end of the day. I also enjoyed the extra day in each city to have more dates with more women and an opportunity to schedule a second date the next day was invaluable to me. I appreciated the chance to explore opportunities that I would have missed otherwise.

Truth be told, I'm looking forward to my next trip and considering going as a Euro Club client and combining it with Social Only. I believe it will give me the time to really focus my efforts on the ladies I would meet at the social without the bother of trying to hurry and catch the next bus. If you were to create such a package, I'd be the first in line to sign up!

As this short thank you letter is looking more like War and Peace, I will conclude with a simple:

Thank you and keep up the good work.


Dave S.

Jason, from Australia, faced many challenges in his lifetime including diabetes, going legally blind and a stroke. After traveling to Costa Rica, Ukraine and China, he found his true love in the Philippines. This video, featuring his wedding to Kimberly from Cebu, tells their touching story together.

Jason and Kimberely's Philippine Wedding

Bud was great. I would definitely recommend to anyone interested to go on a tour.

Scott S.

Bud - Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to do something in my life many only dream about. You are a very passionte person about life and the countries you visit . Which I felt made the experience better.

I am a very reserved person when it comes to my dating life, This experience put me out of my comfort zone which i really needed. The socials were out of this world and quite honestly overwhelming in a very postive way.

I have learned allot from my trip to Ukraine and met several Wonderful ladies who were very kind and nice to be able to meet with and get to know.

I did meet one very special lady whom I am communicating with right now still back in Canada and perhaps will lead to something very special.

Thanks again Bud and the AFA team , Specifically Victoria " SUNSHINE ", Alyonka Repulenko Both whom were so gracious and helpful I cannot thank them both enough for their patience and support.

You are all doing a Great Job I am very pleased with everything AFA offers and would most definitely join you again on another tour.

Thank you again

Jeremy T

Thank you...I think your site is fantastic.. You even have ladies based in the USA, which is great. I got married a couple years ago, otherwise it would be great to correspond/meet some of your women. Regarding feedback, you seem to be offering lots of very nice and very attractive ladies for men to correspond with and meet. That's probably the most important thing. I will spread the word to my interested buddies.

Thanks much,



My name is Jerry and I would like to say I look forward to Monday nights to hear the webcasts! Top notch! I only wish I could hear them live, but due to timing conflicts I rarely get to until an hour after the fact. To say the topics are informative is an understatement. Life lessons-that is a major reason I tune in. Speaking of paradigms was the most impactful to me so far. Bud hit it! Thank you for opening that door and allowing me to see the light! On a different note, I have admired what you do for years. I actually had a magazine from way back-1996 or 7. With that said, I believe 2019 or early 2020 is my time for this-finally-after 20 bleeping years (and two divorces and...). I'll take a late lunch and give you a ring tomorrow with a couple of more personal questions.

Thank you,

Jerry W.

Made it to the social!

It's like being a celebrity. I can't walk anywhere without ladies grabbing me and asking to take selfies with me. You can see the photo. I scored a private table near the edge where they can't grab me!

John A


Add me to your list of satisfied customers my friend and tell the boss I said thanks!

We are both hard headed as hell and stubborn and she is extremely intelligent and we are very much alike and at the end of the day we just could not stand to be apart from each other it made us both miserable we love each other very much so....

Some advice to your clients: Be patient and kind to Ukraine girls because it really takes awhile before they trust you and do not be afraid to quarrel with them because only then will they know it's real! Also the Russian language sounds like they are angry when they speak it to other Russians but they are not it is just how they speak so don't get your feelings hurt if UKRAINE girls are abrupt with you it's just their way! Be suspicious of Ukraine girls that act all sugar sweet all the time because that just an act and not the real them! Lol

If she's quarreling with you that means she cares! Trust me in that one! But they also get over things quickly too so... hand in there guys it's worth it because if you ever do find a UKRAINE girl that really loves you you've really got something real

A good way to really tell if she is real is if she defends you when you spend money and someone is trying to take advantage of you because your AMERICAN because she will jump on that person very quickly to protect you from getting scammed because otherwise she would't care

My wife really worked over our limo driver it really made me smile my friend!

Many thanks!


I had a great time. Len was great and so was his team of interpreters. The hotel was wonderful and best of all, I met my soulmate there. We are engaged and working on the K1 fiance visa process now. Simply put, it was the wisest investment I've ever made.

Dustan S.

It was very helpful that in Odessa translators were clearly assigned and kept track of all contacts. Victoria from AFA Kiev is a piece of gold. She is so wonderful and helpful!!! In Odessa, it was confusing that at different times different people answered the main phone. I had the most amazing experiences in Odessa! I hope I have met the woman of my dreams there. I have just gone back to Odessa last weekend and had a fantastic time with this wonderful woman!

Elsas S.

Even though there were a few challenges, the staff, specifically Bud, were great with helping the group keep the eye on the goal. Bud was very informative and transparent with information that helped us navigate a new experience. The interpreters I was assigned at the socials all turned out to be excellent. This tour turned out to be one of the most exciting things I've ever done. That said, I hope I met my wife and will not need to go on another tour :)

Russ S.

I would just like to send thanks to all the staff in American and in the Ukraine for all their hard work. It made the trip relaxing knowing there are people looking out for me.

Kirk B.

When i went on the tour i was nervous i have absolutely zero ability to talk to women i talked to bud he set me up with a killer interpreter who not only was very easy to talk to but introduced me to someone i spent the rest of the trip with getting to know thanks bud you rock and i will be going back even if we don't work out.

Erik W.

Many positives but I will point out one, which is right before your eyes: Bud, whose humanity is on display for all to see. To him, this enterprise is about far more than traveling and getting a paycheck. It is about giving people the opportunity to find a soul mate - to discover love, which he says is the highest pursuit and achievement of all. Bud probably gives too much of himself, which I am sure leaves him exhausted at times.

Ken S.

I do not have a friend that I can give his info at this time. I do want to complement your entire Ukraine staff for being as helpful as they are. You could not find a better crew. Also my hat is off to Bud for being able to do 6 cities with 50 men and always being so congenial. It was like traveling with a friend and not just a tour guide. Every time there was any kind of a problem Bud and the staff handled it with the upmost professionalism. You have a real quality group there.

Donald J.

Hey Bud,

I'm truly happy and blessed to have spent an amazing 10 days with you in the Ukraine. My only regrets were not carrying on to Kherson and seeing the wonderful kids at the orphanage. But I did get to spend quality time with Irina and her daughter Liza so I can't complain too much. We are talking everyday and I wish I were back there now with her. She works 7 days a week and still made time for me. Most importantly, she put a smile on my face, in fact, my face hurt from smiling so much! It's a beautiful thing that you do and I very much appreciate being part of your circle. I listen every Monday night and you really put things into perspective for me. Through you I have met some great friends. I really bonded with Scott and its very cool that he lives close by. Also Dave, and I'm very happy he has found love. I am happy for you and the path you are on and I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you again my brother, all my love and respect.

Brandon S.

This was my second Ukraine tour with your company and Mr. Patterson, Anna, Leza and Kate did a tremendous job. Your Odessa team is amazing and I hope that you are already aware of that fact. With regards to Mr. Patterson, he was the consummate professional working diligently both day and night to ensure that each man on the tour not only enjoyed himself, but he also went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that everyone's needs were met within a realistic time frame provided their requests were also realistic as well. The only recommendation I would make would be to look at the possibility of automating your overseas office systems with reasonable cost effective technology to make your teams "work smarter not harder". Refurbished I Pads and Mac Books could really streamline the way your team coordinates dates for the man in the different cities and also make record keeping much easier as a posed to legal pads and file folders. Any questions or concerns regarding my tour comments or suggestions regarding the technology suggestions please feel free to contact me.

Scott C.

Overall the tour was very interesting and I met new friends that are always a bonus for me because I love people..... The socials were great fun for me, ...... I met a lot of great women and I must say that your staff was great and great fun to be around. Helen was my favorite!! She is always positive and ready to make jokes and help where she can... I will definitely be back, maybe not with a tour but using your other services if the one I met does not work out.

David K.

Bud did a a fantastic job! Met many attractive sincere ladies. Thanks AFA, Bud, Elena in Kharkov and all the staff members!

Sydney C.

A great tour. Overall a great vacation experience. I will do this trip again.

Robert S.

Bud, I had the nicest evening last night. Possibly ever. Only thing wrong was it was so much fun it got too late and I had to cancel my dates today to sleep.

Thanks to you both for the introductions and help in Kiev.


Hi Anna,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. The Odessa trip was wonderful and the Tour itself was the experience of a lifetime. I would like to extend my thanks to you and the entire team for making this experience possible. Hopefully, there will be no repeats but if there must be, I will definitely rely on you guys again in my quest for love.


Richard met his wife, Liju in China. He reached out to AFA to express their gratitude for the service they provide men and women who are in search of true love and happiness. This is their story with AFA President John Adams.

Top Video Testimonial Image

Attended Bud 's seminar in St. Louis on Sunday. Great time, well run event. Very organized and informative


Bud is the consummate professional with a powerful delivery of down to earth easy to understand clear information. I can appreciate Buds integrity and passion for the true romance experience. AFA is a quality company that lives up too and deliveries on all of its promises. Enjoyed being present and learning!

David V.

Great service, wonderful day tours and fantastic seminars!!

Richard H.

Bud Patterson performed smoothly and professionally while here in Tampa. He articulated the AFA protocol along with everything a man needs to know about the tours and social events abroad. I thank him and AFA for another job well done!

Marco P.

Excellent - loved the tours! I did both the Medellin and San Jose tours and they were well worth it from many aspects! CW

Thank you! On your site, I have met my future wife. Thanks to your web site, I was able to write to a woman in Kharkov for several months and then I met her last December. I have since filed for a fiance visa and we plan on getting married when she arrives in the US. Our meeting was all because of your site; however, now I have no further need of your wonderful service and so please cancel my membership. Thank you!

Thomas L.


Wow! Loved the tours! I want to go again! I learned so much and sincerely cherished the opportunity to meet so many wonderful women. I would gladly recommend AFA and their tours to my single buddy friends. If they are truly serious about finding a lifemate, this is the way to go and the company to use.

I have made some great contacts and am presently dating a lady I met via the San Jose tour. I don't know what is going to happen in the future - but I am excited - and my confidence level is very high that I am on the right path towards finding the love of my life.

My comments refer to both tours that I recently came back from - Medellin and San Jose.


Incredible people you have! So helpful and understanding and with infinite patience - you have a very special organization to be able to have staff like yours with their motivation and principles to assist your clients however way that they can.

Your office managers are absolutely sensational people! Estefania is a special lady, so friendly, and always there for you if you have any questions or concerns. Gustavo has the heart of a good man, very caring, and always wishes the best to work out for his touring men meeting the lovely ladies.

Your interpreters are such a valuable resource for the participating men coming to an unknown country and engaging in a new purpose in life for themselves. Susanna in Medellin was extremely helpful, teaching me all that she knew about the ways of the latina women, and understanding their sometimes strange but different actions and reactions. Susan in San Jose was so easy to talk to and willingly offered her female intuition and insight into the male interaction with latina relationships. Right now, I am having Andrea come and do translation on my dates with the lady in San Jose. She has been an immense help with her continued caring and patience to hope for the best for both of us. All of the interpreters did a very thorough professional job translating our conversations.

Bud is a straight-to-the-point kind of guy that I appreciate because of his logical answers and suggestions. And about Michelle - well what can I say? - she has the patience of Mother Teresa when dealing with me - and she played a very important role in all of this for me because she put me on a path of understanding and action after surviving my prior online fiasco. She is my main advisor in AFA when I need clear decisive answers and advice.

Your staff up front have been an immense help to me as well. Briana always has a welcoming greeting (and smile I am sure hahah) when she answers my enquiring calls and questions. Jennifer is very friendly and always relays her best advice to my concerns. Kirk has always given very good customer service and assistance. Anna was very sincere about assisting me however she could when I initially made contact with your main AFA office.

And yourself, John - well, actually I talked to you when I was first contemplating going on an AFA tour. I phoned your after-hours tour line number and you answered. I wondered what-the-hell the CEO of a major organization like yours is doing answering the phone in the evening? Now I know - you are good man, very dedicated, and consistently wanting your company and people to improve and offer the best service possible. Thank you, John.


Eight minutes was not much time to consider six women at each table, but it actually turned out okay (statistically, it takes women only about 30 seconds to assess if they are interested in a man).

I made it a point to have my interpreter mention at the start when we sat down at the table to all of the women: a) put your cell phones away b) if you have a need to chit-chat or gossip with the lady you are sitting beside, leave the table to do so, and c) if you are busy watching what is happening at the other tables, then go join that table. All of these items proved very distracting to the women who actually wanted to listen and ask questions.

The biggest problem with the socials was the noise - for the ladies sitting on the opposite side of the table, it was almost impossible for them to hear the whole conversation. I appreciate that this would be a difficult problem to solve - maybe wall dividers would be a thought - or a bigger room.

To make matters worse in San Jose, music was being played during the socials. I had to ask the guy 3 times to either turn the volume down considerably or just simply stop playing - he eventually stopped playing. It helped - but it was still very noisy.

Having servers offer the men and the interpreters drinks while they were sitting at the tables was a brilliant idea - that was very thoughtful, thank you! - and having some quick snacks available was a nice touch as well. The meals at all of the socials were more than satisfactory and very good.

The slips of paper the ladies filled out with their names and contact information at San Jose were way tooooooo small! The ladies had to cram their information in on the forms - and some as a result were partially unreadable. The forms need to be at least 4 times bigger to give more space to write, and also to have a place for the ladies to write down any comments that they may have.

I have a suggestion for you. It is a waste of time for ladies to be repeatedly filling out those forms at the table. How about making a template - and putting it on your website - that they would fill in to include their name, contact details, and a photo - and let them print off a bunch of copies at home before they arrive at the socials. I appreciate that many ladies may not have a printer at home, so perhaps your office (for a nominal fee) can print off copies for them which they will get when they arrive at the social - or maybe even better - have a printer set up right at the social - to knock off copies for the ladies when they get there. The photo idea would be a HUGE help for the men because it is virtually impossible to remember who-was-who after meeting 100 women.


I know now that interpreters play a critical role on the singles vacation. They are not just an interpreter - they are a mother, a babysitter, a tour guide, a money-saver, a cultural advisor, a safety monitor, and most of all - a Matchmaker. I learned so much from my interpreters - and I am so very grateful for the knowledge they have bestowed upon me - especially about latina women, the latin countries, and the cultural differences between our countries. Bless them for their patience and understanding and the excellent advice they consistently gave me.

With this level of importance in mind, I feel that it would a good idea to schedule 1 hour before the first social to be with your interpreter, so you can get to know each other. Her knowing your background and what kind of lady you are looking beforehand would be a big time-saver at the tables so the same basic information does not need to be repeated and she can answer the lady's questions directly.


The hotels in both Medellin and San Jose were very good. The staff were extremely helpful, having the breakfast buffet available was a great idea and very handy, and the rooms were more than adequate considering we didn't spend much time there hahaha!

I did notice that wi-fi in the San Jose hotel was weak, so sometimes I had to use my cell time to access any internet connections.


Very nicely done! Lots of information (which us wife-seekers need hahah!), very thorough, great use of colours, well-working search engines, a much improved change made recently as to how the women's photos show up now, excellent media coverage, and most importantly - having the acknowledged engagements and marriages listed is a huge selling and convincing factor! The videos and photos are also a BIG plus for any guy checking out your offered services.

You definitely have the best website of all the online agencies - my congratulations to your programmers and staff!


One of the fellows at San Jose started a WhatsApp group - a great idea - because we all made some very good friends and it would wonderful to be able to stay in touch with each other. Perhaps AFA could "officially" hand out a sheet during the orientation for the men to sign up for such a group to be able to stay in contact.


One of the chronic problems in all of the online marriage and dating agencies is the photos of the ladies. The men viewing their profiles have no idea how long ago their photos were taken. AFA is actually pretty good with theirs - in other agencies, this is a huge problem (on one site, I caught a 28 year old lady who finally admitted that her photos were 10 years old, taken when she was 18, graduating from highschool).

I have a suggestion that would elevate your agency to a new standard in online dating - when the ladies come into your office to put their profile on your website, have the office manager take a minimum of 2 photos (one facial and one full length) - that will then be DATE-STAMPED, verifying that the lady's photos have been authenticated by the agency.

This would have multiple benefits. For the men, it will be easier for them to make a decison between a lady whose photos are 3 months old and one whose photos are 3 years old. For the women, this would be a good incentive for them to go to the office to get their photos updated accordingly.

The women could still put on their own photos - but with those, there should be a notation on the page indicating that they are not verified as to how old they are.

I appreciate that this would be extra work for the local agency office manager - but it would be well worth it - men can count on you and the ladies who have their profiles on your website. Remember that men are making their decisions, and investing their hard-earned money and vacation time solely based on a few photos and some words in a profile - put dates on the photos and you will be setting a new standard in the industry!


In all my interactions with the AFA staff, every one of them offered ways for me to save money, or time, or aggravation. I very much appreciated that - especially when it comes to saving money - giving that advice out to your prospective clients does not increase your bottom line in the short term - but it certainly rates a noble and honourable reputation that AFA is truly there to help their clientele, which in the long term is so precious for the continued success of your company. Thank you, AFA staff.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comments. I wish you continued success and all the best in the future.

Very sincerely yours*,


*This review comes straight from-the-heart. I have received no compensation for writing it, nor have I received any discounts or benefits thereof.

To the men thinking of participating in an AFA tour:

The "scorecard" for my online intent of meeting women on chat-type dating sites is a dismal one.

After spending 9 months and $US 22,000 on multiple chat sites, looking at over 1,000 women's profiles, talking to over 100 ladies online by chatting hundreds of hours online with them, and having 6 serious relationships where I was planning to fly over to meet the ladies who were mostly in Colombia - I ended up never meeting any of them. It was an emotional, heart-breaking, and financial disaster for me.

Then, after better research on my part, I discoverd AFA where I was understood, coached, and advised by very empathetic people who placed me on a path of success of finding a latina wife.

It is one thing, gentlemen, to chat online with some anonymous lady for over 100 hours, knowing that you cannot prove if she is for real or her photos are truly her, thinking that there will be a positive outcome - versus - being at a tour social, meeting a pretty adorable affectionate latina, sitting beside you, seeing her sensual welcoming smile and the sparkle in her eyes, and witnessing "the scent of a woman" - there is no comparison - and with that, brings the hope of finding true love for the future.

I wish all of you guys out there, all the best,


h5>They got engaged !
Phil Got Engaged!


AFA Staff

China tour December 2017

Hey Bud:

I was able to meet Minmin at the Saturday Social and we were inseparable for the next 12-days! She is the only one I actually communicated with for two-months through the AFA site. I guess I am one of those exceptions that talked to my lady first...then met her!

I want to thank you for all your help; my China trip was very successful. Minmin is a school teacher and her specialty is teaching English to Chinese children. She already has a US visa and has actually traveled to many countries including San Francisco (she has a drivers licence and drove in San Francisco traffic if you can believe that!!) She holds a Masters Degree and is a singer with one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard; she has over 400-songs recorded on line! She is smart and has one of the most soft and innocent spirits I have ever seen in a woman; that was the very reason I went to China! And of course, has great taste in men! (Smile) We talk, text or send voice messages many times a day since my return from China. I love "Wechat!" since all calls, texts and voice mails are free!

We have set a date to get married August 7th, 2018 (my birthday). I am flying her out this month to spend just a short time with me (Dec 29th thru Jan 3rd) in Reno. I will be going back to Shenzhen in April to spend about 10-days meeting her father and step-mother and two sisters. She will return for 6-weeks in July and August next year; I do not expect she will be returning to China other than to pick her belongings and for her and I to visit once or twice a year!

Bud, I tell you all this because I thought you would be interested in another "success story" and that she and I would be willing to be interviewed on video either at your AFA office in Shenzhen when I am there or Phoenix when she is here! I remember you telling me that your China trips are AFA’s best kept secret! I know marketing is everything and I thought you could use some testimonies! Just a thought!

Building close friendships with the some of the other guys that come to the Socials was something I never expected as well. That is a great testimony in itself!

Also, I really need you help on a couple of things. Would you please "remove" mine and Minmin’s profiles from the AFA’s website; it would be appreciated. She has told me she no longer wants it up, but does not know what to do to have it taken down. I though if anyone knows what to do, you would! And yes, Careful, in your Shenzhen AFA office can call her to verify this; she knows Minmin.

Also, I would appreciate it if you would forward the name and phone number of the attorney AFA recommends so I can start the process for filing the "Fiancee visa" for my future wife.

I was there 13-days and I have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever experienced when traveling outside of the US.

I look forward to hearing from you. Again, thank you for all your help!



My situation was not the norm for this kind of tour. I only met with 6 ladies I had chosen and communicated with PRIOR to flying into Kiev/Kharkov. I am NOT a social party type person but if that is your type of event, then the staggering number of stunning women was beyond belief. The ultimate compliment that I can give is that I have encouraged my college age son to consider doing an AFA tour when he finishes school to find a wife!! Most of the men were unrealistic in their expectations but those of us who were reasonably level headed did just wonderful. I rarely see someone who is matched for his job as correctly as Bud! He was big brother, father, coach, cop, psychologist, storyteller, bearer of truth (25 +65 = DOES NOT HAPPEN) sheepherder, and friend all rolled into one!! Overall, it was well worth the money and effort and I am reasonably confident the 6 ladies are now down to 3 for future consideration.

David M.

As a client of A Foreign Affair for a handful of years, Richard embarked on a few tours before finally meeting his Ukrainian bride.

Richard and his Ukrainian bride


This was my third tour in the past 12 months and they have been an exceptional experience. Our Kiev walking & bus tours were very rich in the countries history, informative and well thought out. I love them!!! Special appreciations to Bud for the Thanksgiving night dinner at the Georgian Restaurant, the food, service and the friendships formed (laughs) was priceless. I have a special fondness of visiting the Kharkov orphanage, a gift worth giving! A pleasant surprise on the bus trip from Kiev to Kharkov, the vehicle was exceptionally modern with well planned pit stops. The ride was very enjoyable and relaxing. Appreciate Bud’s guidance dearly and is taken to heart on the Ukraine visits.

Wishing AFA & Bud a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

David V.


I was on the recent tour to Kiev & Kharkov (11/23/17 - 12/3/17) and wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time which was due in large part to your staff in both cities and our tour leader Bud. I wanted to thank them for their hard work and support throughout the trip. I was also very pleased with the setup of having a translator dedicated to us during the socials. It was extremely helpful. During the trip I met a couple of wonderful women and hoping that one of them will be the one that I am looking for. Time will tell but it looks like I will be going back soon (no longer then a couple of months) to spend more time with the right one. However, if for some reason it does not work out I would definitely choose to go on another one of your tours.

Bud was very helpful and supportive during the entire trip. During the breakfasts he would meet with us (go from table to table) and discuss whatever was going on and make sure we were getting everything out of our experience. I was also impressed with Anna (your affiliates manager, I believe that is her title) and how she interacted with the tour members. I also have to add that I was impressed with Alona on the bus tour of Kiev. She was extremely knowledgeable of the history.

I want to also note that Bud and Michelle were also very helpful and patient with all my questions when I was trying to decide on which trip to take and also afterward when I was preparing for the trip.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

David L.


I wanted to write a quick ’thank you’ note to you, Bud. I just got back from a wonderful "Euro Club" trip to Kharkov. I had spoken to you about the trip before I went; perhaps you remember. Well, I had a great time and met some very nice ladies. Bud, I want to pass along to you my impressions of the affiliate staff in Kharkov also. They were marvelous!!

Elena, the office manager, couldn’t have been more helpful to me! She quickly returned my emails, calls and text messages; answering questions "after hours" and rearranging last minute interview times when necessary- even while she was traveling to and from Kiev on business! I was very impressed! Bud, the office staff of Olga and Marina were gracious and accommodating to me as well. They picked me up at airport and showed me around the city and welcomed me to their offices.

I have also sent an email of thanks to the ladies in Kharkov office; but I know that it never hurts to let the bosses in Phoenix know they have some good ground game in Ukraine! Bud, I plan to "re enlist" in Euro Club soon and travel to Kherson next! I hope that staff there is on their game like Kharkov! I’m sure they will be!

Thanks again, Bud! Please say hello to John and Tanya Adams for me.


John P.

Amarillo, Texas


I came to Kiev to try to meet woman for long term relationship. A friend referred me with good things to say. I was somewhat skeptical but thought I would try. I also met a few women through another dating site and tinder. I will day Anna did a great job with matching me with very nice women. I am in kiev now and still cannot believe the nice women I met with your agency. It is almost like to many nice ladies as how do you choose. I was very impressed that even late like 9:00 pm I could could text Anna with question and she would be right back to me. Anna I felt did a great job, I hope you realize how good she is. Also, Laura who went with me to meet women was very nice and helpful. Overall a very good experience and well worth the money. If anyone interested in coming I would be happy to talk to them on phone and give you good reference. There is 3 very incredible women I have had second and third dates with and the main problem is how to choose. I mentioned I tried other dating sight and that was somewhat of a disaster as women only after money. I think you all screen them somewhat apparently as this did not happen with your agency, they seemed genuinely nice and interested.

Thank you very much



Benjamin & Mia

Benjamin and Mia met during our March 2016 tour to China and were recently married in the United States. We would like to wish them a happy, prosperous and most of all loving life together!


AFA Staff

Hi Anna!

September 2017 Kiev/Dnepropetrovsk/Zaparozhia

Great tour. I liked the Dnipro Social better than Kiev. Joe, Anna and the rest were tremendous and very helpful. I met a lady in Dnipro, and I am currently back in Ukraine vacationing with her.

Sandip P.

Hi Anna!

I’d like to thank you for helping me organize my recent Euro Club tour to Nikolaev. It was a good experience for me; I have some possibilities as a result of the Club and we’ll see what happens. You’re a true professional that AFA is fortunate to have on its staff. Once again, thanks for everything!


Melvin T.

Mr. Adams,

Timothy & Kristina

I would like to personally thank you, your staff, and most importantly your tour leader during the September Ukraine tour, Joe, for their professionalism and outstanding service during this trip. Ukraine was the first time I had ever left the United States and despite having traveled considerably around the country, Joe and your staff made this trip one of my most treasured memories.

Besides meeting numerous fantastic women that took me on some of the most romantic and incredibly thoughtful dates I have ever been on, Joe and your staff were amazing. The support, the tenacity in their work, I cannot begin to describe the relaxed yet productive atmosphere they produced for someone on a vacation for his first time in a foreign country. It was truly a blessing and an honor to explore a foreign land with you company.

I also wanted to thank Bud for his correspondence prior to my departure regarding some questions I had. From start to finish the effort on my part was minimal. Once I had my passport in hand, the rest was simple and straight forward.

Regarding the socials, they can, at first, be extremely overwhelming! Even as a self-professed Alpha Male with an abundance of confidence, I was slightly taken back during the first Social. After that, with some experience in the country, once the Dnipro social fired up, I was ready and even more excited.

At the risk of this sounding like a sales pitch, I cannot stress enough that anyone who is on the fence about AFA or the site or the tours GO. Get off your ass and GO on one of these tours. You will NOT regret it.

In closing, Again, THANK YOU. This trip was an eye opening adventure and I would be hard pressed not to do it again. I had a blast and while I am sure your other tour leaders are just as fantastic, Joe gets my vote for his incredibly relaxed and efficient demeanor. I cannot say enough about his support during this adventure.

My deepest and most sincere thanks,

Timothy C.

P.S. Kristina and I are planning on spending a week in Punta Cana this December Thanks to AFA!!!

Dear John and Bud,

A friend and I just came back from the social tour of Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson. Overall, we had a great time, met a lot of interesting people and (most importantly) some interesting and attractive women. Joe was a great point-man and made the socials and travel a lot of fun.

I really feel compelled, though, to compliment Anna, who went above and beyond to make sure that everyone had a great experience. I heard about several situations which she helped some of the other guys get through, resolving and avoiding some potential personal and maybe even legal issues for them.

For me personally, Anna was much more than a local contact and manager. She went out of her way for me on several occasions that really made the difference between an "ok" and "outstanding" experience. Just a few of the ways Anna went above and beyond: She arranged a private tour of Nikolaev with a local history museum guide. This was a great tour that addressed my specific interests in the city. Not only did she arrange it, but when the taxi driver that initially arrived was rude and difficult, Anna came to the rescue with a new car and driver, to make sure I got the most out of the experience. I met a young lady in Nikolaev that I wanted to see again when we were already in Kherson, and I had to head back to Odessa that same night. Anna took care of all of the logistics, arranging for a trustworthy car and driver to bring my young lady to Kherson for the day, then to take us both back to Nikolaev for dinner, and take me the rest of the way to Odessa so that I could catch my early morning flight back to the U.S.

Between her impressive local contacts, expertise, friendliness and seemingly endless support, Anna made this a unique experience that I truly enjoyed, and am happy to recommend to others.

Thank you!

Best, Boris K

Hey Bud,

Bernie & Inna

Hope you’re doing well. I got married on 6/29/17, (see pic). As you can tell from the photos, we get along very well! She is a wonderful lady, and I am very happy. The attorney says that the Immigration Visa for Inna and her son will take about 8 to 10 months. I’m in Kharkov this week, but will be in Kiev at the Hotel Rus Saturday for my flight to the US on Sunday. Hopefully I can catch up with you guys on Saturday at the Rus!



After dating Ukrainian women through group tours, Paul finally found his match through the AFA Euro Club service. Listen as he and his wife recount their courtship and how AFA brought them together.

Paul Ukrainian Tour Review


Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye September 2017 tour

My tour included Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye. Your staff was very friendly and helpful specially Joe (tour leader) Svitlana (Kiev Office) and Helen. The location of the Socials in Kiev and Zaporizia were extraordinary the one in Dnipro was nice but it was dark inside, for me good lights inside is important for the interaction with ladies. Will definetely do it again.

Daniel E


This was everything you promised and then some. Leonard and Jane in Thailand were excellent and extremely helpful in providing me with a great experience and the perfect woman. I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am with the results.

Bob R.


Medellin August 2017

My interpreter was great. She is a large reason why my trip was succesful. It was hard to leave Medellin. I was very emotional because I felt like I was leaving friends who i May never see again. This was not like other vacations where you visit an area and then go bome. A trip to Colombia is much different. You meet new people and make new fri3nds, and you become attached to them in a way that makes it hard to leave. I can’t wait to go back again. I truly fell in love with the city and the people. Colombia is everything they say it is and more!



Medellin August 2017

I would like to pay the highest compliments to my translator Juliana. She was exceptional and she is now a good friend Without her I would not have met my new lady. She helped me throughout the process and made the tour an enjoyable and successful one for me She not only helped with your details but was exceptional at highlighting the the best of Medellin Please pass on my thanks. I employ 1800 people andcIbxan honestly say she would be one of the best customer service focussed people I have ever come across. She is a credit to your company Overall a successful tour for me.

Thank you

David H.


July Ukraine tour.

Where do I begin? I can’t even begin to tell you guys how awesome you all are and how much I love you. Bud, Anna, all the interpreters, completely amazing. I truly without any doubt had the time of my life, I’m changed forevermore. The tour was amazing, though it was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting, only because I can even begin to explain what it’s like to have over 30 dates with over 20 women in about 3 weeks time. Lol. As Bud says, it was a good problem to have. I met some of the most wonderful people in my life, made tons of friends from all over the world, and would definitely recommend this life changing experience to anyone. With all the trials and tribulations of my experience I met someone that I hope to have a future with. She is absolutely amazing, though so many women are from the Ukraine, she is one that I will hope to marry and have a family with in the near future. It was not easy for me, many tears were shed in the process, maybe a ! few broken hearts and hard feeling here and there as well. But overall, this was the best experience of my entire life. I mean that with all my heart. Bud, is great, always there when you need him, Anna, the office Manager from Odessa, is just amazing, and both very tentative to our needs, and will go the extra mile without hesitation to resolve any matters that may arise. As is the entire crew and everyone I met, were just magnificent. Though I plan to go back and work on the relationship I now have, I would love to go along for the ride again someday, and if my situation takes an unfortunate turn south, I may do that. But as much fun as it was, let’s hope I don’t need too. Lol!

Love you guys. Thank you so very much.

Philip M.

Hello Bud,

I have been in touch with Scott and he filled me in on the very generous and kind shout outs you have been sending my way. Thank you from every fiber of my soul. The trip will live with me into eternity. Words can not describe my gratitude for the opportunity. Will you be conducting the October seminar in Miami? I live on the Fort Lauderdale area and would attend to say hello and support your program!

Take good care my friend!

David V.


The tour was excellent. The staff including Anna, Bud and all the support staff were completely fabulous and very helpful. I met some great women on the tour and I had tremendous fun. I don’t think I met "the one" but the experience was well worth the time and money and I would do it again!

Stephen H.


The tour was well organized. The socials were interesting and all they were presented to be. The staff made the trip exceptional. I stayed behind after the tour to look further into my new contacts. The Kiev and Odessa are staff helpful and courteous. AFA is the only company that lives up to its reputation as a international introduction agency. It is not enough to collect millions of dollars from lonely men. A company must be positioned to actually help. AFA does exactly that.



I was very satisfied with the organisation on arrival in Odessa, especially Anna AFA Odessa, the manager of the Odessa office was very helpful to me. Also i want to praise the skills of Bud the tour leader, he knows his tours very well. I had a good trip! I am seeing somebody now I met on the trip, hopefully it works out, if noti will come back on this site to meet new people, we will see.

Tour Client


I was on the July 2017 Kiev,Poltava and Kharkiv Ukraine tour with Bud our tour leader. An amazing experience that I will always remember!! I met and dated many wonderful and beautiful women. The comraderie among my tour mates was incredible. Everyone was positive, friendly, helpful and had a great sense of humor, advice and stories. As far as I can see, everyone was having the time of their life. Bud is a wonderful tour leader and really cared about us being happy and enjoying the tour. I’m sure it’s not an easy job. It was nice to meet him in person and listen to his advice. My favorite social in Kharkiv was absolutely unbelievable!! There were so many beautiful and nice women to meet who were very down to earth and sincere. I even won the dancing contest with a lady I met there!! I really want to thank everyone at AFA for giving me the opportunity to have such an wonderful experience!! Go on a tour!! You won’t regret it!! It will change your life!!


Santo, M.

Always a colorful character, Henry energized all of the men and women he came in contact with during his Ukraine tour, leading to many memorable moments, one of them very special for him..

Top Video Testimonial Image

Hello Bud, John and all the AFA Staff.

My Trip to Kiev, Poltava and Kharkov was a blast!! Wow!! All of you excided my expectations. Your Staff in all three cities is amazing. Really they are incredibly helpful. The thing that impressed me the most about your staff is that they really care about all of us guys on tour. Doing their job is one thing, but your staff goes way beyond as they are genuine people that care about each individual. I feel that I am in good hands when I tour with Bud and each city office staff. I would love to tour with Bud again. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. The socials are an adrenalin rush for me. The Ladies are unreal, So many beautiful women that want to meet us. Also the comradery between the guys on tour is hard for me to put into words. I met some really good guys from many different walks of life and made new friendships. We were all rooting for each other, sharing stories, advice and laughing together. I was looking for that one special lady in my life to settle down with and to my surprise I had to make a tough choice in Kharkov because there was several really fantastic ladies and finally two that I really fell for. I spent the last four days of my trip with my new exclusive. Her name is Elena. WOW!! I am leaving Orlando in two days to spend another seven days with her in Kharkov. Thanks Bud!! I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you in Kharkov as I chose to miss the group bus to Kiev and spend the rest of my trip with Elena. It was an unforgettable trip and truly amazing time. I want to personally thank Bud again and let him know that the work he does changes lives.

Warm Regards


I loved the trip for many reasons . The quality ladies, historical and tours were amazing. I was touched with the participation of the Kherson orphanage. Ukraine and this trip has touched my soul in any ways! Bud is a tremendously caring, knowledgeable, genuine person. We laughed and had great conversation form the breakfast tables, bus rides and social events. I feel truly blessed to be with such a fine individual & team. I would attend another tour in a heartbeat! Warmly

David V.


Kiev Tour 2017

Iya at your office is awesome!! She replies quickly and has answers any questions. Bud was awesome as well having to juggle about 40 men. Ana on our bus ride from Poltava is awesome too. But my favorite because she went above and beyond her duty is Natasha calling me a taxi so the mall so I could get a tie for the Social and checking to see if I made it back to the hotel safely. She also helped me get in touch with a lady I met at the Kharkov Social. Natasha also helped to interpret for me after the Poltava Social because my interpreter could not be available. What an awesome person she is!!!! I enjoyed it so much I’m thinking of going to Medellin next time. I’m trying to convince my buddy to go with me.

Joe P.


Odessa Tour 2017

Bud was the best. Funny, knowledgeable and experienced. All your staff deserve a pay rise John.! Bud and the girls in the war room of each city worked hard for all us guys on the tour and deserve everything that you can give them John.! The pick up from the airport for me at 0430 was the start of an interesting couple of weeks.! I got plenty of exercise, had lunch or dinner with some beautiful women and enjoyed my time with Bud and the girls. The interpreters at the socials were also very good. My only regret is that I did not go on one of your tours years ago.! I was interested to see that of the 20 women I picked for each social the majority only wanted to meet individually. Thanks for allowing me on your tour to Ukraine. It was a great experience for me. Don’t forget a pay rise for Bud and the girls.!! I know how much you earned last year.!! Regards Mike in Madeira.

Michael C.


You likely do not recall, but I met you and your wife last November in Bloomington. You had visited your son in college and I had recently returned from my first visit to Kiev. Yesterday I returned from my second trip. I attended the Kiev - Paltava and Kharkiv tour. Thanks to the hard work of your staff, my second trip was a huge success. It is not very often that a vacation can change your life - but this one may end up doing that. The purpose of this email is to thank your employees who contributed most to making my trip a big success Let me start by thanking Bud. What a great guy he is! He is close to perfect temperament for his job - babysitting financially successful men who are way outside their comfort zone. Bud is patient and firm. He has a combination of kindness and confidence. When Bud said something - in a country where I had no control over anything - I was confident he would make it happen. Some of the men on my trip were lost (when it comes to women). Others, less so - hopefully I am in that group. Regardless, Bud was the voice of reason and provider of not just information but insight into how to deal with the emotions that a trip like this can produce. I can’t stress enough how emotional this experience can be - and Bud was the rock to rely upon. He did a great job and hope you tell him so personally. His best piece of advice - ignore women under 25 - was the best advice I could have gotten. There are lots of gorgeous 30 year olds and Bud helped me ignore the eye candy and focus on what has the possibility of working for me Next, I wish to recognize Anastasia, my interpreter in Kiev. She is a very professional interpreter - she never makes the mistake some interpreters do of chatting with the girl or me and not sharing the information. She is also very kind and caring. I felt like she was helping me - part of the team. She was the voice of reason when it was easy for me to act like a kid in a candy store. She gave me valuable perspective that let me focus on being calm, having fun and not over analyzing dates. On my last date, we had the taxi driver from hell who came close to killing us driving from Dream Town to Buddha Bar. We got out of the taxi with no external injuries but she was quite shaken - she says to me "Scott, I love you, but please never ask me to sit in the front seats with these crazy taxi drivers!" I gave her a hug and smile J A great friend who deserves an encouraging word from you! A note to Bud, Buddha Bar was one of my cheaper meals as my date did not order anything expensive Last, I wish to thank Anna my other interpreter She was very supportive as I met a much younger women who I fell in love with. I thought from the first date it was magic and Anna was very kind and supportive. She said that Alena and I were her favorite couple. Little things like this make a huge difference when trying to make the best choice off of very limited time together. Well, I will be moving to Scottsdale in September. I am in internet marketing - if you want free ideas on how you can grow your business - you are invited to join Bud and I when I buy him a drink. Lead Gen, SEO, and affiliate marketing might be ways you want to consider getting men off their sofas and into the dream vacation of their lives.


PS - One last comment - I am sure you use several measures to determine the success of each trip. Obviously, monetary success is important. One indicator you might use is how many men left the tour early. In my case I left the tour early. This was not due to problems with the tour - no. It was due to the tour meeting my goal. I wanted to meet 3 women I would be honored to marry. Once I did this, I wanted to focus on my number 2 goal - pick my top two choices and spend more time with them. I would recommend this tour to any man wishing a beautiful and younger wife than he can meet in the US.

Dear AFA,

My name is Adriana. I’m from Lima Peru. I used to work at a computer accessories selling department. I meet my husband at one of the "love me" offices in Lima in 2009. Sara and her team work helped me a lot finding the right guy for me. Because of my working schedule I couldn’t keep up going to every single dinner meeting with guys who came around. But even that I didn’t want to give up trying to find a good guy for me. I gave Sara all my personal information and I also told her what my expectations for a guy were. One day while my actual husband was in Lima for two weeks (July 2009) Sara emailed me his and other guys information and invited me for dinner meeting. Unfortunately because of my job I missed that social. Few days later, Sara called me telling me that there was a guy named Samir interested in meeting me. So I arranged to get together but I had to request a translator as I spoke basic English. So when the day came I was ready to know all about this new guy Samir. Elizabeth (the translator) was amazing as she could explain all the topics that we were talking about to get to know each other a little more. I got together couple of times. Then Samir had to go back to US so we decided that we will keep in touch and get together again (based on our work schedule) in Lima or other countries in South and central America as I didn’t have an American visa at that moment. So we went to: Colombia (Bogotá, Medellín and Cartagena) and Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo). One day Samir and I talked about our future as a couple. We made the important decision to stay together forever. We formalized our relationship and start making arrangements for me to get an American fiancé visa. So I made the most important decision of my life. Drop my family, friends and job and move to Orlando Florida June 2010. Few months later we got married on December 18th, 2010 and since then we are so happy and pleased with your company. We lived in Orlando for 6 years and in September last year 2016 we decided to move to Medellín Colombia.




I am engaged to a woman I met through AFA. her arrival is tentatively September 2nd. If you would like my input I would be happy to give it to you. Thank-you for helping me find my true soul mate.


Jim M.


2017 June Peru Tour

I did the dual tour to San Jose Costa Rica and Lima Peru. Both staffs were great to work with for me. The only thing I wish was that I had more time to spend in both places. I guess that mean I will have to go back and see which lady I will move forward with in a relationship. Thanks AFA

Michael D.

Hi John,

I have to tell you I had a great time in Ukraine!!!!!

Thanks to you and your staff. I fell in love with Kharkov. I am talking with two girls one is the Cardiologist from from Kharkov and the other is the ENT Doctor from Kiev. I can not say enough good things about two of your staff Anna and Elena from Kharkov. They are both amazing people that love what they do bringing professionalism to there business. I only had one date using the transl ator Lori Anna’s sister but she was amazing also. John it is crazy that I was in the hospital 9 days before I jumped on the plan for this tour. But I know that was one of the best decisions of my life. Even if non of these girls work out this trip was a transformative moment in my life. Thanks again John for working so hard creating an organization to make this dream come true.

Your Friend



April 2017 Ukraine tour to Odessa, Kherson, and Nikalive

It was a magical moment when Anna and I met. She was siting at the head of the first table at the social. I went right up to her and told her we were going out after the social. She said yes, like we had known each other all our lives. After I got done going around all the tables I came back and there she was, waiting. We spent that night at the bowling alley and all the next day together like teenagers. We talked about everything and each of our lives, like old friends catching up. Everything lined up, including the three children we were going to haveha ha ha. She said the it would take her some time. She could not say how long or why. I didn’t think it prudent to ask. She has had three marriage proposals and been to the Alabama, California and Arizona. That girl is going to have thousands of marriage proposals! I would definitely get on the next plane and marry her if she calls! My friends that know me as a professional soldier and accomplished business man are horrified that I would consider marriage and having children again! When I tell my friends that I have been searching for "The Fifth Element" all my life over all the continents save for Antartica, they tell me that I am crazy and that it’s just a movie with Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich, (Milla happens to be from the Ukraine), a rare case of Art imitating life. Anna happens to be the Fifth Element for me.

On another note, I was curious, after being born in Cuba, going through the Missile Crisis, The Bay of Pigs and spending 2 years on a A Team in the 10th Special Forces Group in Germany and three years in the Berlin Brigade, West Berlin, during the cold war to know if the Cold War was worth all the sacrifice. Mine and that of my brothers. I walked away from the your AFA Tour thinking that it was worth all the blood, treasure, tears and lives lost. Freedom is a phenomenal divine gift. People don’t always know what to do with their freedom but I personally love to see the human spirit flourish! ha ha ha

Thank you and Please thank the whole AFA staff for a wonderful tour.


Unable to find his match among the hundreds of women he had met during his Ukraine tour, Donald felt that his journey would end unsuccessfully. However, our ever-vigilant matchmakers in Odessa went to work and insisted that he meet just one more woman. Watch his story here.

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Hello John,

I hope that all is well and that you and everyone on our tour has arrived home safely. I really want to thank you, Ken, Joe, and Anna for a memorable experience. Bud did warn me when he said "you have no idea what’s about to hit you" so I imagined that it would be a very good experience. Damn I under estimated what he said :o) but I’m good with that ;o) I truly enjoyed the socials and for me the one in Kherson was off the charts. The club location was perfect. Don’t get me wrong the ones in Odessa and Nikolaev where just as fun, maybe I just had more Champagne in Kherson. Anyway, once again thank you and the team for a life changing event.

Henry M

AFA Staff,

The experience was very good. I met John at the Dallas,Tx seminar in Jan 2017 and we met again in the Ukraine! My hats off for what AFA tries to do, I believe all staff at AFA are genuine in there desire to help guys find that special woman a and for that I say ’THANK YOU"! Anna and Joe are great, I say a special " Thank You" to them!!!! John, "THANK YOU"!

Ed C.

Hi John,

Following up from our conversation on Friday. This was my third Euro Club trip to Kiev in a 10 months time frame, and I am so happy to report that this trip was delightful. This trip for me was everything I have always expected or wanted out of Euro Club.

Elena, who helped me did an absolutely amazing job. She paid great attention to the type of ladies I wanted to meet and delivered exactly that.

The quality of introductions was outstanding and even the quantity i might add was great. Elena could have given me 2 or 3 or even 4 more introductions but i was busy doing my second , third and fourth dates with the girls i had met before especially since my time in Kiev was running short. I had a higher total number of introductions compared to each of my first two trips.

The biggest and most important difference on this trip for me was the fact that the ladies were not only beautiful and met my criteria 9especially height and english proficiency etc ) but were there to meet me for the right reasons. Not just to have an expensive meal or any other reason but to meet me and explore a chance for a relationship. It appears to me that Elena did such an excellent job at giving the girls a back story about me. She also gave me a back story about the girls before we met and this made for very nice conversations once we met. The introductions i received on this Euro Club trip give me a real chance at a relationship. Iam continuing solid communications with a few girls from this trip and even though nothing is ever guaranteed, for the first time since i started doing Euro Club, i feel pretty good about the prospects of a real relationship. I will be back in Kiev in a month or so to continue building on this work that i started.

The biggest take aways for me from this trip and i really hope future participants could experience what i experienced;

  1. The right introducer, in my case Elena, made all the difference.
  2. Getting introduced to the right types of girls is key.
  3. As much as possible (for the first meeting) have all or most of the initial meetings at the office and then proceed to a cafe nearby. Dont meet at a restaurant or hotel lobby. There are so many nice cafes around the office. I would suggest keeping the first meeting to no more than one hour.

In conclusion, thank you for the programs and everything your are doing at AFA.


Thanks Bud,

You gave an excellent seminar! Nice Meeting you! The information you personally gave to me concerning Fiance Visa vs Getting married in Costa Rica was very much appreciated. Your team is to be congratulated. I think you are doing a wonderful job connecting men to the love’s of their life. I believe your service is really making a lot of men happy for the rest of their lives. Like I told you at the seminar (New Orleans), my life has been changed 100%. Gustavo, although he did not make the introduction to me and Andrea, made me realize when I visited him in Costa Rica that foreign introductions are the real deal. He was so personal and the introductions he made for me gave me hope for this whole industry was great and provide a much needed service for men like me that thought love was over the hill at my age. Gustavo was the one man who proved to me that I had made the right choice---to date a foreign girl. I will keep you posted on Andrea’s and my marriage which is surely set to happen as soon as I retire and Go to Costa Rica. Your information about needing about 90 days in country after going to the Embassy there set my fate. Thank You so much for the information!

Your Friend



I had a great time on this trip, I was a little nervous since it was my first tour. But all that was put to rest once I met Bud and the girls from the office in Kiev. Bud was an excellent tour leader and guide, showing us really great locations for dates, giving advice, or anything he could to make our trip easier and more enjoyable. All the girls in the office were extremely helpful and made sure that we got dates and that they went smoothly. I am looking forward to returning to Kiev in the summer if possible for a singles tour.

Thank you for an unforgettable experience!

Keith P.


Bud was the very best tour leader anyone could have. I’m extremely serious about this man He was very good and he cared about everyone who was there. He made sure that we all knew what was going to be every day. All in all When Bud arrived on the scene I was happppppppy to see someone smiling and informative about my next couple of weeks This guy was great and I not gay or any thing like that,,,, I love women I just want this Company to know how great this guy is as a tour leader Thanks Bud for making me feel secure in this wild adventure.


Larry E.


I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your GREAT service! I used your service for delivery for a couple of women in different cities within the Ukraine. The flowers were fresh and the candies were well packaged both which helped enhanced the women that I sent them to have a great experience.

Thanks again,

Ken H.

Hello Ms. Anna

I really liked Medellin it is beautiful and a charming city. in my opinion my individual tour was a success I had the opportunity to meet not 1 but 4 ladies The Medellin staff are really helpful and supportive and I have no complaints what so ever!!!! so far among these ladies Milena have showed to me the highest level of interest and compatibilityhowever the lady that I like Natalia doesn’t demonstrate any interest. since before my trip I have read Renee’s book "Get Real about Love" I will say that Milena is the lady that I will focus on. I am already planning my next trip to Medellin in October because I would like to celebrate her birthday with her. Guys thank you very much for everything!


John/AFA Staff

This was my first trip with AFA and it was a great trip. I had many dates with nice ladys and still talking to two ladys from home now. The Chinese girls of the AFA office where the best at everything from meeting me at airport to seeing to all my needs at the hotel. A business is only as good as its people and the AFA girls in Shenzhen is a gold star of AFA. My trip with AFA was the best trip I have ever had and this is saying a lot because two days after I was in Shenzhen My father passed away I felt so bad because I was not at home helping my family in this hard time. The guys that came to Shenzhen all got together to help me feel better about my loss. I made many life long friends there and that in its self was worth the trip. Me and 4 new friends I made on the Shenzhen trip are already planning a 2nd trip together to the Ukraine sometime in 2017. Thanks to the AFA and there hard working girls of the Shenzhen Office for a great trip.

Dennis Y.


Thank you for all of your help during the tour, I am actually going back for new years to meet a woman that I met through your service. I hope your meeting in Seattle went well.

Jason H.


Bud made the trip!! He has such a caring attitude toward everything he Does. He is genuinely concerned with helping everybody on the trip.

Josh W

AFA Team:

I wanted to thank John Adams, Ken Agee and the ladies Lorena and Jenny in the Medellin AFA office. Everyone did a tremendous job! When I first started planning my trip I was a little concerned about whether there would be enough women to meet at the AFA Socials hosted on Friday and Saturday nights. I am happy to say that not only were there enough women in attendance, but they were all beautiful and very approachable! Because of this, it was a real treat and a challenge at the same time to make sure that I met as many women as possible during the Socials, and that I was able to ask out several of the women on dates. Of course I kept my designated translator and another translator very busy during my stay in Medellin, which was well worth the investment!

I stayed in Medellin for additional days after the tour was completed, and I was so pleased with how helpful the local AFA office was - even though they clearly had already "done their jobs"! The personnel were incredibly patient and helpful with me regarding my needs – including reviewing my list of potential AFA women to date while keeping in mind the characteristics and qualities I was looking for in a potential mate. They even helped me with initial planning for a possible return trip to Medellin by helping me to locate potential apartments and hotels. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the lovely staff and their assistance.

I would highly encourage anyone thinking of going to Medellin for either an AFA tour or their Latin Club to go. I am certain that you will also walk away incredibly satisfied!

Joe D.

Dear John

and others at AFA. I think the last time I spoke with someone I spoke to Bud Patterson the Vice President or something of AFA? Anyways he said to keep in touch on our progess. Just wanted to let you guys know that Shiela Grace Uy (profile # 135134) and I were married on her Birthday September 19th, 2015 in Twin Falls, ID at Beautiful Gate Baptist Church. I can send you a picture of us at the wedding if you like for your advertising.




many thanks i did meet a very nice gal in poltova - your tours are great by the way. I’m a very happy customer and have told many people about it over the years



I have never enjoyed a better experience than my tour to Barranquilla , Colombia the staff went far and above with anything I needed and were always available for any needs , the city of Barranquilla is very interesting and the women I met are so beautiful and friendly , I also enjoyed the social I attended very much and the beautiful ladies I met at the social were very easy to associate with and meet, I would advise any guy looking for an experience of a life time to sign up and take a tour with A Foreign Affair once again I can not thank you enough for the great experience I enjoyed on the tour and look to go on another tour in the future.

Danehy C.

Arcadia , N C USA


I wanted to thank you for what you do. I went on your Cartagena tour last year and even though I did not find that special someone I had such a fantastic time I decided to give it another chance and go to Medellin. I could not be happier that I did. I did not think it could have been possible that Medellin could have been better then Cartagena and was blown away. Your staff Lorena and her team was fantastic. My translator Soraya was amazing. The only criticism that I have, is that at the social there were too many women and not enough time to meet them all. The city and the country was unbelievable and the women very approachable and friendly. The location was excellent, Even though I chose to visit some of the neighboring cities and towns everything we needed was within walking distance from the hotel . Although your company solved one problem in my life you ended up giving me another. I did not meet one fantastic woman I met two. I am currently trying to decide which one I want to see again and am making plans to go back in December. Something tells me you may have another picture on your wall of success stories in the near future. As a typical New Yorker it takes a lot to humble me. Your trip to the orphanage did just that. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had and something I will remember forever. I was so touched by the situation that I went back after the tour was over to have a private conversion with " Mama Lou" and found her to be a true angel on earth. Any woman that can care for 164 kids the way she does and the love that those kids showed us when we were there proved to me that this is an organization worth supporting and I commend your research on finding them . So John, Keep up the great job. I cannot give enough credit to you and your organization for what you do. If things work out I will be sure to send you an invitation to the wedding.


Jim B.

Dear Anna,

I would like to thank you for the service that Gustavo, Yami and Leydys have provided while in Costa Rica and Colombia. I have met 4 ladies in total (1 in costa rica, 1 in cartagena and 2 in barranquilla). All were wonderful. The one I think I connected was the one in costa rica but I feel she would find difficult moving to a colder climate I am going to keep in contact with all of them as friends. You cannot imagine how difficult is to find the right person for me

But I will find her !!!


Hi John,

I just wanted to say I was on one of the recent tours Went to 3 socials. There was a good mix of ladies of all ages. I had no problem getting dates and just wish the trip was longer. I met 4-5 wonderful girls and plan on returning on my own again to follow up where I left off. I felt safe in Ukraine, despite what the media reports. The dollar goes far with their decline in their currency, so dating costs even less now. In my experience, the AFA staff over there made sure I had something to do each day, and had recommendations on where to go, eat, etc. Nothing comes close to women of this caliber in the USA. I find that women in their late 20s, early 30s are a good match for me. I’m in my early 40s.

Ken C.

Hi John,

It was amazing. I was able to attend three great socials in different cities where the ratio of guys to girls was over 10 to 1! Also, there were helpful translators readily on hand to help if you needed them. But here was the real benefit. If you found a connection with any lady, you were free to exchange contact information including emails, phone numbers or Skype! At the end of the tours had 9 contacts in my pocket. When I returned home I was able to write to them for free using my personal email. As of today, I feel very strongly about 4 of them. We write every day and I am able to Skype with 2 of them. So, here is my problem. Which of these ladies will I offer a fiance visa to? At the moment, I am happily confused. What I have learned is this. Stop depending on letters to find that special someone. I admit that I did this early on. Nothing will happen until you get on a plane and meet her, whether it is Eastern Europe, Latin America or Asia.

Stop writing letters, save your money, do your research of these companies and go! I wish you the best.

Bob W.

Hi Jim,

I wanted to thank you for everything that you did for me while I was in Cebu. When I was in the office that day and I told you that Rachel’s ring was just a promise ring but after spending all that time with Rachel and talking, texting and sending pictures I changed it to an engagement ring now. So I hired the Maria Jones law firm back here in the US. After talking with them about how good of job the you did there. They explain that you would help Rachel out with her documents that she needs and be able to send them back here to the law firm. So, Jim once again thank you for all of the patience that you have and making it a very wonderful experience for me and making it possible for me to meet Rachel.


Tegan F.

Brendon from the United States offers his candid opinion on his experiences during an A Foreign Affair Ukrainian group tour. This was filmed outside of a recent Kherson social.

Brandon Ukraine Review

Monica, Lorena and John,

I want to let you know Juliana was assigned as my translator on the Medellin Tour and she was so much more than that. I recommend you hire her/use her any time you can. She’s very intelligent and resourceful as a general guide for anything in Medellin in addition to the translator role. She’s familiar with every level of society of Medellin, and is very non-judgmental of people, but rather focused on helping me accomplish my goal of dating a number of women. But when I asked her opinion of various women, her views were incisive and on point. She was so persistent in contacting women for me to set up dates that it made my tour. And she’s always 100% professional. And most importantly, she reached Alejandra for me to see if she would come on the City tour. She said yes. And well, we are in love now. Time will tell but this could be serious! And all due to Juliana.

Best regards,

Eric S.

Greetings Sir,

I had the pleasure of being a member of the July Ukraine tour group lead by Bud Patterson. It was a very positive experience for me and the efforts of Bud Patterson was a good bit of the reason why. He was positive, decisive in solving problems, willing to change the plan when required, and maintained the plan when it was the right thing to do. The reason why individuals sign up for the tour are various, and Bud bend over backwards to see that each members’ goals were achieved. I will say that the social in Odessa was far superior than I expected, but it was only through the social in Nikolaev that I found the one I was looking for. I personally never made it out of Nikolaev and I look forward to the promising continued relationship with Natiliya who I met there. Since I have been back in the states, Bud has continued to be a source of valuable information in navigating international dating. I heard about your tour by word of mouth from a friend in Atlanta, and trust me, my long term single friends will be hearing a very positive story from me in Mississippi.

Very Respectfully,

Mark B.


Bud was amazing and took great care of our group. I felt that he had all of our best interests in mind and did all he could to give us the best experience possible. The info provided to us before the tour was very helpful in both the video and pre-tour conference call. The day one meeting with Bud in the war room was also very helpful.

Jim R.


I feel strongly that I must give you what I define as an exit-interview! I just hope this comment section allows me enough room to voice my opinion! First, I want to THANK YOU for creating such an amazing company, giving men an opportunity to change their lives with a quality woman from another country. I had a good feeling about AFA but I honestly DID NOT expect to have the most amazing time in my life, keeping in mind that I have traveled all over the world prior to going on this tour with AFA. I want YOU to understand that the #1 reason that this tour was successful is BUD PATTERSON.PERIOD!!!! John, I am not sure how much you know about me so allow me to tell you that I have a blessed entrepreneur career, hiring over 10,000 employees, building companies to over $100 million dollars multiple times and understanding senior management in a well run professional company and I have not seen to many people have the kind of organizational nor people skills as Mr. Bud Patterson!!! His ability to handle stressful situations and there were a bunch, to handle different personalities and there were a bunch and to handle the entire tours success really impressed the hell out of me. I understand human behavior as well as anyone and I have to tell you with as much conviction as I can that Bud Patterson is the MAIN reason why I will become a great Ambassador for AFA trying to recruit as many men as I can to enjoy this amazing experience. You see, I have defined AFA as the "Fountain of Youth" and have described your tour as not being planet earth!!!

Once again John, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for giving me this opportunity to tour with your company and I can’t wait to do it again :))

Respectfully yours,

Allie M.


Well, most of my friends are married, but I will not hesitate to recommend to someone single and looking for a future wife, to take this tour. If I find someone, I will let you know.

Ben F.


I approached the tour with some trepidation, not sure what to expect given the media coverage of the current problems in Ukraine. The actual experience exceeded my most optimistic expectations. The AFA staff I met were excellent - especially Bud Patterson and Anna V.- and I have every intention of returning to Ukraine in the very near future. An unexpected bonus is good friendships which arose between us guys on the tour. I am sure that there are several with whom I will remain in contact for the long term.

Ian B


I had a great trip and learned a lot about how the foreign dating process works. I am defiantly coming back for another tour. Bud is a great tour guide who always had time to talk and explain any questions I asked.

Kolby K.


This was the best tour that I have been on. 6 cities and all exceeded my expectations. Bud did an outstanding job on keeping things organized and moving. The visit with the physically disabled children in Sumy was very moving. Great group of guys and of course so many beautiful women! If I do not marry the woman that I met in Kherson during this trip, I will definitely be doing another tour.

David P.


In the end, I found a woman. She is brilliant, calm, has a great personality, friendly and quickly liked by all the other men, extremely interesting and well travelled, and we talk endlessly for hours about all subjects. From Kharkiv, she came down to Odessa to see me. We fit together. We are not on the fast track toward a crazy marriage but the last two days have been the perfect beginning for a solid future.



I would like to extend my heart-felt thanks to all of the individuals involved in creating this amazing experience. With so much to be done for an endeavor such as this you all handled it exceedingly well, exhibiting great professionalism and patience. Special thanks to Svetlana, Bud, Tanya, and Anna for a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience! May you continue providing international introductions into the distant future!

Patrick M.


I love ukraine I had the best time of my life . All the staff member did an exceptional job and I will be coming back . This is truly a life changing social that change my life for the better. I thank everyone who help me find my dream ukraine bride. I so happy I made decision to come to ukraine. I feel all the afa member as my new family I love everyone for everything they done. Thank you so much.

Tony E.


Please call me after August 3 because I’m still on vacation in Europe. The tour was great! Bud was a really good tour leader and friend to us all. Thank you!

Mark V.

Hey Bud & John,

I can’t believe I’m saying this after only one tour in the Ukraine, but I think I found the perfect girl for me. She was someone I met in Poltava and I’m going back in 2 weeks to spend more time with her. I already spent 4 wonderful days with her in April, and now I will spend an additional 10 days this trip. We have been communicating everyday by text, phone and Skype since I returned home in April, and I just have to say, she’s everything I’m looking for and more.

If this trip goes as I expect it will, I will file for the fiance visa. Wow!, I can’t believe I’m actually saying this. I thought for sure I would be like Joe (haha) and do about 10 of the tours before settling down with one girl, but I really think I found something special already.

I’m writing you both to find out if you offer additional services for completing the visa application and following the necessary steps to complete the process of getting her to the United States. I have the visa package that your office sent me, but I’m leery about completing any paperwork without consulting an attorney. I’m hoping your office can help me with this process. I look forward to hearing back from you, and I thank you again for providing a service that has given me a new hope and happiness that thats been missing in my life. I’m very excited about the coming months and I hope we will stay in touch as I complete this journey.


Scott M.

Dear AFA Phoenix and Cebu,

Robert & Marlyn

Marlyn and I appreciate all you have accomplished over the past twenty years of ’Making Dreams Come True.’ Most importantly.you made our dreams come true.

Jim we discussed writing our book about our story before we left Cebuwell we did write the book. "Finding My Rainbow" is being edited and should be on Amazon.com as a kindle soon. We will keep you informed.

Thanks for doing what you all do,

Robert and Marlyn.

Dear John and Tanya,

Thank you both so much for witnessing and participating our wedding ceremony. Marlyn and her family in Cebu were honored that you walked her down the isle and represented them. Thanks again John. Your card and the thoughts expressed therein was much appreciated. We are looking forward to a excellent dinner at Fleming’s.

We caught the BLOG and thanks. Had AFA never been founded; Marlyn and I may have found each other Scary thought You are correct, it took our efforts to make our relationship happen. However, AFA and all the AFA employee’s in every AFA Office provided the venue and opportunity for people looking for true love to find it through a actual physical meeting. If you have no hands to hold, and no eyes to look into then it is all fantasy! In my defense I only wrote letters after I hand a plane ticket in my hands. But despite the daily hassle’s and the international dating business has it’s grind of sorting peoples emotions and ego’s, misunderstanding, and sometimes outright ignorance of each others cultures and customs. But in the end what you and all the AFA staff do is really an awesome thing! Making dreams come true is not easy but it is worth it.

We were happy to share our special moment with our/my friendsMarlyn has many, many more friends than I have, but alasthey could not attend. They would have filled the church had they all been able to attend to do so.

Thanks for being there for us. If ever John and Tanya Adams, or AFA need anything from us just call or email us anytime. When the book titled: "Finding My Rainbow" our true love story (which is currently being edited) is available we will send you a copymaybe even put it on your website??

All the best and our sincerest thanks.

Robert and Marlyn

Dear John, Tanya and Liz,

wanted to drop you a note about my recent trip to Sevastopol, Russia.

The short answer, it was great! The agency provided excellent support from Karina (translator) and Inna (local history expert and tour guide). It was like being with long time friends. At no point did I feel a need for anything which I could not get. I would say 5 stars! I had a chance to see some of the many sights of historical note. I stayed at the Best Western Hotel in the City Center and highly recommend it.

The meeting with the lady went very well and I am encouraged so much I am planning another visit likely in sometime July or August.

I would go so far as to suggest you start your tours again to Crimea, but please wait for another 6 months so I can have this wonderful location to myself! Of course no credit cards accepted, but that is a minor issue considering the warmth of the people.




I am one of the custormers for the recent AFA tour to Kiev, Poltava, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, and Zaparozhye.

This letter is to express great appreciation for the work that Joe Gregory and Anna have both done on this tour. Joe and Anna did everything that was necessary to make the tour a wonderful experience.

Each Social event was coordinated so that the local women who attended had enjoyable experiences. Each of the American visitors on the tour had multiple opportunities to meet very attractive and enthusiastic potential life partners at each Social event. It was very apparent that Joe and Anna were doing their best to help each man to fulfill his dream at the Social events and at the personal introductions on the following days.

The great majority of tour members talked openly about how enjoyable and opportunity-filled their tour experiences were becoming. The majority of tour members openly talked about how appreciative they were of the efforts that Joe and Anna were making on their behalf.

Several of the other tour members told me about how this tour was a life changing experience.

I personally met several Ukranian women with whom I would be delighted to explore a long term relationship, if they were to decide that I was appropriate for them. In one particular case, Anna Vasilenko spent several hours with myself and a lady in whom I was very interested, to ensure a comprehensive and accurate exchange of information occured. Anna ensured that numerous difficult subjects were addressed in this conversation. Anna also helped this lady from Dnepropetrovsk to come to Odessa to spend more time with me, after the formal tour was complete. Anna coordinated with the manager of your AFA office in Odessa to arrange this trip.

At times when the local office in Ukraine was not as active as desired to help schedule dates with local ladies that tour members wished to meet, Joe and Anna stepped in to either encourage more responsiveness or to make calls directly on behalf of the American visitors.

At the end of the formal tour, I travelled to Odessa to use the service of the AFA office in Odessa to meet two ladies who live there. One lady from Odessa had recently corresponded with me during the last two months, while another lady from Odessa had met me last November and wished to meet me again. I also invited one of the ladies who I met on the tour in Dnepropetrovsk to join me in Odessa for several days. Your office manager in Odessa, Svetlana, was a wonderful hostess, coordinator, and translator, for each of these meetings. Svetlana personally contacted the lady from Dnepropetrovsk and made all the arrangements so that she could come to Odessa and stay with me for several days to explore the possibility of a deeper relationship.

Thank you to your organization and colleagues for another wonderful experience. I hope this letter is helpful.


Dave M

Hi Anna, and John.

Just returned from Cancun after spending a week with Marianna. Better than I anticipated!!! She is the best of any woman, I’ve ever met! What a personality, very caring, affectionate, intelligent, genuine, and made me feel like a "King"! We’re doing the paperwork to apply for a K1- Fiancée Visa. I plan on going back to Kiev to see her within the next 2 months. I’ve never felt better or been more positive about anyone as much as I am about her! Would’ve never happened with out you guys!!!! Thank you so much for presenting me with the opportunity to meet this wonderful woman!!!

Will let you know when we set the date!!


PS: You can take me off the "available list", and close me out as "engaged".


Joe was an excellent tour leader. There was no way to have a bad time with this guy. I came here to meet a girl, which I did, but I also made some good guy friends.

David M.


I just wanted to thank you for all your help in finding someone I met someone thru your office on the 6th day that I arrived we fell in love and are now making plan for me to move to Costa Rica we are in arrange to be married we both wish to thank your company and your staff for making this possible.


John M.

Hello John Adams,

This is John (Amarillo, Tx) I’ve met you and been on previous AFA tours. I am aboard the Dnep/Zap tour and wanted to write a quick note to the boss! John, I want to tell you how great the tour has been; in no small part due to the hard work and dedication of Anna Vasilenko and Joe Gregory! Both are credits to your company!

The tour is of course winding down and soon I will return to Texas with fond memories and (hopefully) a delightful lady to revisit here in summer. But while it’s fresh on my mind I wanted to say a big "thanks" to AFA and in particular Joe and Anna for their great service. They are attentive to each clients requests and sincerely care about our happiness. Plus they are fun to be around! You have two ’keepers’ in these two employees, John. I thought you’d like to know.

Please give my best to Tanya (my friend from translation calls days) and I hope our paths all cross again someday!


John P.

Amarillo, Texas USA

Hi Bud,

Joe & Christine & I Joe & Christine & I

Hope all is well. I remember driving to Phoenix from L.A. for your seminar in early 2013. All the way thinking is this company for real. I signed up for my Lima Peru trip at that time, I met a few girls 2 of whom I got to know a little better, but unfortunately no chemistry for me, though they were nice girls. I didn’t tell you this but I was actually going on another tour to Colombia in August of 2014 with another company, I had paid and everything. The company cancelled all their tours to Colombia for I don’t know what reason, I think it was pretty shady though. So I took my money and scheduled my tour to Davao Philippines with AFA, I am so happy I did. I attended the October, 2014 Davao tour, beautiful hotel and even more beautiful the people. I went to the first social and it went well, very overwhelming with so many beautiful and friendly girls, On the second social as we drove up to the restaurant, a beautiful girl greeted me and gave me a lei as I exited the van, her name was Cristine, she took my hand and walked me upstairs to the dance floor while all the guys came up one by one with their assigned hostess. After our dinner before we were to make our rounds to the table I asked Cristine to go on the first excursion with me and she shot me down as she had to work. Unbeknownst to me my buddy Judith that was assigned to me by Helen spoke with CristineI. Cristine decided to miss work and go out with me after all. There is so much to tell you Bud, but long story short Cristine and I got engaged 3 days later. I went to visit her in again for two weeks during the Valentine Day Holiday. I never though I would marry again. Anyway I will one day take a drive up there in Phoenix when Cristine gets here and introduce her to you and the staff at AFA. I know these pictures are over due, but here they are. Get this Bud, she never really liked foreigners, she signed up as a favor for a friend 3 months prior, and this was her first social.


My trip here in the Ukraine is winding down and I wanted to take a moment to extend my sincerest appreciation to the entire AFA staff and its affiliates. A special thanks to both Joe and Anna. They were terrific and it was a pleasure getting to know them both.

The AFA tour has truly been a life changing event for me. It far surpassed anything I had imagined it could be. I’m a guy that believes he has a lot to offer, but like so many men, I lack the confidence or perhaps the persistence it takes to meet the very best women America has to offer. This certainly was not the case in the Ukraine. I was absolutely amazed by the number of beautiful and quality women that attended your AFA socials. I found almost everyone to be friendly, approachable and genuinely interested in getting to know me. This experience built a confidence in me that has never appeared in my 43 years. I cannot thank you enough. It all started with you, and your responsiveness to all my initial questions and concerns. I made the leap based on my conversations with you. Best decision I ever made.

I’ve been on many dates the past two weeks and have narrowed my search down to three very beautiful and quality ladies with whom I will continue to communicate with upon arriving back in the states. I will undoubtedly return to the Ukraine soon to further develop these relationships or perhaps begin some new ones. In the end, I want to find that one special lady that I can call my wife.

I can’t imagine ever wanting to go back to the traditional forms of dating I’ve grown accustomed to before finding AFA. I’m confident now that the woman of my dreams lives in the Ukraine and I will be reaching out to your office soon to discuss my next trip and how I can utilize your services again. It’s truly been a pleasure dealing with a class organization.


Scott M.


Joe & Edralin

Wanted to drop you a line to let you know I was married yesterday to Edralin from Davao. I met her on an AFA tour in 2012. Thanks to you and Helen.

Best Regards


Dear Iya,

While I am informing your office as to my decision not to participate in the Euro tour(mostly because I am fairly busy dating girls already met in the socials). I need to thank the A.F.A staff specially John for putting to gether such an outstanding program. The staff are supportive and cordial, the socials are entertaining,very well organized and girls are exeptional. and last but not least, the ladies by far outnumber the gentlemen guests. of cource because of good reasons for all your proffesionalism. The socials are unimaginable, very well organized and I have no doubt you all will continue the good work.

Warm Regards,


Experiencing Davao culture has been a highlight of my life. The overall warmth and generosity of the Philippine people touched my heart and confirmed my view that your people are among the loveliest in all the world.

There are not sufficient words to support my feeling that Helen and her staff are one of the great teams in all of Davao, the Philippines and the world. The kindness, dedication and love shown amongst the staff models family. I am honored to have made such wonderful new friends. My heart has been forever touched.

Mark P.

I have never in my life experienced such a loving place. Davao is full of purity, love, joy, respect and the happiest place on Earth. This place is surreal and life changing at the same time. Helen is a Godsend and every single person I have met in Davao have been incredible. I have adopted the city in my heart and Davao will always own a big piece of my heart.

To God be the Glory

Thank you,

Harvey Ex


It’s everything you would expect and more. Usually the guys who had a problem was the ones who were unrealistic about what women they felt they would be able to attract. These women aren’t hard up to leave and most could care less what you have. They asked me about my life experience and how I treated women, not what car did I drive. Women in the Ukraine are like no other women in the world. I know because I have looked everywhere for the right woman. I decided I would never settle for the best of the worst.And no to your question. I can find a woman here and could have been married. I have been proposed to by women here twice. The women are well educated, take pride in their appearance, intelligent, hard working, committed, and only want every other woman wants, the right partner they can commit to and be treated like a woman should be. Lots of TLC. They are all unique and beautiful. I went in December and I am going back after Easter to try and figure out which one will be my best fit. They have no idea I can make their life here like royalty. I can give them whatever they want and they would never have to work. They have one thing on their minds, being the best they can for me and taking good care of me. As far as the cost, nothing good is free. I wasted more money here trying to find one, only to find women worried only about how I could make their crappy life’s better. Not one I would let even mow my lawn, much less marry and end up with half of what I worked my butt off to achieve. My advice is to get one before they are all gone.

Kyle B.

Hi Bud

the social was great,we met a lot of nice girls,gustovo was a wonderful hostand interacted perfectly.the girls were all nice professional ladys,,,I would like to suggest maybe in future there can be a little more participation by the attendees,like introducetion tell about them selfes to the ladys on stage,a little more activeity like some games to play with the girls,jim from Cebu really has a fantactic program going on there,,maybe we can do something like that in costa rica,,but all and all I enjoyed the tour greatly,and was very pleased to have attended for the second time and I plan on going again,,if I can be of any assestance whatsoever,,please feel free to let me know,,i love your tours so much,what do you think about some tours to cuba in the future I,ll be the first to sign up,,i,ll be in touch very soon.for one of the china tours,,keep up the good work.

god bless

respectfully, yours

Thomas B.


It’s John from Amarillo, Texas USA. Remember me? I visited Costa Rica a month ago. As promised I am writing to thank you for all the great help you were to me while I was in Costa Rica. You are very efficient and professional! I had a great time meeting ladies and you were helpful in many other areas; advising this old "gringo" on the ’do’s and dont’s’ of getting around there.

Please pass this email along to John Adams in Phoenix! I know John and he’s always interested in hearing that his clients get excellent service from his staff!

Thank you again Gustavo! Espero verte otra vez!


Amarillo Texas USA

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Trip was perfect (except for lost luggage.) I went to meet Fritzie - we are completely in love and are now engaged. Wonderful experience. AFA staff very helpful!

Lance M.

Dear Sirs,

Ten years ago in March 2005 I took my first and only AFA tour to Volgograd Russia. The reason I took only one tour was because I didn’t need a second one. On that tour I met and later that year married the love of my life. Later this year we plan to celebrate our 10th anniversary and I felt obligated to write and thank you for the service you provided a decade ago. I don’t know where my life would be if I had not took a chance, stepped out of my comfort zone and went on that tour. I know there would not be a seven year old that calls me daddy and changed my life for the better in more ways than I can count.

I have for the last ten years directed every single man I know towards your website - well every single ‘good’ man. I don’t know how many men have joined or gone on one of your tours but I try to show them with the example of my marriage how great life can be if you do something a little different. I let them know there is only one agency that I trust, only one agency that can deliver and only one website to go to. I even typed up a little slip of paper I carry in my wallet to hand out that simple says: AFA Tours, Loveme.com, Change Your Life Forever! I hope you don’t mind the free advertising.

I wish you the best of luck in continuing to grow your business. In my opinion it is the best business in America.

Thank You,

Mark C.

Charleston, WV


I think you have another success story for your company. Unless something unforeseen happens I believe Tatiana and I will be very happy together. We met in November last year and I just got back from spending a week with her. We have talked about everything I can think of that would cause a problem for us and she even started looking into getting an Oklahoma cosmetology license, so I think this is a done deal. I just sent in the paperwork last week so we now have to wait. I just wanted to let you know and maybe I can help some more of your guys make the decision if you want. I am very happy now and I know nothing is for sure until it is done but with her wanting this as much as I do I don’t know how we can fail. I just wanted to let you know because you have been a big help for me. Take care and I hope things are going well for you.

Bill W.


I have taken only one tour and that’s was to Dominican Republic and had the time of my life. Besides meeting very beautiful women and enjoying their company I met the other people in the group and we entertained each other with conversation about our escapades There was a mutual respect and comradery. The things that occur on this tour were laughable and if any man goes on a dating site it should be AFA. It gives a wouldwidevview of match making and the most enjoyable time of your life.



It all began when I found A Foreign Affair, back on Thanksgiving Day, 2011. Actually, I never heard of the company, and didn’t have any idea that there was such a company that actually existed, or that I felt comfortable with. All I knew was, I had an ongoing interest in Europe, and I wanted to have a personal experience with someone special. But I was having trouble with believing what I was reading. I found a a list of companies that matched what I had entered as my interests, and as I scanned each one, A Foreign Affair caught my eye. At this point, I wasn’t expecting much, except the same old rederic I had seen in the past. As I viewed the contents of each website, I was intrigued by the information that was listed from AFA, as much of it was never mentioned on anything else I had seen. Still skeptacle, I began to verify the information listed with information from U. S. Government websites, and found that many of the facts listed on AFA’s website actually was truthful. I decided to join, but without making any financial commitment, until I could verify more information. I even made some phone calls, and asked questions based on the information listed on the website. I was amazed to find out that everything I asked about, turned out to be exactly what I saw on the site. At this point, I became a bit more interested, and began to think that this company was the ’real deal’, since all the facts were verifyable. In February of 2012, I drove up to Nashville, Tennessee, to attend a seminar, which was presented by Bud Patterson, Vice President of A Foreign Affair. The presentation lasted about four hours, and there were others that had already gone through the program. There was one client who had his wife with him, of which he discovered through AFA, She was from Peru. Mr Patterson provided a lot of information about the company, which included the different programs a client could choose to get involved with. I went home that evening, and pondered over the information that I had gained from the seminar, and within a few days, I decided that I was going to move forward.

I decided that for me, the best direction to take, would be to go with the Executive Program, as I felt uncomfortable with attending a social setting, There was nothing wrong with it, it was just not right for me. The Executive Program provided more of a comforable setting, and provided unlimited assistance, should I need it along the way. I made the financial commitments that were needed, and made my way to Kiev, Ukraine, in mid March, 2013. I had a bit of a delay on the journey there, but that was due to Mother Nature, so that delayed my trip by two days, and thus spent the first days in Amsterdam. As you would expect, by the time I finally arrived in Kiev, I was a little anxious. I had an issue upon arriving at the airport, and had to deal with that, before leaving to head to my apartment, but the driver that waited for me, was very patient, and when I was ready, we were on our way.

I woke up after a very restful night’s sleep, and in a very modest apartment (wish my own apartment was as nice as this one was) I was met by Anna, a translator with AFA, and we had lunch at a local restaurant. She explained all the ’dos, and don’ts’, and explained what her roll would be. She became a very good friend, and I still keep in touch with her today.

During the course of the next six days, I had met seven ladies, all of whom I had written to, on the preceeding three months prior to my journey. I had a very good time meeting, and talking with each of them. By the end of the first week, I had a pretty good idea of whom I was more interested with. But before I would make my decision, I made a three hour journey to Poltava, and spent about five days there; discovering the city. learning a little bit of the history, and of course, meeting a couple of ladies there, I was very amazed by the charm displayed by the locals. Poltava is very quaint, and delightful. After the five days, I took the train back to Kiev, and spent my remaining time getting more involved with two ladies I was interested in. As a matter of fact, I even extended my trip, so I could take one of the ladies to see Yanni, I had known that he was going to perform in Kiev, but it was too late to change my plans. But by the time I was about to leave, I decided to stay the extra days anyway, so I could take her to the performance. Needless to say, she loved him! It made the extension of my stay worth it. I left the day afterward, and had already made plans to return in July, 2013, and I couldn’t wait to get back.

On my second trip to Kiev, I spent part of my time with one of the ladies, and then the other, but by that time, I had already made my decision on who I was more happy with. And that is when we really got to know each other. We traveled to Yalta, but without Anna, as we wanted to go it alone, without a translator, It was great! We spent six days in Yalta, at a very nice hotel and sauna. We also took a day trip around the Crimea. Hopefully, we will be able to return, after the current issues have hopefully calmed down. The people of the area are very pleasent, and it’s really a great place to retire as well. Just don’t tell the world; as I prefer my privacy. I’m crossing my fingers that we can make that desire a reality some day. I went back again at the end of November, 2013, and spent nine days with my girl. We did a lot, dispite the events taking place, which included a visit to the Titanic Exhibit. By this time, we are fully on our own, and doing great. We are learning each other’s language, and having a great time. We also did some shopping as well. I was ready to pop the question, and had already purchased the ring four months earlier, when we traveled to Rimini, Italy, in June, 2014. We stayed in an apartment, which was only a block from the beach. We did more sightseeing, and shopping, but we made our own meals. This was to cut down on costs, and to really enjoy ourselves for what we would eventually be doing in our future. And on June 27, 2014, I proposed, and she accepted. Oh, I asked her the question in Russian, which was a little bit of a challenge, but that is what I wanted to do. It went well. She was quite amazed, and very pleased. I went home a very happy man. So now it’s time to get everything together for the Fiance Visa. It’s a bit of work to get everything together, but it will be worth it, in the end. The process is underway, as of this writing, and I’m hoping that by some time in August, 2015, she will be given permission to enter the United States. I left again for Kiev, on December 27, 2014, to spend the holidays with her, and to meet more of her family, and learning all the traditions of the holidays in Ukraine. The trip included travel to Tbilisi, Georgia Republic, to visit another family member. It was a wonderful time spending the holidays in Ukraine, and something I’m looking forward to doing again, and again. The people of Ukraine are very plesent, and even though the country is going through issues, life is still going on. I have seen things that you won’t hear from the news media; things that would delightfully surprise you. The economy is rough right now, but there is still a lot of hope. I have a lot to learn, but the one thing I promised her family, and which I will keep my word about, we will return, again and again. Once we are a couple, officially, her family will be my family, and visa-versa. I will learn the language, the traditions, understand the history of the country, and enjoy the food (which I already do).

A Foreign Affair is a company you can put your complete trust in. You can trust John Adams. President of A Foreign Affair, and rest in the knowledge that the experience you are about to embark on (should you decide to do so), will be one that you will want to remember for a long time to come. But the important thing you have to remember is, you have to be sincere in your intentions. This is not a game. You need to take this experience with an open mind, and with honest intentions. The women are real, and so you have to be. A Foreign Affair goes to great pains to make sure that your experience will be rewarding, and hopefully successful in the end. If something unexpected arises, AFA will be there to assist you. You are not going to be left to your own defenses, ever.

A Foreign Affair has an ’A+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This company has been around for twenty years, and has a proven track record, and complies with all state (of Arizona) and Federal laws. All you need to do is put your faith in AFA. I did, and I’m happy with my success. The next move is up to you. If you decide to take the experience, please be honest. John and his team at A Foreign Affair will do everything possible to reasonably assure a positive experience for you.

Just a note to say thanks for your service ! I went to Kiev in September and met several nice Lady’s from many professions. Victoria was my guide and did an excellent job. She had my best interest and safety at heart and took great care of me. I have kept in touch with one lady (Julia) by email and we want to be together. I called your office and got info about a fiancee visa and will send money to get the ball rolling in a couple of weeks. I plan on going back to Kiev in March and give Julia a ring.I would like to request Victoria as my translator , she is a great person and a asset to you company! Anna has been a great help to me here in the U.S. and I will keep both of you posted as my plans progress. thank s so much for your help , I had friends that have been skeptical but I tell them from experience that your company is one of honesty and integrity.

Richard M.


I just got in yesterday from Medellin,wanted to say what a great staff you have there.I used Daniella the interpreter one evening she was worth her weight in gold,and continued to pass along messages to me during the week from one of the ladies there.She was great!!!.I cant say enough about Jenny,the internet service at Plaza Rosa was off and on,and I had some important things to take care of that Jenny spent quality some time to help me get it done in your office thereShe never missed a beat on an appointment for me with the ladies and made sure everything went well for me thereShe was THE BEST.She is an asset to Foriegn Affair in Medellin without question.The other girls (Lorena and her sister) were very helpful in many ways as well,finding me good restaurants and answering my questionsYou staff was profession,helpful,and very friendlyI cant say enough about everyone therePlease pass on the my gratitude and sincere thankfulness to you staff in MedellinThose ladies made my helped make my stay a lifelong memory

Best wishes to everyone


My experience with AFF was interesting and eye opening. I recommend everybody try it once. We started in Kiev with a social, but I didn’t really meet anyone that I was interested in. Then we went to Poltava! What a world of difference! The social was much nicer and the women were genuine in looking for love.

The most important thing to remember, is don,t give up. I met several women at the social, but they didnt pan out for various reasons. For the next 2 days I went through the books looking, but everyone I was interested in, was working or out of town. On the last night of our stay, I again went looking in the profile books and came across one that interested me. The office girls contacted her and we met. Within 5 minutes, we felt like we had known each other for years. 3 hours later, my heart was won.

It took about a year to get everything together with the K1 visa. I prepared the paperwork my self. In October 2013 my Julia arrived. We married in November and today we continue to be happy.

Best wishes,



My name is Billie N. and I was just recently on the AFA Odessa, Ukraine tour. I wanted to send you an email to share my experience and to reach out to you. First off I want to let you know that you have a great staff that created a great experience for all. I had more time with your Odessa staff and I can tell you that Svetlana and Margarita are both great and went out of their way to help all the guys. All the interpreters and other staff were great as well.

Now on to our tour leader Anna. I had to start a new paragraph for her simply because she deserves it. There could not be a better tour leader or employee in your company. I can not imagine the tour without her. She is AMAZING!!! She is a tireless worker and absolutely worked her butt off for all of the guys on the tour. Everything from making calls, giving advice, setting up interpreters, and even staying late to make sure all of the guys were happy. She went way above and beyond on what I expected or could have even hoped for. She was there for absolutely anything that we needed whenever we needed it. She is a great example for all of your current and future tour leaders.

The 3 cities in the Odessa tour provided 3 different experiences. First in Odessa, I liked the venue and the atmosphere. It was a great experience. The only complaint that I would have in Odessa would be the volume of the music. It was a little too loud for conversation. I came out of that social being a bit hoarse from having to talk so loudly. There were areas you could go to have better conversation but most of the girls were downstairs where the music was really loud. Turn down the volume of the music there and it would be perfect. In Kherson, it was another great experience. The volume was much more pleasing and the venue once again was great. It was very easy to have conversation there and the layout was good.

Nikolaev was a different experience. There we tried the "speed dating" concept. This was met with mixed reviews from the guys. I tried to talk to most of the guys about this experience and here is what I found.the guys who enjoyed the experience were generally more shy than the ones who did not enjoy it as much. It seemed to really helped some of the more shy guys to open up and talk to the girls through their interpreter. For me, however, I found this to be the least enjoyable social. There seemed to be a lot of wasted time for me sitting at tables where I had no interest in anyone. It also provided many awkward moments where you ask for one girl’s information at a table while other girls are just looking at you. Also by the time we finished the "speed dating" portion of the social there was not much time left for the rest of the social. I feel like it is a good idea to have ways to help the guys who are a bit more shy to open up because I can definitely see value in that. I just feel that can be accomplished without so much wasted time or awkward moments. My personal suggestion would be to either have a tour leader take the guys around the venue when they first arrive so that the guys can pick 5 or 6 tables that they would most like to visit or to have the tables arranged by specific criteria(age, children, hair color, ect) so that the guys only have to visit the tables where there are girls that they would have a genuine interest in. Both of these ideas would eliminate the wasted time and should provide much longer for normal social activities. Another suggestion would to have each girl at the table to have an assigned number on her name sticker so that the guy can send the interpreter to get the girl’s information as to avoid awkward moments(exampleTable 6, Girl #3).

Another great experience on this tour besides the socials and dating opportunities was the trip to the orphanage in Kherson. It was a very humbling and rewarding experience. It was nice to be able to give back and I would like to thank you for that opportunity. Also I absolutely fell in love with the country and the people of Ukraine. The cities and people were so nice.

This tour was one of the best experiences of my life and I truly appreciate and respect your company and its mission. While I was on tour I took a lot of joy in helping some of the other guys with breaking out of their shells and even helping with some introductions. I was able to give them some advice as well. It made me feel good to help these other guys. Also the women of Ukraine are wonderful and very deserving of happiness so I would like to be able to help them and the guys find happiness together. I would be honored to help you in this mission in any capacity that you would see fit. Feel free to call me if you would like to talk to me more or have me elaborate on anything that I said.

Thanks again,

Billie N.

Mr. Adams,

This letter is to thank you and your AFA colleagues for another great experience during my recent visit to Odessa.

As I am sure that you understand, at my age that is approaching 60 years old, it is difficult to find enjoyable experiences with women who will consider me to be a good companion and possible life partner. Your organization permits me to have these experiences, when few other options exist.

The local manager of your AFA Office in Odessa, Svetlana Nadolenko, provided wonderful service to me.

It was possible to meet almost all of the ladies on my "wish list" because of Svetlana’s efforts. All of those ladies would be beyond my ability to meet in any other place.

I was fortunate to receive a gracious welcome at the times of introduction to many of these ladies. This was because the ladies on the AFA website become comfortable very quickly when they meet Svetlana. They seem to feel that Svetlana is a colleague and that she understands their needs and their situations in life. They seem to feel that Svetlana is acting to help them as well as the male clients whom she introduces to them.

There were multiple ladies who were initially not comfortable with me personally, but who gradually did develop a more favorable impression, after speaking with Svetlana. As the ladies visibly relax and become comfortable, it makes the introduction process much more enjoyable and less stressful for all involved.

Svetlana went beyond the regular limits of service on many occasions to help me. These included helping me with my appearance. She took me to a hair salon to get a much better hairstyle. She advised me about the best attire to wear to create a good impression on the ladies who I wanted most to impress. She helped to buy small gifts that I could give at the first or second date. One example involved buying some chocolates at a special store called Lviv Chocolates, which the lady had never visited, despite her having lived in Odessa for 41 years. Another example involved purchasing a cell phone with a good functional camera for another lady whose cell phone did not have a working camera function.

In summary, I am very grateful to you and your colleagues for allowing me to continue to find hope that I can develop a close relationship with a lady who can give color, warmth, and excitement to my life. I will certainly go back to Odessa in the Spring, when weather permits, to followup with two of the ladies whom Svetlana introduced me to. It also helps to have the new confidence that it is just a matter of time before one of the beautiful ladies on the AFA website begins to feel that I am special also.


Dave M.

Hi John,

my name is Todd W. I was there in cartagena for the recent tour and met a wonderful lady !! I’m going back there to see her at the end of January to spend a week with her. I want to tell you that Tom was very helpful to me during my stay there . I wanted to get my lady a gift and Tom made a great suggestion of having a photo of Fanny and I printed and framed that I gave her. Tom even came to the photo shop to help me so I would not be late with my date with her !!! I was very pleased !!! I had a wonderful week there all the staff I thought went out of there way to help me.




From the moment that I decided to go to the August, 2014 Social in Cebu, until the time that I returned, I had one of the best experiences that I have ever had. First, AFA in Phoenix was highly professional in making all arrangements, and in telling me all about the process (how it works, what to expect, how to make the most of my time in Cebu). I identified about 20 Ladies who I wanted to meet, and began writing to each of them. After a short while, I realized that I did not have chemistry with a few, and a few probably felt the same about me. But I eventually identified 9 who I wanted to invite to the Socials (7 came on Friday, and 2 came on Saturday). I met four of them before the Socials for dates, which is a great experience and I highly recommend. The Staff in AFA Cebu is simply the best. From the moment that I was met at the Cebu Mactan Airport by Luz (she took me to the Waterfront Hotel and stayed until I was fully checked in), through the help with the AFA Cebu Office (each Lady working there was super helpful, kind, sweet, and supportive), through the Tours that they took us on (Mary Grace is incredible), through the many functions (I sat with Jim Mathieu and his girlfriend at the Pool Party -- what a really great gentleman he is), I had a first rate experience. There were two orientation meetings, and numerous interactions to make sure that the men were fully aware of all details, and supported. And then there were the Socials. Simply unbelievable. For us 16 men, there were 115 women each evening. Beautiful, sweet, happy women. All perfectly dressed and made up. And all there for only one reason: to meet the man who will love them, marry them, and make a life with them. No one can really imagine how nice the experience is unless he goes. So to anyone reading my sincere and honest message, here it is: "buy a ticket, make a reservation, begin chatting with a few Ladies who you would like to meet, keep your mind open to all possibilities, and GO. Go. Go. Go." As Jim says over and over again, it works, it works, it works. As a doctor here in America, I am hoping to someday (soon) bring a sweet, kind, loving, gentle, tender, beautiful, special Lady back to America to live all of my life with. There are so many of these Ladies in Cebu. So go, guys. Go. I will be happy to speak to any of you. The AFA Office in Phoenix can put me in touch with you. So just let me know.

(Name Withheld by Request)


Like most men considering the idea of marrying a foreign bride, I put off making the decision for over a year on whether or not I was serious enough to actually fly to a different continent and entirely different culture to take a chance on this seemingly risky venture. At some point I decided to go and quickly paid my down payment so as to lock myself in before changing my mind. The decision having been made and money paid out, there was a sense of relief that events were in motion and I was just a bystander. All things considered, this was one of the better decisions I have made in a long time. Touching down in Odessa and meeting up with my group and our group leaders only made me relax more because it was obvious that the men I was meeting had been down the same road as I had and we had enough in common just from our similar experiences and frustrations of being somewhat dissatisfied with the difficulties of finding traditionally minded women in post-feminism America. As well as finding out about some new and interesting places that our trip would take us, and discovering a country where the ladies seem to compete with each other to get our attention (a change from the usual mindset of American women where they pretend they don’t even know you exist), my feeling that I had made a good move was confirmed even more with every passing day. What really set the vacation apart from another trip that you might take, where you just sit on a beach or something, were the socials which were presented by A Foreign Affair. They were an experience every guy should have if only just once. On the trip I took we had three socials. I later admitted to my new found buddies that during the first one I had been rather nervous. By the time the last one rolled around, I felt like I was so good at doing the meet and greet thing that I could have been the Maitre˜d. Each event was jam-packed with beautiful single women looking to meet eligible respectful gentlemen. If I have any criticism at all it is that there usually weren’t quite enough guys because a lot of the ladies often sat there without anyone to talk to and seemed lonely or bored. I mean, these things are nothing if not male-centric! All you need to pack with you is a suit of clothes (dressing nice is a plus for the ladies) and an air of confidence. Almost all of the ladies were honest, sincere, and friendly. I am not a man that usually takes to dancing, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. The memories that I brought home from the Ukraine may well last a lifetime. Although I did not meet my future wife on the trip I am pondering a return for another try. Even if no permanent long term relationship results are achieved, I can honestly say I enjoyed myself immensely and made a few friends along the way. If you are at all on the fence about giving a romance trip a try, I urge you to throw caution to the wind and attempt an adventure which could positively change your life forever. There are no guarantees in life, but A Foreign Affair certainly does their part to put all the elements in place that, if you bring a little initiative of your own, may help you meet the life partner you have always searched for.

Good luck.


Hi Guys,

Hi Guys. This is Brian in ND again. If you want to go on a wonderful European vacation. You couldn’t find one better than this. AFA is top shelf all the way. They have been going to the Ukraine for 19 years. They got it down. I want to talk about the beautiful women of the Ukraine. Let me tell you about what could be one of the best 5 minute stretches of my some what miserable life. Do you remember the blues brothers movie? They are gonna get the band back together and save the school, and Elwood says ( we are on a mission from God) Ok we are on the tour bus heading to the second social in Nikolaev. We are pumped. We know how much fun this is gonna be. Just imagine you are a Ukrainian woman. You were raised to have a husband, family and be a great wife. Now you learn 40% of you will never be married. Now you learn single American men are coming to your town to find a wife. Its crazy guys. Every table you walk by, 6 or more beautiful women with friendly eyes are begging you to sit with them. Women half your age are putting their phone numbers in your pocket. It will blow your mind. I got addicted. Holding a woman that beautiful on the dance floor. Cheek to cheek. A little kiss on the cheek. Tell her how beautiful she is. It will let endorphins in your brain go and you will become addicted like I am. I cant wait to get back. This will be the longest winter of my life. Ok we are on the bus. I tell the guys the only way I can understand why these women can be this beautiful is this. 3 thousand years before Christ God came down and said we gotta mix this up. So he gave Alexander the great luck and they took slaves. And it sucked but the races were mixing. Then the Romans did it, and mongles and so on. I said guys I think the Lord wants the races to mix. I think he made these women this beautiful so western men would get them and the races would mix. That’s the only way I can explain why they are this beautiful. I said guys we are on a mission from God. The bus went nuts. Guys were slapping their legs and holding their stomachs. It was a great laugh. Guys its gotta be a act of God. You see the photos on this web site and you think there no way they gotta be photo shopped. Then you meet her and you will think she is 20% more beautiful in person. Kid you not. Anyway. Then the bus pulled in to the parking lot. I said guys lets show these lady a great time. The doors of the bus opened. I shot out headed for the night club. I don’t know it but they’re not letting the girls into the club. So about 130 of the most beautiful ladies on the planet earth are waiting in this room. Standing shoulder to shoulder. I come flying into the doorway and stop and 130 angels stop talking and turn and look at me. Guys it was a sight and feeling I will never forget. The guys came in behind me. It was a neat moment in our life’s. Pure gold. Moments like that are waiting for you to. Lets go. Im going again July 2015. I don’t see a better time to go.

I would love to see you there.



It has been a sincere pleasure to participate in the AFA tours to Ukraine. I have been amazed at the warm welcome and availability of attractive Ukranian women in each city. It is actually difficult to decide which lady to invite out on dates and with whom to pursue a longer term relationship. This is a completely different experience than I, or most other men, have in the United States. Many of the other men tell me that they cannot wait to return to Ukraine again, after the AFA tour is over, for this reason. After the Social Events of the tour, I must discard several of the phone numbers of attractive and interesting ladies who I have met, because there is not sufficient time to meet all the ladies once again or to pursue communications with all of them after leaving Ukraine.

For many of the women, but not all, the appearance of the man appears to be less important than his personality and potential of being a good partner. I am 58 years old, with a moderate degree of extra weight, and without handsome qualities. Despite this, I have had the pleasure of attracting the attention of several very pretty women in Ukraine, who I feel would never give me any attention in the Social events for Singles in the United States. Each man on the tour who presents a friendly demeanor is very successful in meeting several nice women. However, it is very clear that the most beautiful ladies do select the more physically fit and younger men to give their attention to.

The AFA tour leaders appear to be very careful about ensuring that each American man has an adequate opportunity to meet numerous Ukranian ladies. The AFA tour leaders try to ensure that even shy men and men who are less than confident about their personal appearance will be able to have several dates on the tour.

Although going on the tour has the primary objective of meeting a special lady, it is also very interesting to see another culture and to visit places of historical interest. Ukraine has many cities on the tour schedule that offer very interesting cultural experiences as well as the social opportunities. For example, it was very pleasant to walk through the downtown area of a secondary city called Poltava, and to see many beautiful parks, flowers, and restored older buildings.

AFA organizes the tours so that there is very good support from translators at the Social Events and on the individual dates during the tour. However, it is very important that the man understands that the communication barrier will be a big issue in trying to develop a personal relationship with one of the ladies, after the tour ends. In my opinion, a man who is serious about develoing a relationship with a Ukranian woman must have a plan to help her to learn English. In my experience, about 10% to 20% of the ladies do speak English to at least a modest level. This percentage is greater among the younger women and in the bigger cities.

My experiences are very current. I have visited several cities with AFA in 2014, during the events that have received international press coverage. AFA has been very careful to manage the tour process so that no sense of danger to personal security in Ukraine has appeared to be necessary. I actually feel safer in many of the downtown areas of Ukranian cities than I do in the metro center of the large American cities that I live near or have visited.


Dave M.

John, Here is my Romance Tour Review:

Landing in Kharkov on a beautiful autumn day, I was eagerly anticipating my second Romance Tour with AFA. On the first night, the guys all met to enjoy some great Ukrainian food and to share some war stories from past tours. The first Social was very exciting. The Compass Club was the perfect venue for the 18 or so guys that went on our tour. About 150 beautiful Ukrainian women attended the social and the majority of them were very friendly and approachable. AFA spared no expense in providing food and champagne for all involved, most importantly the ladies who attended. I met at least 10 different ladies within the first half hour of the four hour social. I met beautiful ladies, got their emails and phone numbers and didn’t tarry, as the important thing to do was to meet and greet as many of these gorgeous women as possible. The atmosphere at all three socials (Kharkov, Poltava and Sumy) was very festive and exhilarating. Every guy wondered if he would meet the lady that he might spend the rest of his life with.

Following the socials, the guys all went to the "Hospitality Room" also known as the War Room the following day to set up dates with the favorite girls they met at the social, or that we had been writing to prior to the tour. The friendly Interpreters working for AFA were more than happy to take the lists of ladies that I wanted to date and set up dates for the afternoon and evening. Some of the guys went through the binders of ladies’ profiles, but most of them had already found the ladies they wanted to arrange dates with through AFA’s website prior to the tour. The dates were exciting as I took a lady to bowling, a local cafe, or even to a French comedy at a Kharkov movie theater (spoken in Ukrainian) Spending time with beautiful ladies that wouldn’t have given me the time of day in America was exciting and a huge ego boost, but you had to keep things in perspective. Poltava and Sumy were very friendly, historically significant towns. I enjoyed meeting the ladies in these two towns. The bus ride to these cities with the other guys on the tour gave us each time to reflect on the girls we met in Kharkov and what the girls in Poltava or Sumy may be like. The socials in these two towns were great and well attended. I think there were at least eight ladies to each guy in all three socials, which made it almost surreal compared to what we are used to back home. I think the most important lesson I learned on this romance tour was to make as many contacts as possible with both the ladies AND the guys on the tour. Now that I am back home in the U.S., I have been able to email some of the ladies I met on the tour. The fact that I had about four or five ladies that I met makes it nice as I can now decide which ones I’d like to come back to Ukraine and spend more quality time with. Most of the guys that I met on the tour were all super friendly and I’m still in contact with a few of them. Some of them have already planned to go back to Ukraine and I am also hoping to go back and visit some of the ladies I met on the tour.

Scott H.


Helen the manager of the Davao office has been trying to get me to attend a tour there. This past October I made the trip to attend the tour and from the start it was a great experience. The hotel staff was great also from the time of arrival at the airport to check-in. Helen met with me on the first day and we went over my invite list and was able to add a lady at the last minute. The staff at the office was great and even set a date with lady later on the first day. My buddy is a person from the office was very helpful and when I told them of an idea I had they suggest that I get flowers for my invites that will be there. They also ask me who I wanted to have the first dance with this was a surprise for as this dance was before the start of the social. As we moved from table to table and if there was one of my invites at the table they would try their best to have me sit near or next to them. When my choice to do the paper dance with had to leave I ask my buddy to ask another person to be my partner. That person was my partner in the paper dance and we had a date on Saturday. At the social Helen and her staff make sure that you have fun and keep things moving so it’s possible to meet as many ladies as possible.

Thanks for a great time,


Dear Bud Patterson,

My input and experience regarding AFA Romance Tours, specifically to Cebu, Philippines -GO! Just GO! Do not write ANY letters unless you have a seat on a plane! No substitute for being there, no real need to waist any money writing anyone -Romance Tour or Asian Club Tour, the key factor is; You Must Be There Physically! Arrive with a list of possibilities or sort through the profiles when you get there -but you have to get there!

When you have Plane Tickets. then if you are really compelled to do so, only write to a few women. Starting a letter with "I am coming to (Her city) on (Date) - I find your profile interesting maybe we could get to know each other a little before I arrive? That format will get a response, if she is genuinely interested - no lady that is serious about a relationship wants a pen-pal or e-mail buddy -THEY WANT TO SEE YOU, Touch You, Look into Your Eye’s and know you are real! Isn’t that what us GUYS WANT TOO? No letter can do what one actual meeting can accomplish.

I know because I wrote two women before I arrived on my tour. One of those women is now my Fiancee - we were engaged after our first meeting! Sometimes you write expecting her to be the one, and she is not. No Chemistry, nice lady but not your future. In my case the chemistry was WOW! The in person meeting could not have been a better meeting; it by far exceeded both her and my wildest expectations!

Both women (yes only two) that I corresponded with were over forty which was in my desired age group -what your preferred criteria may be is your criteria, you may eliminate the perfect woman for too strict of a requirement list -but stick to it and focus! Not easy to focus with over a hundred pretty ladies, and girls, with bright expectant brown eyes, and long black hair, all trying to get your attention! The socials are a whirlwind of fun games, laughter, talking and meeting with every lady! It is a lot to take in -keep notes and stay -focused! Your may actually find the woman of your dreams...I did.

One final note. Do not sell yourself or her short! Deciding on your future partner in life for the rest of your life is not an offhand decision. It takes time and turmoil of emotions for both of you. Get to know the woman, and let her know the man. Take as much time to do that as you possibly can -stay for the two week tour (or longer is possible) a week or ten days fly’s by entirely too fast.

Robert M.

Hi Guys,

Hi Guys. This is Brian from North Dakota. I went on the sept. Odessa tour. I had such a great time that I now am now addicted to the Ukraine. I have never been addicted to anything before. I could tell you about how wonderful the hotel Londonskya in Odessa is. How much fun we had going to the dance bars. How AFA is top shelf all the way. I want to tell you about how beautiful the woman of Ukraine are. One of the best parts of the tour is talking to the guys over breakfast. One morning I said to a table of 5 guys. Guys I think if you took 50 American woman 25 to 40 years old and 50 Ukrainian woman the same age. You might have 1 calendar girl model on the American side but you would have 7 to 8 on the Ukrainian side. The guys went nuts. After a 10 minute discussion. We agreed you would have 14 to 15 on the Ukrainian side. No lie they are 15 times as beautiful as American women. For me the best treasure I discovered on the tour was the woman in the 33 to 40 age range. I think that in America and the Ukraine you can find 20 to 30 year olds that are beautiful, but they are not women. You find a truly beautiful 37 year old and that is one of the most beautiful woman on the planet earth. I think at each social there were 4 to 8 of then. Kid you not. They are truly one of the most beautiful woman in the history of man kind, If you see what a wonderful treasure this is you gotta go. Im going on the July 2015 tour. Lets do it. I don’t see a better time to go. 5 million more women then men in this wonderful country. 40 percent of the woman will never be married. In America we teach our daughters. Get a good education. Go to collage and get a good job so she can stand on her own. She doesn’t need a man. In the Ukraine they teach there daughters be a lady. Always be beautiful. Find a good husband and be a good wife and mother. That’s what im looking for. A hard working good wife that wants to be taken care of. This is a moment in time guys.



One of the best times of my life!! Great trip. So much fun. Bud is such an awesome tour leader. He was also a lot of fun. And Anna V. helped me out many times, too, nudging me in the right direction, or introducing me to girls I liked at socials. I think the hardest part of the trip, was choosing which amazing and beautiful woman to spend our limited time with. I met more women that I had chemistry with in one week, than I probably would in a year here in America.

Even though I met someone I like a whole lot, it is tempting to go again in the future just to have fun, hang out with Bud and Anna, and the other awesome people I met (Ken, Ron, Joe, David, Scott, Juan). It’s crazy, but I had just as much fun hanging out with the guys, as I did with the gorgeous women. Of course, having a beautiful, classy, lady on your arm, makes everything else better. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea in the future, to privately remind some of the guys of reality. A couple of the guys on the trip, should have probably just been grateful that such gorgeous girls were even talking to them! Another idea, is to pass out a sheet at the end of the night to every girl at the social, with the name and picture of every guy on it. Then, have them put a check mark next to every guy they would like to see again. Or, better yet, a number from 1 to 10, of how interested they are in each guy. Then, use those results to arrange more successful dates the next day. I know this would be a large administrative and logistical undertaking, If I ever go again, I would even volunteer to do the work on something like this for free, because I think everyone may end up winning, both girls and guys, and AFA and affiliates. From a profitability standpoint, guys are going to be more willing to spend more money, over a longer time, on women who are very interested in them. This system may help some future couples find each other.

The main thing I want to say though, is


Na Zdorovie, Chris

P.S. Feel free to call me to talk about any of this. As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of AFA, and of helping dudes finda the love.

Hello bud,

How are you doing? In case you don’t remember me, I was on your Kiev/Poltava tour in November 2013, I was commicating with a lady in Poltava before the tour, and I finally meet her in Poltava back in November 2013 thanks to you and your organization, Tatiana and I where married on the beach in Jamacia on August 28, 2014. We are now in the process of her and her daughters immigration to Canada.

Thanks for your help

Donald B.


Overall I had a positive experience. the pace was a little fast for me but seemed to work well. The only thing that I think would improve my experience would have been if I had understood a little better the psychology and cultural nuances when dealing with Ukrainian Women and how they differed from my experience with American Women. I would recommend this tour to others and the strongest recommendation that I can give is that I will be returning to Sumy and if my present lady there does not work out will engage your local affiliates through you. I think this thing that I did on a lark could lead me to a happy life. Thanks you to all your staff for the help they provided. The only thing negative to say is that the socials became to loud at some points, I understand that this was to provide entertainment for the ladies, providing a quite place in the venue would help.

Kristjan B.


there isn’t enough room to tell you what a wonderful time I had. The new catch phrase is top shelf AFA is and was top shelf all the way. We had a blast the vacation of a life time my friend. I think that everything happens for a reason and having a man the caliber of Bud Paterson has to be a act of God. I don’t know if you heard about my motivational speech but it very well could have been one of the greatest speeches in the history of man kind. And then the wonderful moment that followed was so wonderful that it was worth the price of the tour right there. I have lots to talk about. and am running out of room. I will send you more text in the future. THANKS AGAIN John it was top shelf all the way!

Brian C.


Thanks so much for a great Social in Thailand last month. I really enjoyed it. Many thanks to the staff members in Bangkok for all their great dedication and assistance. It was great. I met a ton of great ladies. I recommend a social to anyone viewing your website.




The AFA staff, from Phoenix and Ukraine, were great and very helpful. It was a pleasure to meet everyone. The tour exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jack S.

Dear John Adams and Bud Patterson,

Strange how things in our lives change. Three years ago I sent you a resume wanting to work for you doing seminars and tours, two years ago I asked for your permission to include your company’s name in my book. A request that you graciously granted.

Never did I think that I would be writing this email at that time. Yet here I sit in my rented townhouse in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines doing just that. My life this year has been at my lowest when my wife of 39 years passed away and at my highest when I finally met the lovely lady I found on your site in Cebu.

Marlyn was a lady that I though well write her she probably won’t write you back anyway. (At that time I was having zero success writing and emailing ladies in China and I was thinking I wanted to steer clear of the Philippines and the little girls of 18-25 who make a large percentage of the Philippines profiles.) I will be damned if she did not actually write me back! She wanted to know why any man would be interested in her -because she was OLD and over the hill at 42?

That was the beginning of several very honest and rather intimate letters in which we discussed so many things -(I wasn’t going to write any letterrs -I wrote her and one other woman because I was coming to Cebu for other reasons as well.) That developed into emails, and phone calls. I cannot thank Jim and the Cebu Staff enough for all their help and assistance! They were instrumental in making my and Marlyn’s relationship a success! Apparently NINE of the men on this social tour were also engaged before the end of the two weeks! I image the Cebu staff was also key in making those connections happen

Marlyn and I decided to meet before the social to eliminate distractions and that meeting was beyond anything she or I, had hoped for, or dreamed of. As I held her hands in mine as we talked over a cup of coffee her eyes were tearing up, I asked if she was alright? She said through teary eyes; You are REAL! And so much more that I had dreamed! I was thinking the very same thoughts! By the end of that cup of iced coffee we were both sure that we have a future together.

She and I are now engaged and working on her passport and the K-1 Visa process. I am staying here while she struggles through the red tape and bureaucracy. While doing so we are both becoming closer and developing a better understanding of each other. Yes, no matter what I say or try to explain, her life in Arizona will be nothing like it has been here in the Philippines and I will never again take so many things in my daily life in Arizona for granted. I know with my help she will adjust and we will overcome the culture shock.

If I can ever do anything for AFA, for John Adams, or Bud Patterson, please do not hesitate to ask. I will gladly provide referrals any info via email and I am open to be on your interviews or BLOGS when I return to Phoenix. That I hope will happen by February 1, 2015 if I do not need to return prior for K-1 Visa reasons or a crisis at home.

Thanks again for being a company that is designed to lose their clients by making the clients dreams come true!

We will start the K-1 Tuesday -thanks for making dreams come true.

All The Best,

Robert M. and Marlyn O.

Hello Anna how are you doing?

I’m just left Max and the new girl Oksana,Olga was kinda a bust,well I think she just wanted some cash,I really think the reason she did not want English lessons from Max is when he teaches I send the money to AFA,she just wanted the money sent to her to pocket the money,trust me she wasn’t learning English I will tell you about the new girl but first I would like to write some about my experience Anna,I will admit I wanted to see more girls on your website,so I started using other sites.Well I could make this so long and boring and name the sites but you would lose sight of the reason I am writing you. I would just like to write,that AFA may not have the selection of women other sites have,but you have honesty on your sideI do not know if this matters,but you told me many months ago Olga was from another company,I believe this to be true and the Anna in Odessa did not get to interview her for the site, Anna is quite different but I think her and Max have a lot of passion for their jobs.They really want you to find someone,and this is what AFA is all about,the other sites I used just wanted wellme to give them money,they set me up with someone that was beautiful,and way to young,someone that had no intention of getting married just a easy way for them to make money I guess I’m just trying to write you don’t find company’s like AFA in this business, I have found all but you are scams Anna has known me for a while and suggested I go out with this girl Oksana,wow what a treat she is so kind, humble and honest, I was so taken by her,so many thanks go out to Anna for helping in getting a date with her.Max’s has been translating for us,and he makes me feel,well as if he was not even in the room with us,i have used translators with other sites and it seems like ,well come on dude lets just go to expensive places,do things they want to do but the expensive dishes,Anna Max will ask permission just to order something to drinkI’m just saying no matter what happens with Oksana and I your Anna and Max’s has made my trip fantastic,what a good team you have hereI will call you when I get back please say Hi to Bud and John for me and tell them to keep up the honesty and integrity,it’s what sets you above the other agency’s.

keep smiling,


Dear John and Bud,

Well to say the least am enjoying the Cebu tour. Arriving early to meet this lovely lady was a very good idea! Marlyn and I were engaged by the end of our first coffee date -.damned intense coffee date - or the girl at the coffee stand slipped us a love potion! Obviously we met each others expectations. She agreed we would spend more time together if she stayed with me at the Waterfront in Cebu City. When she got to the room she was nervous and I was smart enough to understand why. I made it very clear that sex was NOT a condition -Makiing Love would only happen when she was ready! she was so touched she cried -but with a smile like I had never seen...

We will start the K-1 Tuesday -thanks for making dreams come true.

All the best,

Robert and Marlyn

Hi Bud,

I enjoyed this trip very much. The socials were unbelievable. You folks are all doing a great job putting The program together and it is getting better as time goes by. More power to you all and keep up the good work.

Warm Regards,

Joseph R.

P.S please give my regards to Joe and Ann.


I have just returned from my recent Euro Club visit to Kiev. That was a great experience. This letter is to ensure that you know how wonderful the service of Anna V. was in Kiev. Anna made sure that each day was full of dates with wonderful ladies. She also made the ladies feel very comfortable with the situation. Making the ladies feel comfortable is big challenge when they realize that I am meeting with many other ladies simultaneously. As you know, Anna V. also served as the tour group leader for the trip to Mariupol and Lugansk in mid-April. She provided wonderful assistance during that period as well. Anna S. in Phoenix was also great in helping me to arrange this trip.

Thank you to Anna V., to Anna S. in Phoenix, and to your staff for a wondeful trip.


Dave M.


Your staff in Chongqing went above and beyond to provide a great tour experience. The socials were well-attended. The sight-seeing tour was as authentic as it gets. The manager made it a point to be available and asked the question "Is there anything that you need?" on more than one occasion. I met a wonderful lady. I also had an enjoyable vacation in a place that I would have had a difficult time visiting without the support that AFA provided.

Thanks for your help,

Brian W.


I attended last year’s "romance" tour in Chongqing, and was very happy with the results. This was the best tour I have had from AFA, the most successful in terms of meeting women with strong and serious intentions towards marriage and family. The manager in Chongqing, Mr. Yuan, was the most service-oriented and customer-focused manager I have ever had on a tour. He was always available, and usually proactive in finding and fulfilling the needs and desires of his clients.

I met my fiancee and after completing the USA K1 visa process she joined me in Chicago last month, and we will soon be married! We are very excited and happy about our new life together! Feel free to use me as a reference, for either the women or the men on this year’s tour; my best wishes for all of them!


David L.


Thank you very much for the wonderful experience on the tour to Mariupol and Lugansk. Despite very concerning external events, I and the other tour members had a great time. All the tour members I spoke with, were very glad that they took the tour. We tour members were almost unanimously grateful for the many memorable experiences and opportunities to pursue future personal relationships. This very positive experience is very much due to your tour leaders, Joe and Anna, the manager of your Kiev office. It was very clear that Joe and Anna were doing everything possible to maintain safety for the tour members in the face of external events that changed daily. Also, Joe and Anna did everything possible to allow myself and the other tour members to individually meet with as many ladies as possible. The tour members who I spoke with, as well as myself, will be very interested in future tour opportunities with AFA, due to this very positive experience.


Dave M.


Apologies for getting back to you so late. I will put on paper what I had shared with you telephonically on my trip to Lima Peru. I had an awesome time, was way more than I had expected. There were about 100 girls at each social and eight of us guys, need I say more. The bonus to this trip are the guys I met on this tour. Just like John says in his videos, breakfast time is the time us guys looked forward to. Listen to the stories of the dates the night before and the dates coming up that day. I still keep in touch with a couple of them.

In closing I will say as one of the girls told me in Lima "What happens in Peru stays in Peru".

I will definitely be going on a tour again this year, I’m just having difficulty on choosing where to go.

Andy D.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this to express my sincere gratitude to Helen and her staff for all they have done to make my experience in the Philippines not only pleasant but extremely successful. I cannot begin to tell you the kindness and professionalism of Helen and her staff.

I attended a group tour to Davao in March of 2013. I had been writing one particular woman and she seemed like a kind and genuine person. So I decided to take a chance a travel there on one of the tours offered by AFA. Upon arrival I was immediately impressed by the attention we were given by Helen and her staff.

Well I am happy to announce that the trip was everything I hoped it would be and more. I met the love of my life. Ms. Evelyn Dalupere. I fell head over heels for Evelyn and I felt she had the same feelings for me. I decided to ask for Evelyn’s hand in marriage. Being a guy, I was not sure about the best way to propose so that it would be romantic and memorable. Not to worry. Helen and her staff assisted me every step of the way. We had a table poolside at the Marco Polo Hotel with rose pedals leading to our table. We had a wonderful dinner and when desert came there was a ring on top of Evelyn’s desert choice. Needles to say she was taken off guard momentarily but as she realized what it was I immediately asked if she would do me the honor of becoming my wife. To my joy and amazement she said "YES".

You would think that would be the end of Helen and her staffs involvement in our love journey but that wasn’t the case. Helen assisted Evelyn with her paperwork and photo’s for our petition for a fiancé visa. She even accepted long distance charges to her personal cell phone to assist me with my questions and concerns.

While there were dozens of attendees at the tour Helen made us feel as if we were the only couple there with the amount of personal attention we received. I want to sincerely thank Helen and her staff for everything they did for us. I am happy to announce that our Fiancé Visa request has been approved and the National Visa Center is forwarding the approved visa petition to the U.S. Embassy or the Consulate in Manila.

Oh, one other thing that I think needs to be mentioned. I went back to Davao in November to see my darling Evelyn. Helen invited us to her office and gave us some excellent advice. Then to our amazement, invited us to her residence for the Manny Pacquiao fight and the most amazing buffet of food that you could imagine. She even arranged my transportation to the airport.

Thank you Helen and thank your wonderful staff for all you have done to make this experience the most memorable and productive (engaged to Evelyn) that I could imagine.




I want to thank everyone for all of your help for being there for me and the great staff at Davao and the fantastic social and the well planned events to complete my search for my companion.You are all simply the best.



To Thank the entire staff for making me feel important and for all of your hard work. For the Great Socials the beautiful ladies you invite. The great Tours you have. For the attention you give me. And for the most important phone call that One of the 15 Ladies I wanted to meet was in the office on my arrival and didn’t realize it but you a member of your staff did and called her immediately. So to ask her to go for a event the next day. Otherwise I might of miss the chance to meet my fiancée Evangeline. I believe that it was a divine hand and great people that made this happen. Me & Evangeline would like to Thank you for being there when we needed you the most

Thank you so much

Alan & Evangeline

Hi Mike,

I made it back home everything is okay. But I really wish I didn’t have to leave. And go back home. Ukraine was more than I ever expected it to be. The people were wonderful. I actually felt like home.lol Thanks Mike! I’m sitting here thinking what to tell you. I’m realizing there’s no words to express to you the feelings and emotions that I experience while I was there. You showed me and the rest of the men a wonderful adventure. So I tell you again, thanks my brother!

Yes I’m going back!

David, The guy from From New Orleans!Lol


wow such a moving and powerful video !! It brought tears of joy to me thank you all so very very much can i have email address of the ’videographer? I want to thank her personally. Please tell Jim I said hello - he is a cool guy - I like him !! thank you again Estrella for your special kindness also !!



Dear Ken and John,

Just a note to thank you for an excellent tour that you organized for our group in Santiago, D.R. I think I speak on behalf our entire group to say that your entire staff were most friendly, efficient, professional, and accomodating in every way. Every detail was accounted for from the initial airport pick up, to providing us detailed lists for the two socials, and finally seeing us back off to airport. Gustavo came to our hotel each morning to greet our group and he individually attended to each and every concern of our group, to make everyone very comfortable and ensure the overall tour was most enjoyable. Your office manager Yulai met with us every day and we were all very impressed that she even came to our hotel at night on her own time to help translate for our group. The translators were outstanding and of great help to all. I would highly recommend your agency in Santiago, they are deserving of praise and we would not hesitate to return.

With best regards and we are hoping to take another tour soon!

Harry C.

Pondre D.

Hi John,

I Just wanted to give you some feedback on the May 23 to June 5 tour to Chongqing that I just returned from. Unlike the Ukraine tours it was held in a brightly lit room with soft music which made communication very easy. I appreciate that a loud party may attract more girls but this environment was much, much better for getting to know people. We all had our own translators and we each rotated from table to table and talked with every girl who was there. The girls who turned up were genuine, honest and in no way did they want to take advantage of us. Of the girls I dated I always offered taxi money, gifts and expensive meals however they preferred to show me traditional places that were very affordable, often gave me small gifts and taxi money was always refused. I was told that many of the girls at the social were not poor, but actually wealthy with businesses and their own real estate. A few girls had even caught flights from distant towns just to attend the social. In my opinion the socials and invitation list was organized very well.

The tour manager, Yuan was new to managing tour groups however I think he did a very good job. He went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed, he was accessible, easy to contact and gave good advice on the city, its attractions and things to do. I was most impressed that while we were in his office looking at profiles he was able to give additional information about the girls as he seemed to know most of them. There were only one or two girls that he said he did not know much more about, but he still knew details about their profiles without looking at them. He joined us for breakfast each morning. As I was there for the full tour I said he was always welcome to join me, but it was not necessary as I often enjoyed breakfast in one of the gardens on my own or occasionally outside the hotel. He always called me a few times each day to make sure I had everything I needed and was doing alright. The only additional recommendation I would make to the office is that on the Ukraine tours they always had a printed copy of girls and their profiles so you could look through a book. The profiles were only on the computer. Apart from this it was a very clean and pleasant environment (with a spectacular view of the city I might add.) I would also like to mention that Yuen noted my birthday fell on May 26th which was the same day as the second social. He organized a huge cake wishing me a happy birthday which was a very present surprise.

There was apparently a policy of no dating the translators unlike the Ukraine tours where it happens often. I spent a lot of time with these girls and they are real assets to AFA and should be treated as such. If travelling to China I would make sure I visited Chongqing so I could see these girls again and catch up. Of note, my translator Wendy, at my request took me to an animal shelter that took in homeless dogs. Her friend drove us out there, we bought a large box of dog snacks and I was able to make a donation to the shelter. Bud Paterson told me that AFA made charitable donations in the Ukraine when we did a tour. Last year in Kiev, Poltava and Sumy we donated about $2500 (of which AFA matched our donations so it was actually $5000) to orphanages and children’s hospitals. I was told this was not normally done on Asian tours which I think is a bit of a shame as it is a good policy. I also spent time with Apple after Terry left as she was his translator. We got along very well as friends and because of the no personal contact policy I hired Apple for about $90 for the day and we got our hair shampooed, foot massages, did some shopping, went to the movies to see Oblivion (which I highly recommend you see – awesome!), and had a great dinner at a traditional Beijing style restaurant. I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my tour. I understand the need for a working relationship between translators and clients, but policy or not I choose my own friends and relationships even if they work for AFA.

Overall I am very happy with the tour and had a great time. I felt very safe at all times, even after a few drinks at the local bar with short walks back to the hotel late at night. The people are friendly, very helpful and always happy to assist tourists. I can think of several small incidents on my Ukraine travels in most cities where I have been left feeling like I have been scammed or taken advantage of, but not in Chongqing. I would recommend keeping this city as a tour destination and have suggested it to a few friends from previous tours I have been on, and am already looking at future tours with AFA in Asia because of my experience in Chongqing. I would be grateful if you could pass my thanks onto the staff for all their assistance during this trip and I look forward to travelling again with AFA.

Kind wishes always,

Jason B


I just got back from San Jose Costa Rica. I want to complement Gustavo the tour leader. He is incredible. He worked hard to ensure that all the guys had a good time and plenty of contacts with women while we were there. I call him a good friend and without his extraordinary hard work the trip would not have been successful.

Please give him an "Ata Boy" and my thanks.

Michael B.


I cannot simply describe what a great job Bud and Anna did on this tour. It would be insufficient. My impression of them both is that they are not doing a job; what they "do" during each day of the tour is live in the passion of the work of your organization. It is unique. Anyone running a company dreams of having it filled with people like this.

If you need any more feedback please feel free to give me a call.

Best regards,


Hello John & Tanya,

I thought I’d share with you the good news that I finally met the lady of my dreams! My fiance Natalia is from Ul’yanovsk, Russia. Although we met through another online site, I never would have gotten started on this journey without that first AFA tour in 2004. Natalia and I started corresponding just over a year ago. Believe it or not, I had nearly given up hope and she initiated our correspondence! After writing & skype for six months, I visited her during the 4th of July holiday last summer and we got engaged right away! I knew she was the right one from the moment we met, and lucky for me, the feeling was mutual.

A few weeks ago we reached the "NOA2" stage on her visa and we hope to get her interview scheduled in the next month. We will get married this spring at the soonest possible date.

I have several relatives in Phoenix and still visit Tucson from time to time for work, so I hope we will have a chance to meet you for lunch or dinner someday in the future when we visit the area.


Kurt Z.

Ms. Helen (Mom Helen),

I can’t sing your praises enough! The skillful facilitation of such an event by you and your amazing, extraordinary and warm staff was second to none. I was extremely impressed with how flawless things flowed from beginning to end. The patients that you and your staff exhibited was superb, truly a comfort to the group of men that I accompanied on the tour. The time I spent there in Davao March 14-20, 2013 with you, your staff and over 200 beautiful Filipina women has and will continue to impact my life from that day forward. The experience is ever present on my mind. My buddy Lenj (I hope I spelled her name correctly) was superb. If I didn’t find my life partner during this tour, I want her as my buddy when I return for the next one. I do believe that I found who I was looking for, but time will tell if she has found what she is looking for. One thing I know for sure is that there is a woman in Davao that is ready for the deluge of love and affection that I have to offer, and that she is offering too.

This experience was truly overwhelming! One of the best investments I ever made in myself, in my life and its quality! Thank you for providing such a powerful life changing service. You and your staff are impacting the future of so many people in a profoundly positive way that your name and deeds will live on for generations. I will be in contact with you and your staff as I pursue my goal, either for assistance with wedding and visa or with my continual such. You know what, y’all fill like family!


Wilford L

Yes, I met several wonderful people. It was much better than I expected. I think I have found someone special in Poltava, but we will see how communication goes. Elena in your Poltava office has been wonderful, going above and beyond for me. She took me shopping for flowers on Woman’s Day and showed me around. That was huge for me because of the communication issues I faced. Thanks Again for a great vacation! It was my first time overseas!


Bud and John:

I appreciate your apology more than you can know regarding direct involvement in my finding a sole mate. The fact you had John contacted me when I was freezing my rear off in Kiev was especially appreciated. I met a special lady on my own, but only for the fact that I felt comfortable being in Kiev in the first place because of AFA I would never have met her. Who cares how? I was a little more free-spirited because of you guys! The point is that you and what you and AFA stand for made it happen! Like I told John I am very sociable, and as he joked I’m not an ogre either, which I took to heart and he helped to put my skills to the test.

What you do is incredible! There is no measure to what individuals will do, but there is a measure to what someone seeking true love will do. Following what advice you and AFA offer will prove more than beneficial to anyone who heads your advice! Thanks Bud, I love your book!

Bud, you offer amazing blogs also! Thank you!!!!

I have a challenge though!

Think about what a "Mad World" that Gary Joules presents in his rendition of the’ Tears for Fears’ song. I think you will find an interesting perspective as a result, especially when he says, "expand your world" at the end. This not only relates to ending needless depression of those seeking a loved one that AFA can assist with introducing a solution, but also it points out how love heals with respect to AFA’s efforts to help orphans in Ukraine.

I’ve attached happy photos of me with someone I would never have met had it not been for AFA, Bud, John, Bob , Anna, etc., and the courage they provided me to explore my options to find a true soul mate. I appreciate the opportunity to see if she and I are right for one another!

Thank you!!!



Overall the tour was everything that I expected. Some issues of course came up but nothing that wasn’t addressed professionally and timely. The socials were fantastic. The staff was great especially Mary Grace (Mammasan). I would recommend this tour to anyone with the same goals. Now if I could just expedite the K1 visa process all would be great.

Todd G.

I wanted to write about my experince on the Ukraine tour and my tour to Cebu,Philippines. First let me say that both AFA staffs on both of those tours were really helpful and polite with my needs for the tours, Then let me say that on both tours I was able to not only meet several of the ladies I had written letters too but also other woman at the socials and in my opinion there were attractive ladies at both tours and to be Honest one of the hardest things about the whole process is getting to the point of choosing one young lady to pursue a relationship with out of all the beautiful women. Now for me beyond the beauty it is all about Chemistry and finding the one who clicks with you and of course you must click for her as well. I exchanged personal Info with some ladies in both the Ukraine and Cebu and I still am writing and skyping with some of them and now I feel like I am going back to Cebu in June to meet one young ladies family and see what may happen! The one piece of advice I can give is not to go on a tour with to high of Expectations and just let it all happen naturally and it will, and the young lady I am going back to Cebu in June to see was not one of the girls I had been writing, I just met her at the social and it just got better and better. The bottom line is this, I bought the tours and made it happen and having the AFA staff waiting to help you when you arrive is a HUGE advantage! Guys the money you will spend can be made back, the possible relationship you could have is priceless! Be positive, open your Heart and make it happen.

Chris H. from Las Vegas,NV

Good Day John,

I saw the National Geographic Channel show and found it to be very informative. I went to Costa Rica in 2010 myself, it was good to see another country. Michael

Greg B.


I watched the Bachelors Abroad show tonight here in Kansas City. Thanks for the email reminder. I think it is a big hit, and it was nicely directed and put together well! It had great diversity and honesty with the three men you chose for interviews. They were all three very different men in many ways to give a nice cross section of American men looking for the same thing in a life partner. And you did a very nice job of narrating and interviewing these men (Joe, Bob, and Bill), and you described the search process with a lot of truth and plain honesty that there will be the good, the bad and the ugly.

I very much liked your commentary about what you think of each of the three men’s progress and what may be holding them back or how they are moving forward. You talked about their past, their personalities and the progress you think they are making and what they need to do perhaps to improve. It is a delicate matter isn’t it? You and Bud must feel like they are all your children right? The show was good in also getting the men’s own opinions in their interviews how they think they are doing. That is a very nice touch for a democratic wide view on both sides. This is what men have to do is to learn from each other and to interact, and to learn from you and the other tour leaders. The learning can sometimes be fun and sometimes be painful, but always necessary! Learning should never stop in this way but the "effort" should never stop either. Just as you said in the show, it takes a lot of hard work, a lot of time, a lot of money, commitment, trips, meeting and dating the girls, and yes some luck too. It takes a lot of stuff. And it takes some failures too. It all plays a role. All of these put together I call "Effort". The "effort" is the only thing that can make it possible with the right girl!

Terry J.


the Nat Geo Bachelors Abroad was great. It was put together well, fair, and you did a great job on the program. It brought back good memories of the many tours I took and many years I went on my own. Thanks to AFA!

Greg B.


The show was peppered with a good dose of reality and examples of what not to do. As soon as I get my youngest daughter off to college, I’m going. In the mean time, I want to thank you for all of the wonderful resources you offer to prepare.



Thanks for your emailI forward this to one of my clients who is now emailing several ladies in the Ukraine through your businessI married a lady I met through your agency on 2-18-12.Ianina and my two daughters are perfect togetherI want to thank you very much for having such a business for us YANKS to meet such wonderful women in foreign countriesI refer many people to your web site all the timehope all is going well for you and thanks again for introducing me to my new wifeIf I can ever help in anything please feel free to contact me


Jim P.

The experience that we all shared was one of the highlights of my life and definitely of 2012! It was my pleasure and privilege to share the road with such gentlemen! I know that I will never see dating the same way again. That was actually fun!!!! It was a true pleasure to share stories of all the amazing ladies we met at breakfast every morning and sometimes at drinks the night after. I learned so much from all of you that I THOUGHT I already knew!!!

I truly believe that 2013 will be an even better year than 2012 as we learn and apply the experiences we have all shared. I hope that all of you took away as much as I did in experience, perspective and friendship! I know that the ladies of Ukraine blessed me with their beauty, candor and friendliness and I hope to experience much more of that in 2013.

Happy New Year to you all!!!

Peter M.


How are you?

My name is Juvenal G. I like to thank you all of you for everything I experience in this trip to Odessa, Nikoleav and kherson. I am very happy to had do it the tour. So. Thank you.

I hope if I can get a copy of the video and pictures of the social. Before I went to the tour many people tell me if I was crazy (insane). So now I want to let them know that is real. I want to let them see my pictures an video where I was in the social very happy. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my own, because I lost my camera, I hope you can send me copy of my pictures.

Thank you all of you and I will go with you to another tour I hope soon.


Odessa Tour Dec. 2012

The tour was a total blast. It was very overwhelming actually, the socials. Having so many women to talk to at once is definitely something I was not used to. But the hotel was top notch, and all the staff members were polite,helpful, and courteous. If it doesn’t work out with the girl I am dating now because of the social, I would certainly go on another one!

Thanks guys, the tour was totally awesome!

Nate H.

Odessa Tour Dec. 2012

Max and Anna were great people and I enjoyed the way they made me feel welcome. Bud was a great tour leader and showed a lot of kindness and respect to everyone involved with the tour.

Robert J

Greetings John and Bud,

I just wanted to drop you both a line of the fantastic time I had on the recent Odessa tour! What a superb and unique service that your company provides. I have never had so little sleep and so much fun! I always felt well taken care of by Bud, Max and the rest of the staff. I met a special lady at the Kherson social and things are progressing nicely, and at a very fast pace. Bud hummed the wedding march song as my girl and I left the social. What a genius Bud is. Ha. I realize a million things can go wrong and only one thing can go right but i still had a fantastic time.

Thanks to you all.

Best regards,


Hi John,

I really appreciate the extra effort that you exerted to make sure that my visit was successful and enjoyable. Over a period of four days I met eight wonderful ladies who were beautiful, intelligent and articulate. There are two, in particular, with whom I will continue to communicate, and hope to get to know better: Natalia is absolutely adorable, she has the same name as my favorite actress Natalie Wood, and both her mother and grandmother were also named Natalia. And Irina is "movie star" stunning. Sometimes a lady does not look as good in person as she does in her pictures. But Irina, who looks lovely in her photos, absolutely takes your breath away when you meet her in person. She really does belong on a magazine cover or in the movies.

Also, "kudos" to Andre and Svetlana and my translator Irina who did a marvelous job as both an interpreter and adviser.

In summary, John, I have to say that Euro Club, like all of your tours and services, is a terrific value. And I would like to say that if any potential clients would like to hear a reference or an endorsement, then please feel free to provide my contact information to them. I would be happy to "sing the praises" of A Foreign Affair to anyone who is willing to listen.

Thanks again, John, and best of luck in all of your upcoming endeavors!

Warm regards,

Tom K.

Bud you the MAN!!!!

I just wanted to say thank you. This was the most fun I have had in the last ten years. You and your staff were so professional and helpful which made the trip a great success for me and the other travelers. I look forward to many more adventures with your company and especially if you are the group leader. Anna was tremendous and everything was planned so perfectly and executed flawlessly. Your professionalism and genuine concerned for the happiness and wellbeing of the tour participants was truly amazing. I just wish I could say more but something’s just cannot be put in words.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for everything and wish you great success in the future.

Glenn T.

Hi Anna,

I had such a great time on the trip.so many wonderful people,and Im not only talking about the girls , the guys on the tour ,and the afa staff.I am going back very soon,I just need to get more aquanted with the girls by email and then decide what im going to do

Hi John,

My name is Mascielo,

I am a new client, I recently booked your upcomming Peru tour Iya helped me out through the process and did a super job throughout. She was very nice and professional, and as busy as she was she put aside time for me when I showed up out of the blue.

I just wanted to send out an appreciation letter to you, letting you know how happy I was with your staff thats all.

Perhaps our paths will cross sometime



Just wanted to send you a mail to say hi and also to thank you and all your staff for the wonderful job you did during the tour. Before going I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I had a great time and really enjoyed the experience. All the staff were very helpful and friendly and helped me relax and enjoy the experience. Special thanks to Erlisa, Angel and Irish who all helped me a lot and kept me entertained.

For me personally I enjoyed the socials and also the wine bar night and pool party were both great additions to allow me to relax and spend time with a girl and also get to know some of the other guys on the tour.

I had a chance to meet a few girls and spend some quality time with one girl in particular so will see if anything eventuates there. Well after 2 weeks back I can definitely say I am missing Cebu and intend to visit again hopefully later this year so will be in contact about that.

I heard a number of the guys got engaged which is great to hear, I suppose from your perspective that helps make it a very successful tour and shows that what you’re doing is working.

Best Regards


hi there this is Steve and first I would like to thank you for such a great event and so much fun and a chance for me to meet so many woman the one complaint if any is there are so many woman and not enough time to talk to them!

Hello John,

I felt compelled to tell you what a fantastic trip I had to Cebu and what smashing parties the two socials were for me.

These are the parties I was signing up for in Medellin 2010. Absolutely a blast!!

Thank you for without question, the best parties I have ever been a part of. You have a real gem in your Cebu operation with a staff headed up by Jim of pure gold. They are attentive, truly care about all the guys success in meeting the girls they are interested in, work tirelessly to improve the client experience and always, somehow, manage to say hello with a smile. The ladies are exceptionally beautiful-I don’t know why I ever strayed away from Asian women and their naturally exotic looks and bright personalities. I would like to bend your ear for 5 minutes one of these days with a suggestion for placement of Phillipine Weekly back onto your home page with a direct link. PW brought the girls to life for me and Helen and Jim’s idea of weekly videos is genius as gives us guys a glimpse into their actual lives. We see them as the are today instead of only still photo shots. Again, thank you John for a life changing experience as I met many ladies I am interested in for the future.

Cordially yours,


Dear Anna

You have to be the best tour guide, organizer, professional individual I have ever met.

You made this tour a great success for myself and fellow travelers. You were such a great help to me on this trip and without your help I certainly would not have had the wonderful time and experiences that this trip brought me. Your professional appearance, knowledge and kind personality is a great asset to your company. It was a true pleasure to meet you, AFA is truly lucky to have such a person working for them. I hope to see you again on future tours. You were a person that could be trusted and counted on for assistance 24/7 during the trip.

Thank you again for all you did and I believe I can say for everyone on the trip we could not have had a better person along than you.

Glenn T.

Good day to you

Having returned from the Kiev July tour I wanted to take this time to say Thank You.

Once again your company has shown why you are number one. Even with the problems this tour faced, they were handled by Helen in your Kiev office with real concern that above all else my tour would be enjoyable. Ever ready to help, is how I would describe Helen and her crew of professionals at your Kiev office. The last time I was in Kiev, your Kiev office was in the Rus hotel it’s a comfort to know you were able to find such caring people to run new office location.

Thank you again,

Brian M

Watched the show this evening and figured I send you a quick note.

Well, it is basically a done deal with Vika. I contacted Maria Jones and Vika has already completed all of her documentation, translation, and notarization. I did not push this, John. She initiated everything. And would you believe this? We Skype every day during my lunchtime, which is when she gets home from work. Three or four nights per week we Skype 9 or 10 pm my time as Vika wakes up 4 or 5 am to speak with me before she goes to work. We Skype all weekend long. Like school children, basically. We have Skyped every day since my return to USA except two days when Vika visited her family. Every day, John !!! But it is kind of fun.

Of course who knows what might happen, but I feel comfortable with you as you know, and I can truthfully say to you that I cannot see our relationship ending in a disappointing fashion. We get along way too well. Of course I have you to thank for all of this. I truly am grateful. And of course, if I can ever do anything for you or your company in any way possible, by all means please do not hesitate to contact me.

speak to some of the other tour members occasionally. Bill, Joe from Canada, Mike, and Joe. Glad to communicate with all of them. This entire process has been a great experience, and I am eternally grateful to you.

Once again, I extend my warmest wishes to you. Be happy. Be well.

Bill V.

I just wanted to let you know that soon my k-1 visa should be getting approval and that soon my fiancee Oksana with come to the US. We both agreed that when she gets here that we are going to get married right away. I’m going to have a small wedding.

I wanted to know if you would like video footage of my wedding to let people know how great your company is because without you company AFA I would of never meet my soulmate and my angel forever.


Just want to say thanks again! I am glad I am in Poltava. The office here is very good at staying on top of everything. And fulfilling my requests. Also they are taking good care of my brother since he will be transported by driver back to Kiev when I go for my early morning flight out of Kiev. He will need to meet someone in the early am in Kiev to get his apartment and Natalia tells me one of the girls will go to make sure he gets into his apartment.

So far I found two nice girls and will be back in may to Poltava. Whatever you dodon’t close the Poltava office. There are way too many nice ladies here. Not one girl has tried to extort me or take me to an expensive place.








We would be the perfect AFA couple for this show. I met my Barranquilla Beauty in 2008. We dated for 3 years, applied for a visa, then got married in Salt Lake City on December 18th, 2010. My wife Karen has her green card and we just celebrated our first anniversary. WE COULDN"T BE HAPPIER!

It gets even better. Her sister Ingrid recently met the love of her life through AFA and is now engaged to a great guy from Minnesota. They are in the visa process and plan to get married around December of this year.

Like a lot of American gentlemen my age, I had trouble finding romance here in the states. I tried just about every matchmaking service there is, but nothing worked. Women under 50 wouldn’t give me a second look. Then I heard about AFA and my world changed forever. At age 57, I discovered the fountain of youth in Colombia, a beautiful 24 year old virgin with a heart of gold. I learned Spanish, wrote love songs for her and we spent many wonderful nights together on the beaches of Cartagena.

I am forever indebted to you. I found my true love through AFA, a beautiful woman who loves me more than I ever thought possible, a treasure forever.

Thanks for your consideration

Laurence & Karen

Yami was very loving and caring & a Concerned young lady when it came to our well being. A true asset to your business. A Job Well Done. Thanks A milloin

Ronnie Cooper

the last one being the right trip (oh, I should have taken this one first!) and I am now engaged and in the visa process with a wonderful lady from Barranquilla, Colombia. She speaks great English, having worked as a translator for the local AFA office in the past. We’d both be delighted to help promote your work and testify to the success, the fun, the excitement!


Doug Hammond

(PS: Having worked closely with Liz Martin, I can tell you she is wonderful and you are lucky to have her on your staff!)



since I got home from the Shenzhen tour, but the holiday season has kept me busy and I haven’t been able to get around to it until now. I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful trip to Shenzhen. I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest I went with some trepidation regarding to how things would go, but it worked out very well.

The hotel where we stayed was very nice. The neighborhood felt very safe and the staff there was very helpful when it came to getting around and providing directions to local areas I needed to go. I would stay there again should I visit Shezhen agian.

The first night there I met Amilia, the tour leader/manager for the Shenzhen office. She is a bright, young, woman who made the initial adjustment to China very easy. She was easy to talk to, friendly, and very accomodating. She handed out her cards to the group and told everyone that she would be available to help them at any time should the need arrise. Throughout the whole trip she was there to ensure our needs were taken care of and I apprecaited that very much.

The translators who I had the pleasure of getting to know, Amy, Careful, Anna, and Christine, were professional and very personable. They all seemed to care about helping us connect with the women we chose to meet. They were in many cases able to help convey the proper feeling of what was being said and really helped to facilitate a connection in a dificult enviornment.

The socials were very helpful. There was a good selection of women to meet at the socials in many different age groups and with various language abilities. All of the women I spoke with seemed very interested in getting to know me and seeing if we could develop a connection that could lead to something down the road.

The guys who were there for the tour were good too. There was a vast cross section of types of guys and I found that I got along with most of them. As with any group, there are always ones you get along with better than others, but in general I thought the tour participants were pretty interesting.

Overall, for me, I felt that the tour was a great success. I met some very interesting people and got to experience things that I never would have if I had not gone to China.<

Thank you,

Todd M.



The reason for the delay is simple. I wanted to gauge the customer service after the incredible experience to provide a fair and objective review. The tour was positively everything I expected and more. The staff was very sincere, helpful, and gracious; they went the extra mile to ensure I had a pleasant experience. What really makes me tip my hat off to them is the follow up friendship that has been established. The Shenzhen staff not only performed professionally, they have displayed their hearts are truly into their work. In my business, I can spot a potential business associate that is "in it for the money only" a mile away. This is certainly not the case in dealing with the fine team you have been fortunate to assemble. Please convey to your superiors, as well as your Shenzhen staff, the great job they are doing!


Craig R.



I went to Chongqing China on a personnel tour last April after writing a couple of ladies there. The experience I had there was overwhelming. The staff went out of their way to help me and I developed a relationship with one translator that was really helpful. A couple of ladies went out of their way to impress me by taking me (they paid) to very nice restaurants on the first date. Two ladies impressed me by not trying to impress me. Our first dates we just walked around the area which gave us a chance to talk. Happy to say one of the these ladies and I are engaged and going through the fiancee visa process. Daisy and I hit it off very well and are looking to be together by next summer.

Herb W.


I just want to thank Yami and the entire Barranquilla staff for all their help and support during my stay. You guys made each and every client feel very comfortable. I was able to meet a woman who is beautiful both inside and out. Without your help, it would have not been possible. This tour was definitely a suceess!

AFA is real!

AFA works!

Alonzo G.


when and whom would be best? or should I just talk to Bud some mon nite? I have a very strange work hours, so best if I call you. I am so very thankful that I went, 2 weeks was not enough. If you could record not only the site and sound, but the feel, smell, taste and emotions of such a trip. You would not be able to keep up with demand. Thanks looking forward to helping others.



First, how are you? I hope this message find you in the best; health, mind, body and soul. Second, and most important, I’d like to extend my appreciation for all your efforts on my behalf, and the other individuals attending the recent event held by your agency there in Barranquilla, thanks. It was my desire to extend my gratitude to your personally, as oppose to sending it to the main office.

Your dedication to achieving the objectives and making us all an intricate part of your overall success obtaining thereto was, to say the least, impressive. The constant care in which you catered to those clients who required it was at its upmost; professional, immeasurable, and your ability to make things happen in the blink of an eye goes without saying. Words cannot describe the consummate manager, advisor, logistician, and realist you are; the agency has the ideal, most importantly, right person to headline such an overwhelming task of doing the things that you make appear so easy and unnerving. Again thanks for all your efforts, not only on my behalf, but that of all the members attending the event; but most of all, to those fine and upstanding, lest I not forget, beautiful women, not only exterior, but that beauty revealed from with their very souls. Your means of honest assessments, and the truth and true nature of their (women and men) intentions was refreshing; you are the honest-broker that made pleasant that which was not believable, and to those who needed a dose of reality allowed them to look at their possibilities and objects; it was a pleasure to watch as you turned water into wine, metaphorically speaking of course.

Lastly, thanks for all your efforts in assisting me with the communication and arrangement of the interesting person I met (name withheld for her privacy), you know to whom I am referring (your taxi mate); thank you! It is my hope that she and I will get to know each other better, and should that happen, you will be definitely made aware; as we (with her approval) move forward with whatever processes required. With that said, please extend my appreciation to your agency, consummate professionals are far and few; you are by and large, the best at your craft. Yami, you exude that professionalism and strength, one who puts their heart into making successful any given task.

Finally, I would be remiss in my appreciation and admiration if I did not address that true professional, new friend, who aided, guided, and conveyed my words and thoughts in such an effective manner, Karen , my personal translator. Thanks for being, the honest agent to and for me, for looking out for my interests, and providing the best advice as I maneuvered through the maze of endless (pleasant and intriguing) conversations. You are the best! I would recommend you to any and every one; of course, this is in no way a slight on the other fine professional fellow translators by far. It is my hope, that the last translation session will be the most memorable; no words can describe your efforts Karen You to, are the consummate professional who puts her heart and soul into making anything you engage in a success! Thanks.

Sincerely and Warmest Regards,

Mr. Calvin B.


I just wanted to write a short email to you from Sumy. I know a personal tour is not as good as a group tour, but I wanted to email you and let you know I am having a wonderful time here, and the translator, Nelly is just wonderful, she is really going out of her way to help me. I have yet to meet that special one for me, however: I am falling in love with Sumy. I have a few more days so please wish me the best. I do want to say, though; that if you need to, I will make my contact information available to anyone who wants to know about a personal tour. On the webcasts, not much is mentioned about personal tours, if AFA ever wants to, I will make myself available to call in and share my experience here with others like me, who would rather do a personal tour It is tough with their work and other plans, however, I would not miss this for the world.

Thank you again for everything.

Jeff M.


This is the official letter to thank all of you and the other members of AFA for all the help you have extended me in my search for my Marina. I first became aware of AFA when I watched a movie about two brothers who went to Moscow. I had been a failure at finding a lady in the US. I have been married twice and as my photos show I am most assuredly not Brad Pitt. I will be 60 soon so I am not a man who would attract young women even though I am a young minded man. I am very active in doing volunteer work. I have several hobbies that I enjoy and I enjoy travel very much. Most of these activities are not as much fun when doing them alone-even flying which I love is not the same when alone. To make my average story shorter,I came to seek a lady in another country. I went to other web sites but I came to the conclusion that your company is THE way to success. I have your book,Bud and can say that while reading it many times I understand all of the ideas you put forth. I was not able to go on a tour but I am convinced that it is the best way to travel to another country to meet that one woman to marry. My frist trip to Odessa was because I narrowed my search and contacted several ladies there. Max and Anna were very helpful. ( I should say that the one lady I planned to meet on that trip was killed in her car some short time before I was to travel.) It was a very succeessful trip in that I learned many things that has made me successful in my search. On my second trip I was to meet Marina and we fell in love in about 30 seconds. It was mutual and today it is becoming a strong and wonderful thing. We did not speak the same language when we met but Marina has worked very hard to learn English for me. My Russian is very bad but I will improve. I can say that all that you say in your book is accurate. As I related to you last night, I was fortunate that Marina took very little time to become happy here in Nebraska. Tonight we enrolled her in "English as a second language" at the continuing ed. class. In closing, I can say that I could not be happier and Marina asks that I say she agrees (she looks over my shoulder as I type) Her English reading is very good! Thanks once again and if ever I can be of assistance to you-my friend-you only need to ask. I have some contacts in the local news media.

I will stop here by saying that I have shown the program which is on the We network as part of the "secret lives of women" to maybe 15 men and all agree that it may be THE way to meet the one woman to marry. All agree that John is a very lucky man-Tanya seems to be much too good for him---ha ha. God bless and keep in touch


p.s you mentioned some men in the Omaha area that you know. feel free to give my e-mail and even my phone number. I would welcome friends here for Marina and I to know


The guys on the tour and the AFA staff was really great. I did meet somebody and we are working on our relationship and I will go back in January to propose to her. I have been writing her since March of this year and it was great to meet her in Poltava. We are now working on moving forward with our relationship. I will only go on another tour if this does not workout. I do need to know what type of services and support your company can offer me when I return to Poltava, and any good advice as I move along in the process will be appreciated. Thank you very much for doing everything you promised.

Tony N.


the office there was absolutely awesome! They worked hard for everyone and you left feeling like you made a office full of friends. Everything proceeded in a class manner, I was very happy with the outcome. I meet a wonderful woman and am planning my return trip to attend her sister’s wedding. I look forward to the relationship growing and seeing her again. Great job by all!

Kurt F.


and I got to meet many really fine ladies in Cebu. didn’t finalize a deal yet but will probably go back to Cebu in November to see a couple of ladies that I really like, one in particular. I’ve never been one of the "cool kids" before that got to date all the really hot babes, but in Cebu "I still got it." If I don’t finalize a deal then I will probably take the tour to Shenzhen China. looks like some really good ladies there too, but it would be hard to beat the Cebu ladies.

Jerry K.



But I wanted to wait until I booked a return trip to Ukraine. I was a tour participant on the AFA Odessa trip this past May. I also was a guest during the July webcast with host Bud Patterson. I wish to tell you everything on this trip far exceeded my expectations. Everyone was personable, professional, responsible, and fun. To be truthful JohnI was somewhat skeptical going in. I had considered a trip of this type for a long time, and even went so far as to visit Costa Rica on my own. Anywayin April I suddenly and somewhat impulsively decided to take the plunge. Andmy only regret is that I did not take advantage of your services sooner. But then I would not have met the woman I did meet. JohnI must confess that I never thought I would find love. Seriously. I figured I was destined to remain single. But this has all changed. For thanks to AFA, I met someone who I never dreamed existed. I feel as if I am living in a d! ream state or fairy tale. It is unreal. Nataliya and I Skype, email or speak every single day. Every day! I have retained the services of Maria Jones and am so excited for our future. I feel like a kid at Christmas. It’s incredible. I am happy. And I have you to thank.

Please allow me to comment a bit on the trip. I am sure you received your share of complaints but I am not the type to dwell on minor annoyances or petty disagreements, etc. Besides, I am a 100% satisfied customer! As far as I can tellyou guys are amazing. Max is incredible. A true asset. I feel as if I made a friend for life. He even telephoned me back in the states on my birthday. I was sick during the trip as well and he and Anna got me medicine and even took me to the pharmacy. This was an experience in itself. Anna and Maxwonderful people and so good at what they do. I must also commend Mike. I thought he did a super job of handling things during the trip. You know John, it isn’t always easy to deal with numerous personality types and I feel Mike simply was outstanding as our ’resident advisor’. Seriously, such a nice guy. I cannot say enough good things about him. I also need to mention Dean. I guess he is a tour veteran and he knows you guys fairly well. He helped me out a lot when I was sick and when we got back to Vienna he took charge of things regarding our accommodations. A real asset and a great guy. John, I could go on and on. The entire trip was fantastic. You guys and gals are all great. I was planning on meeting you at JFK in June but could not attend. I will definitely be attending the Philadelphia conference and look forward to introducing myself. As I mentioned in the beginning of this email, I am returning to Ukraine September 19 to see Nataliya. If there is anything I can do for you - any time, any place - please do not hesitate to let me know. Once more, I cannot thank you enough.

Bill V

It’s a pleasure doing business with a corporation whose employees are professional. Liz has the ability and speaking delivery capability that was calmly and rapidly taking care of my concerns. Liz worked to help me accomplish all I intended to do in the first place. To make the transaction that allowed all 4 letters written yesterday, myself more than willing to pay for those letters to be delivered.

I’m interested in Mei, from Shenyang, China. I will speak with you before I go to Shenyang, China- Dec. or Jan. to see her at my own expense. I’m also checking with a Christian based English language institute to teach English there in China. I do have a Doctorate in English. Information I rarely mention. I’m planning on moving to China to also give Mei and me plenty of time to get to know me, as well as myself getting better acquainted with her.

Thank you for your time,

Ricky J. T.



You can list me as a satisfied client. I attended this Odessa tour on a last minute basis. The airfare with Austrian Airlines was unbelievably. Austria Airlines rocks! Our accommodations during the return Vienna layover were excellent! We got a van from the hotel within minutes to the city. It was perfect. My luggage was safe. (Though weight was a problem) Well done!

As a rookie, I did not have any expectations. I did not have time to get any invitations out to anyone. I did not know anyone and really did not spend much time with your web casts. I knew about your seminars. I have been using your website for letters on and off for a few years. I have spoken to Liz at AFA for years. Letters are worthless without a "face to face" contact. My home is the beautiful historic town of Meeker, Colorado. It is a town of 2,500. We are near the Flattop wilderness. We have clean air and water. We have many mountain lakes and trails. Our waters of wild trout and forests of elk and deer attract world-class fishermen and hunters. Our mountains are known for skiing. We are experiencing a natural gas energy boom (drilling, new plants and pipelines).

We have new elementary school and recreation center. We do not have to lock doors and cars. Our children are safe. Parents can send their children to school on bikes and not have to worry. All of the single mothers on your database would approve of what out town offers children. We have a community college program. We have a dozen churches. It is just a great place to live. But there has and will always be a lack of single, educated, attractive women in Rural America. I have been single for these reasons. I highly recommend that all your clients from small towns to get on a plane. I can’t offer an opinion for single men from large urban areas. Now, I admit that I made ALL of the mistakes that a rookie can make on this tour. The list is embarrassing. My experiences could make some clients sour on these tours. However, by its very nature romance is an imperfect process. I don’t understand why Ukraine women want to meet American men. There is no question that this is true. There is a "zero" chance of finding and attractive woman in my town. Your tours offer some light at the end of the romance tunnel. One must have patience, persistence and perseverance. There are billions of single women on this planet. There is no way a guy should feel trapped in a small town. Whether it is the Ukraine, Russia, China, Peru, Philippines, Costa Rica or South America, AFA has found a way to connect people in a vacation like setting. This cannot be done by email- it is done by showing up. I give you guys the THUMBS UP! I think Will, Max and Anna, interpreters, staff; bus driver undertook heroic team efforts to make stuff happen. I am grateful to the ladies for attending these events too. Everything costs money. Everything takes time. I never felt anything unsafe. I saw no drugs or illegal conduct. I saw more attractive women in a week than I have ten years at home. I hope it was as fun for the women as it was for me. For the most part, the other members of this trip were just responsible guys.

My 2 cents!

Take care,

Joe F.



My trip went very well and I was pleased with your staff at San Jose. Gustavo was personable and understanding. His help was very important for me with the girl I had met. He has a solid relationship with his staff ,the girls that are signed up and the interpreters. The interpreter I used many times was excellent. Her name was Jessica

Thank you again,




think i’m a very lucky guy , with 1 wish is just to be happy in marriage and the best husband,and father that i can be !and i will work very hard at this . my anna is truely a very special person in my life! and to anna and max they helped me in more ways than i can express! max was there when i ask my anna for her hand in marriage as anna said yes:)! max ,and anna truely did more than i could have asked for . so thank you max,and anna now my life feels completetommy ps. thank you john for doing something that is as real as it gets ,

finding true love !

thanks again



to whoever will be interested joining your sponsored tours. I had a wonderful time specially in Nikolaev where I had the opportunity to meet with Irina who was the main reason why I joined the tour. Unlike the other members of our Tour Group, I only dated Irina. Some of the members whom I became friendly with asked me how many girls I dated and when I told them only one, they said: "Are you crazy? You travelled thousands of miles and had the opportunity to date so many beautiful girls and you dated only one?" They had a point, but see, I did not care. I accomplished what I set out to do - to meet the girl of my dreams and at the same time saw the beautiful country side of Ukraine. I wish to thank you and all the staff, specially Mike Harrison and Max for a wonderful adventure. They did a super job.

Sincerely yours,




for all of your hard work. You have made my experience in this matter most enjoyable. I was kind of apprehensive going into this endeavor. Thanks to you, you made it a pleasure.

Thank you.




I have a very happy and good news that i want to share with the 2 most wonderful women in Kiev (Anna and Svetlana) After meeting Aleksandra in Kiev and then to her family in March, we were planning for next steps of trying to live together. She is leaving Kiev to go to college here in US in middle of June. I want to share the news with you and i will keep you posted. thank you for identifiying Aleksi to me and Anna to make sure i met herwithout you pushing that day, with my travel tiredness, i would have not met her at all and here we are she is moving to the US.




and I felt unsatisfied with how much time the show gave you and your organization. I have watched other documentaries on this subject and I find that AFA is probably one of the better ones.

Just my opinion.



I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire Foreign Affair staff for the great job you did on the Odessa tour. I have to say that it was a very unique experience for me and I had a wonderful time and glad that I made the decision to go on the trip. I met so many nice people and had a blast. I definitely feel that going on the trip created some opportunities for me that I otherwise would not have had if it were not for the assistance of Foreign Affair. I would absolutely recommend the tours to anyone who may be thinking of going and those people who are not familiar with Foreign Affair. Who knows, I may go again someday. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the conference call on April 14th because I have another engagement, but I am looking foward to seeing the video. Once again, many thanks to you and your staff for your outstanding work and for making this memorable trip possible. It was a pleasure meeting you and should I need assistance in the future, I will be sure to contact you. John, I hope that you have a great day and please take care and stay well.

John B



we Skype everyday, and just celebrated our one month anniversary! AFA has helped change our lives in an incredible way! If you’d like to see it, I’ll send you a link to a movie I created for us! We are planning a late June holiday together somewhere in europe. Anyway, I wonder if your Tanya would be available, to correspond with me, or even Elena. I have some questions from time to time, and I think it might be really good for her.


All the best!



Testimonial Images


I will try to be brief. I am an average man who found himself divorced and wondering what to do next. I am a person who needs to love as most of us do. I tried the various ways of meeting women---I guess after being married for over 20 years I had lost my skills at dating. I tried on-line dating at the insistence of my sons. What a waste of my time and now I have this feeling of futility. I knew that service men had been bringing wives home from countries for many years. I remember seeing a movie about two men and one wife---your story. At about this time I met a man who has a wife from the Phillipines. In the course of my travels I found several men who have married ladies from other countries with great success. I took the plunge and found a site that rated the companies doing this. I bounced around looking and was getting nowhere. Many ladies had contacted me but I still did not understand how to go about this. It was at this time that I first visited LOVE-ME. I was impressed immediately. I started a relationship with a nice lady from Kherson [ but how to get there] I decided to go on a tour with you. When I told Tatiana this she was happy then several days later she asked me not to come on a tour. She was sure that I would meet another and forget her. We agreed that I would come alone and she would be my guide. This was November 2009. I was planning to travel in January. In mid december I was told by her grown son that Tatiana was killed while driving her car. I was naturally devistated, but came to a decision to go to Ukraine on a single tour. I met Max and had a wonderful time --I also met with Tatiana’s son. I fell in love with Odessa. Upon my return I decided to book a tour later and return to Odessa. In March I was contacted by Marina. We became close immediately. I continued to watch LOVE-ME and still played the field but no lady came close to Marina. After exchangingover 100 e-mails I decide to return to Odessa in September. We spent over two weeks living together and learning every day. I met her family and came home Engaged. We applied for her Fiancee visa through a friend who is here in Omaha and practices Immagration law. Today I received the letter that says that the visa has been granted and the papers have been sent to Kiev. We are very happy and now can plan to meet in Odessa and travel to Nebraska together. This may be just another average story but I know that It is my story and my success is because of the work that you do. I have talked to you on two occasions and really appreciated your caring manner. I have the episode of "secret lives of women" on my dvr and have shown it to several men. They all agree that Tanya is very beautiful and they like her easy going manner. The first time I watched it I planned to be alone but several men--including my son and his friends with several of my single friends. It was very inspiring and informational. I hope that someday I can meet you both in person so that I can look you in the eye and shake your hand. As I have said on the phone--I am at your disposal if I can ever be of service,you only need to ask. One of the things I have used most from your site is the BOOK. Bud did a fine job and I can attest that all he said has come to pass. Oh Marina is 48--I am 59 I could not be happier with my young lady. You can count me and marina as engaged because of your site. One last thought: I have had the pleasure of talking to many of your staff and they are all wonderful--I felt that I was being helped as a friend --not as a customer. Please relay my happy news to Liz--she is great.

Take care and our best wishes.




took the Barranquilla tour in December 2010, had a wonderful time meeting the women there. And I would like to thank Yami and her stuff for a great job they did for us, and setting up a date for me. It worked out great, I meet a very nice lady and we have started to visa work for her to come to the U.S. I will be visiting Sandra in June and meeting her family. And once again A Foreign Affair did a great job on this tour.


from Olathe, Ks



thats what I’m used to writing. First I’ll address conducting business with your operation in Phoenix. It was about business but always prompt, polite and professional. But there was always a personal touch that made it all work for me. I came to Barranquilla Colombia on the Latin Tour. When I cleared customs at three in the morning there was a driver holding a sign with my name on it. Later that morning I was met by a wonderful interpreter who took me to the office to meet with the first of the ladies I had requested to meet. Let me cut to the chase here and give you the facts. Yami and Cecilia made me feel welcome as their guest. Everything went smoothly until the second day. That was when I met Ruth and my life changed. There wasn’t sparks, there was fireworks!I am now housed in a great apartment thanks to "Journey" (my interpreter and now close friend) and Ruth. Yes; I am staying in Barranquilla. Thanks to a great team in Phoenix and fantastic people here in Barranquilla, I couldn’t be more happy and content. Here it is guys, you can write letters until the cows jump over the moon. Get off of your butt and change your life. You’ll NEVER get to know any woman by exchanging letters. This is the real deal all the way. You think I am BSing you? I am putting my email address here for you to contact me about Barranquilla Colombia: (Please call (602) 553-8178 for the Perry’s E-mail address Yes, contact me for the right way to become a happy man. And NO, I was not paid nor asked to write this. GET IT DONE!



Had a great time on the tour. Stayed an extra day. Great camadarie with the guys and the office staff. Would highly recommend. My translator was exceptional (Selina).

Thank you for your help.




on the 29th of November. This was my first trip with AFA, and I truly did not know what to expect. I feel it is important to tell you that, your staff in Cartagena far exceeded my expectations. I know that latin people are very wonderful, but Sandra and the manager went out of their way to ensure my experience was wonderful. I am writting, because I would like their efforts to be acknowledged by both myself and your company. Even if it is only a simple email thanking them for their dedication, hard work, and friendly attitude. Because of their efforts, I would recommend them and your service to anyone who is looking for someone special abroad. As for me I believe that I have found the person I am looking for, but will use AFA when I return to spend time with her.

I wish you, your family, and your employees a wonderful holiday season. God bless all of you with happiness, success, and peace

Stephen M.



the Ukraine and Russia. we have allot of great women here in America but the women over there, well if you have never been there you will never know the difference and its Big. your tours are more fun then words can tell. i still talk to a few of the guys from my tours, we all feel these tours were a trip of a lifetime .growing up in the 70s who would have ever thought i would see Red Square or Saint Petersburg. i really enjoyed my trip there and what better then to be shown around on a date . you cant experience that here . the one trip i went on to Nitzny Novgorod i had a chance to talk to a class at the American University there , they wanted to Know why its so hard for them to come to America. i told them i think we have all been sold allot of propaganda . you are supposed to be mean and crazy People (Russian’s) sure you have to be careful where you go like any large city, but the Russian People have always been great and love to talk to you and know more about America.

Well i just hope i can go back again.




your dedication to making our trip a success was evident to everyone. you and the staff went out of their way 24/7 to accomodate a diverse group of guys with different needs and wants. EXCEPTIONAL!

I am booking a trip back to Nickoli in June to be with Natalia who I met there. we are spending the week in the Crimea and will be starting the paperwork to bring her home. Things didn’t work out with Elena (interpreter) as she had doubts and backed out which is better known now than later. before I go in June, can i call you for some traveling advice on best ways to get to Nickoli from Odessa and make arrangements in the Crimea, and the best place to visit in that area?

thanks again,




Some of you are interested in Latin America or Asia. Because of past travels, I selected the Ukraine. So I decided to book the March 23, 2011 tour to Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson although I had never visited these cities. Before I found AFA, I had been writing to several ladies on another site. This turned out to be an advantage because I was able to meet them and AFA had no problem with this although I had dates with many AFA girls. This preparation became a considerable advantage because I was able to "hit the ground running" and had dates immediately upon arrival. More on that later.

So what are the key factors for success? Well, I believe it is several things. AFA delivered all that they promised and more. We are all responsible for our own happiness. I would say that the keys are focused expectations and preparation. My dad used to say "Son, if you don’t know what you are looking for, you will never find it". Simple, but so true.

Know in advance what you are looking for and do your best to not deviate from your criteria. These are the "dealbreakers". Examples are age, position on children, for me, height. For you there may be others. I don’t mean to dismiss the magic. It happens. Are you willing to be flexible on your criteria for that special girl? Believe me, they are out there and they are more flexible than you.

Then there are expectations. How do you define success? Engagemet in a week? I saw it happen. However, for me I looked at it this way. I was determined to go on a much needed vacation and have a great time - I did. I reasoned that if I returned with the personal contact information of several girls that there was mutual attraction, great. That happened also, and I am working that now. Also, I will return soon, although not on a tour. I need to discover if there is serious attraction with these ladies and perhaps others. So, there it is for me. I am sure that it may be different for you. I saw this among the great group of guys on the tour. We are still in touch.

You have the opportunity to meet hundreds of girls of all types, ages and circumstances. The folks in the agencies and the fantastic translators will do all they can to help you and want you to succeed. I have no complaints about any aspect of the conduct of the tour. You will see for yourself. View the videos of past tours. They are very accurate and truthful.

Now for some practical advice. Make a decision and go!! Very few men do so. I had a date with a gorgeous girl and asked how many letters she received and how many guys she had met. She said hundreds of letters (she was very beautiful - a 10 over here, but I was only her second date!!) I am still in touch with her. When you go, you will be like a rock star over there. The fact is that there are millions more women than men. The Ukranian guys don’t treat them well and die early. The odds are greatly in your favor. Age is a very minimal factor for them. Although I was not serious because of my criteria (which I very carefully followed), I was easily able to date girls much younger than my daughter!

Perpare ahead of time by selecting ladies that you feel you could be serious with and write them. Don’t write hundreds of letters. It is not necessary. Be selective. The agency will help you meet them. That was key to my success. In 11 days and 3 cities, I had over 30 dates. Now I am home with a handful of ladies that could be "the one". Oh, and don’t dismiss serendipity. I saw it happen. You meet a lady one way or another and lighting strikes - carpe diem! Just be sure to do what you can to get to know her and see if there is a possibility. On the flip side, be very careful about "junior high infatuation" and being crushed if doesn’t work out. I also saw this happen. Get back on the horse and attend all the socials.

Forgive me for being so verbose, but I am on your side and want you to find happiness. We all deserve it.

Study all the information on the AFA site, ask for references (I’m happy to speak to you). Learn a bit about their culture and their language. Buy Bud Patterson’s excellent book. Dial in to the calls and webcasts. Then get off the couch, book a tour and go!! It’s the only way and worth every penny. (what would an 11 day vacation or cruise cost you and how many women would you be likely to meet?) I wish you all the best. You are thinking "outside the box" and being courageous. You are one of the few.





from my hotel room in San Jose, Costa Rica. I took your November 2009 tour to Costa Rica; where I met the most wonderful, smart and intelligent woman named Ana, that I have ever know in my life. She had such an effect on me, that I travelled on 4 different occasions back to Costa Rica. On July, 24 2010, USCIS recieved my I-129 pettion that I filled on her behalf; and while I was in Costa Rica (on one of my visits to see Ana) on Valentine’s Day this year, I recieved notice that the I-129 Pettion was approved. Yesterday, April 5, 2011; Ana had her Interview at the Embassy and her Visa was approved and tomorrow at 3 pm, we are to return to the Embassy and recieve the Visa in person. I just wanted to thank you and John and Gustavo for everything. This company has truly changed my life and I am looking forward to bringing Ana back to the United States this Saturday By the way, Saturday is also Ana’s Birthday; and I don’t think that I could of given her a more appropiate gift. Thank you from the bottom of and Ana’s heart. Please feel free to add my name and telephone to number to the list of many satisfied men who have finally found happiness with the help of your services.


Bruce and Ana



but I just have to tell you what beautiful experience I just had with the tour in San Jose [just this weekend] .Well organized, professional, pleasedYour staff is outstanding and very friendly and they did a great job.If I. have similar agency I want have a guy as Gustavo. Thanks a lot one more time and good luck with what you do.


Jiri S.



So I wanted to drop you a short note to tell you that your man Gustavo in San Jose has treated me extremely well and provided excellent service and support while dealing with LoveMe.

I have been actively using your service in Costa Rica and have dated several wonderful Latina ladies. The experience was enhanced because Gustavo has been very supportive. He has done everything from translation to tips on restaurants and any other need I have requested.

Your service is #1, as is your man in Costa Rica,

Best Regards,

Ed W.



Im very excited and so is Olga Oh i will be calling in on you 50 th show,,3-10-11 THANKS for all you do and all your people who work for you they are the BEST.And your office in the Ukraine did a wonderful job,, Max and Anna went above and beyound the call of duty,, they were very help full

Gene R. W.



Testimonial Images

for making it possible to meet the love of my life! As you know I went to Cebu City on Feb. 5 th 2011 to meet Jocelyn who I met on the AFA site. Your staff in Cebu were very professional and kind to me. After the introduction Jocelyn and I left to for Cebu City to meet her family and to go to Boracay. To make a long story short we had our engagement party on Feb. 11th in Cebu City and the K 1 Visa process has been started. Your service has provided me the opportunity to find what I have been searching for so long. That search ended when I met Jocelyn. She is everything she said and so much more and most important we have fell in love over the last 5 months and planned to get married as soon as her visa is approved. I see some of the blogs on the Internet which talk about less than favourable results in finding a foreign bride. Well, I think it is like anything in life. If you go into it with your eyes wide open and really truly take the time and spend a little money for a service like AFA the results speak for itself. I will forever be indebted to you and thankful to you for the service you provided. I have to be the happiest man on earth right now!! I have attached a picture of Jocelyn and I.

Sincerely, Donald



Testimonial Images

and the Machu Picchu portion was friggin AMAZING. Top 2 best trip ever. Phil and I climbed the mountain- 9000 ft. scared the hell outta me but I wouldn’t take it back. Gringo bills was a neat little place, although they could use some alarm clocks as their wake up calls are non-existent, but they were really nice people and made us feel welcome. But what an experience. Anyone that takes that tour and doesn’t go is out of their mind. Thanks again for a great trip and service, you guys are the best.




This is feedback for the organization and specifically for helen and Jim. I have assessed over 1000 organizations in the world in every major industry in some 30 countries. I will say that without doubt my experience with your organization has been absolutely terrific. I am sure there is not another introduction agency in the world that has your skills and your abilities. the process that you take us through beginning to end is darn near perfect. I suggest two changes. Have two serving lines for dinner and make the name tags readable. The women could not read them at the table. the name must be printed large and bold. first name on one line and last name on second line. they must be in a gigantic font. the support I received from the staff was extraordinary. in the large group facilitation skills of Helen is beyond compare. and I am one of the dozen or so most proficient large group facilitators in the world so i know. her ability to relate to the customers and the ability to relate to the girls and the staff are remarkable. I receive unsolicited feed back from the staff on how much they trust Helen and how much they care for her I also experienced Jim. he also is an incredible true professional. he was able to relate with me ,understand me and be supportive and helpful to me in only a way that comes from a person who is truly psychologically mature and highlyskilled in this business. the bottom line is that I have not found my dream woman at this time. I am highly particular. the reason I have not dated a woman for 10 years is simply that I did not think the woman out there existed that would want to join my disciplined highly professional global trotting lifestyle that I would have access to. I am now convinced that there are a multitude of women who are connected with foreign affair that would be glad to join me in my life. the trick now is to find that special person. we came so close on this encounter. therefore I will continue my relationship with A Foreign Affair until my dream is realized.





and at that time I told you if I don’t find a wife on the tour I wanted to go to Peru. You told me that I would never make it to Peru, that I had an 80% chance of finding someone on the Odessa tour. Well, I guess you know your business pretty well, because I found the girl of my dreams. I almost screwed my opportunity up though. I had been writing one girl that I was really interested in that I thought was a little young for me, but I wrote her anyway and we really clicked in our letters. Well, when I got there to meet her and saw how young she looked had a panic attach and told her interpreter I didn’t want to see her anymore, because she was too young. Then I started dating other women. Well, when I got home there was a letter waiting for me wanting to know what happened? I wrote back and told her she was too young. I am 60 and she is 39. She said, well you knew how old I was before you came to Ukraine. So we co! mmunicated back and forth for a few days and I asked her to forgive me and for one more chance. The 23rd of October I went back to meet with her again and almost blew it again! We were having a communication problem! So, I decide to call Max and he came running to the rescue. By the way I want to tell you what a good job Max does on the Odessa tour. I believe him and Anna were born for that kind of work. They are so organized and seem to love their jobs and even love working with the people. Keeping all the people happy all the time can be a very difficult job, because of dealing with so many different personalities. With Max I think I have made a friend for life! I feel he is more like family instead of someone who was a tour guide or interpreter. Your tour can’t be beat! If, you can’t find a wife on the tour it’s not because we didn’t have an opportunity or you guys didn’t do your part. Thanks to Max for his help he provided after the tour I am doing the paper work to bri! ng Victoria to the USA and hope to marry her. She is absolutel! y without a doubt my dream girl. Would you please tell my friend Max I can’t thank him enough?. Thanks for the perfect tour, because it couldn’t have been more perfect. I highly recommend your agency.





for a wonderful trip to Kiev. I had a great time during my Kiev visit form Oct 4 th -10th. Who knows I would have even found my partner (Alexander). Lets keep our fingers crossed


Since I landed in Kiev, the Cell phone delivery through the taxi driver on my arrival, the call right after I landed to welcome me, to the clear instructions of what to expect on day one, was awesome. Following that with, our personal coaching of some of the local cultures and your knowledge of most of the women in your database and assistance after understanding my personality by directing me to the right search of the women was great. I appreciate the help. Also the taxi driver picked me up back from the hotel to the airport, gave the exact change that your agency owed for the cell phone deposit and was very courteous. (1 input, the Rus hotel, actually provided me a complimentary free taxi back to the airport which I didn’t know. This is just for your information for future)


You were unbelievably great. I don’t have enough words to express my thanks and your wonderful service during our trip. Your relentless calling of all the girls and getting me introductions and setting up appointments was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for me. The times when I was very tired and decided not to go out on dates, your persistence of making sure I went on dates is highly appreciated. The translation services you provided was the best when compared to some of the translators the women brought with themselves. Your friendliness and always with a smile, was great. More so, helping me with ideas, date plans, locations, is admirable. So, I guess, I will have to keep my options open and will after my visit to Kiev. I hope both of your families are well and you are doing very good there.

Talk to you soon.





I have been back for a few days, and I am still smiling over my good fortune to meet Katerina. We spent every moment together while I was there, and have talked or emailed every day since I’ve been back. I believe we will be together. I will send you an update in a few weeks when we decide on our next step.

Please thank Max for me as well. He is a great guy, and I am fortunate to refer to each of you as friends.

Best Regards,




Testimonial Images

helen for your dedicated work and effort for bringing nenette and i together as one. we got married last july 12, 2008 in the philippines. helen coordinated all of my needs while im in the philippines and coordinated our wedding and help with nenette’s visa processing and pass port nenette & i love each other so much we will married again here in usa washington dc, this coming july 26, 2010






Noime and I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know we are still enjoying "Wedded Bliss" . All made possible by YOU and your talent for bringing people together so they may enjoy life. We have been married almost 2 yrs. now. Noime has her drivers learner permit now,and we are planning to build a new home. Our lives could not be any happier . I hope your business is doing well . I hope potential clients will put away their fear and skeptism and take that "BIG STEP" to the PHILIPPINES and meet a beautiful lady that’ll change life for both . I admit ,I was a bit scared until that first Social Party Night ,when after 30 minutes I knew I had made the right decision. Noime and I sincerely thank you for your help in our marriage. Best Wishes

William & Noime



We first met in 2007 and were later married in August of 2008.

The quality of service I received from AFA, both here in the US and also when in Colombia was top of the line. From the very first emails, to listening to the Monday (or was it Tuesday) conference calls where you answered questions and offered advice, using AFA for sending flowers, handling translated phone calls to Ramona, and for the GREAT service I received in Colombia when I went down there the first time.

There are a couple things I might say worked well for me, that others may want to try. First off you state in your guide lines, "don’t send money!" I think that is sound advice. But after my first trip to see Ramona, I wanted to get to know her better, and make sure this was right for BOTH of us. What I am going to suggest is only for when you are getting serious about one person.

I bought Ramona a computer and paid for the internet. Now first off, this wasn’t as expensive as you might think. A computer to handle email and Skype, (yahoo IM, any of those services) is not expensive. The internet connection cost about the same as here. But the reason I did this was so we could talk a couple hours a day and see each other via video. Skype is free. We ended up talking a couple hours in the morning and a couple hours in the evening. Using Skype and Microsoft Word, I could translate, cut and paste in the document space of Yahoo IM, and we could still see and talk live. What a great tool to get to know someone.

You would spend more than that dating here in the USA if you went to dinners, bars, or whatever you choose to do. Up front cost, $400, then $50 a month for the internet. It was well worth that to make sure we were right for each other. However, I would not suggest doing this for every woman you met - only after you have an idea you are starting to get serious.

Before we got the extra computer, Ramona would go to an internet cafe, which we did for several months. But they lacked the Video. That is such a plus.

The BIG side bonus! After Ramona and I came to the USA and got married, she never really got home sick!!!! Because every evening she is able to talk to her family and SEE them using Yahoo or Skype. Talk about a huge upside to the purchase! Anyway, I feel it is money well invested! Anyway, after a year and a half, and 4 trips to Colombia, we got married. What a wonderful woman! As for Colombia. It’s as safe as anywhere in the world. We are going to live here in California for a couple more years and then move to Colombia, where we purchased a Condo. The condo is being built now and due for completion at the end of 2011. If you feel I could be of any help answering question for any of your current clients, please let me know. Perhaps on one of the conference call nights or by email.

Again, I want to thank you and your staff for changing my life.

Gary & Ramona



I appreciate the time and effort you put into helping us to meet "Ms. Right".

I truly did not expect to meet the "woman of my dreams" on my first visit to Ukraine. I anticipated seeing the local sights and learning about Ukraine’s culture and history as a tourist with the possibility of having the help of a beautiful, local woman to educate me.

In only the four afternoons and evenings that I spent with Natasha after meeting her at the Social in Poltava, she made a deep impression on me with her intelligence, personality, manners, character, class and, of course, beauty. Her 3 1/2 year old daughter, Sophia, is very well behaved and fun to play with. I enjoyed spending the too short time with both of them and I do hope that we will have a long future together. I am looking forward to finally becoming a loving husband and father.

Once again, thank you for your time and effort on our behalf.


W. Scott N.



i am very please with your service i had great time in all three cities and i also met very beautiful lady of my dreams the trip was worth every penny and was the trip of my life time. i will recoment to any one and again thank you for good job my best regards

antonios s.



and making it possible for a serious guy to find a wife in the beautiful Philippine Islands.

During your May 2010 Tour in Davao I was very fortunate that you allowed Maricar Plenos (Mecai) to not only lead the tour as our guide, but to make herself available, if she wanted that. After the first social she dropped me a note saying that I could contact her if I wanted! We met for lunch the second day. The rest is history! What an exceptional woman! A Scuba Dive Master, a Reservist in the Navy, a Tour Guide, a mom and wonderful daughter and sister. Educated and accomplished. This beautiful woman is simply amazing. An ideal mixture of beauty and brains. How I won her heart is still a mystery to me, but I am elated with the results.

I am returning to Davao in July to spent most of the month with her. We will be married this trip. She is not only a beautiful lady visually, but her heart and soul are also every bit as beautiful as she. Her kids and brothers are a joy, and even her mother is nicewhat a miracle! We went to the province to meet her mothers side of the family. A great experience for me, something I had not expected when I made the decision to do the May tour. We’ll visit her fathers side of the family in the province in July. I am expecting the same warm reception from them. What a truly great experience to have such a memorable trip. Something that will stay with me for my entire life.

Mecai and I are both in touch with others who were on the tour, several are planning marriages as well! Others still working on the "selection" process. Regardless, what a great group of "friends" we made with the the rest of the guys and their ladies, and your wonderful staff! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The facilities were outstanding. From the Marco Polo Hotel to the social facilities at the Marco Polo. First rate!

The Tour activities were very nice in that it allowed us time as a group, and individually, to get to know each other in very friendly surroundings. Well worth the time to participate in the activities. An essential part of the process to get to know the ladies of our affections.

Thank you, Helen! I shall stay in touch with you when I move full time to Davao sometime in 2011 to settle permanently with Mecai and her family. What an adventure life holds for those who are willing to take that first step to a truly happy and memorable life.




for the kindness and concern for me while I was in your Country. (Davao, Philippines 2010) A special thank you to Maricar for all her help and concern for me, she is truly an asset to the company. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. I meet a lot of wonderful people that I will never forget. I assume that everyone knows that Charlita and I are engaged and have started the Visa process. I have also gained an entire new family and could not be happier. I will return the last of October or first of November and will be sure to visit the office to gather more Hugs.

XOX David C



I appreciate the time and effort you put into helping us to meet "Ms. Right". I truly did not expect to meet the "woman of my dreams" on my first visit to Ukraine. I anticipated seeing the local sights and learning about Ukraine’s culture and history as a tourist with the possibility of having the help of a beautiful, local woman to educate me. In only the four afternoons and evenings that I spent with Natasha after meeting her at the Social in Poltava, she made a deep impression on me with her intelligence, personality, manners, character, class and, of course, beauty. Her 3 1/2 year old daughter, Sophia, is very well behaved and fun to play with. I enjoyed spending the too short time with both of them and I do hope that we will have a long future together. I am looking forward to finally becoming a loving husband and father.


W. Scott N.



Without your help I would never have had the nerve to go on a Latin Club tour. Yami and Ceci were so helpful, as well as the other translators. If it were not for them I would not have met the most amazing woman, let alone propose to her a mere 10 days later - thank God she said yes. Thank you for everything you have helped make me the happiest man alive right now.

Jason L.



Gene and Olga, Odessa tour

Your office in Odessa, Ukraine,, Max and Anna are great and they go above what is asked to do to help men find the women of there dreams (there WIFE ). I meet Olga on your May tour of 2008. And we have been in touch with each other i went back in July of 2009. To see her and we had a wonderful time i have never been taken so good care of by a women in my life. In March of 2010 i went back to see Olga,, And i asked Olga her to MARRY ME Olga said YES I got to meet her son and got his ok for us to get married. Im very happy and want everyone to know the women are real and they are beautiful. THANKS to you and your offices in AZ. and Odessa. I just want to say thank you for introduceing to my women of my dreams, Olga she is such a sweetheart

Thanks Gene W.



The city and its people were something I will never forget. I appreciate your guidance in pointing me in the right direction. It could not have been any better. I am sendining some photos of the trip of a lifetime.

Best regards,

Your friend,

Byron C.



for all your help and consideration. The apartment was absolutely outstanding, very comfortable, and the views were stunning; especially at night time. Being the "worker bee" that she is, Janneth cleaned the apartment before we checked out and I hope the next client finds it in the pristine condition that we did. Janneth and I are living proof that the whole concept behind AFA can work for anyone if they’re prepared to invest the time and emotion necessary for a happy ending. Janneth’s family has accepted me as one of their own and are thrilled with our engagement. Being the traditional military officer and gentleman that I am, I asked her parent’s permission to marry her. You already know their answer. Again, Peter and Vanessa, on behalf of Janneth and myself, we thank you for giving us the pleasure of finding the love of our lives through the wonderful guidance and experience of A Foreign Affair.


David A. and Janneth M.



I met several of the ladies there at that time. In September of 2009, Luz Angelica ("Angie")Herrera Ochoa (#106424) and I entered into an exclusive relationship and I have since then returned to Cartagena on my own to spend more time with her and to meet her family. On Monday, April 5’th, 2010, I proposed to her, in Spanish, and she said "Si" which is "Yes" in Spanish. So, thanks to you and one of your tours I met the woman who I anticipate to be my soul mate and you can mark this one down as another love connection. So thankyou, thankyou, thankyou very much : ) Moreover, I just ordered her some roses plus the photo of her receiving the roses.

With Sincere Thanks,

Phillip P.


I had a very good time. Your staff worked very hard to help us. I want to specially thank Amillia who was very kind and dedicated. She helped me restlessly. Her English is very good and efficient. I tried to show my appreciation by paying her. She refused it mentioning she is only doing her job. This really impressed me. Having such a nice person is a gift for any employer.

I want to also thank Helen who was very kind and dedicated. She was waiting for me in the airport for a long time because my flight was delayed but she was still smiling the whole time. I really appreciate it. She also did a good job at the social.

Best regards,


HI SARA, THINGS HAVE BEEN BUSY FOR ME SINCE I GOT BACK TO THE USA AFTER THE NEW YEARS PERU TOUR, but I wanted to thank you for the superb job that you and your staff, Ron, etc did while we where there. It was great to see how attentive all of you were and how you really seemed to enjoy what you do and in helping others. Despite the many gentlemen on the tour and many ladies involved in the socials I felt that things where very organized and you and the staff where very helpful and always there to assist us when needed which made things both fun and easy. I was very impressed on how things went as well as the devotion you have to overseeing things and taking responsibility. I really enjoyed myself and would not hesitate to come again. So a big thank you. I was also sent a request for feed back from Mr Peter King so I hope you don’t mind that I also CC ’d him as well and that I am mentioning how great a job you did thanks,




I just wanted to drop you a note telling you of the great people you have in Anna and Max {Odessa}. They were there for me 24 hours a day and did everything they could to try to find the right girl for me. They made me feel at home in a place where hardly anyone spoke any English.

Thanks for everything.

Ben R.


Thanks for your email. I already miss Peru and the experiences I have had there.

My experience with the socials. I think you all did a great job, the socials, the translaters, and the after dates that were set up. While it was a bit overwhelming for me, so many women and so little time, that is because of my schedule. One really needs at least a couple of weeks to get to know some of the women, in order to make intelligent decisions. But, the socials were great, the organization was great, and I appreciate the service from you and the staff; They were all very helpful. I may have to do it again in the very near future, to determince my relationship with Darly, and perhaps others. Unlike perhaps some of the other gentlemen, I really just want to be with one woman. Also, the hotel was very comfortable and convenient to the office.

Overall, a great experience, like a kid in a candy store. Thanks for all of your support, and I might see you again soon.

Please thank everyone for me,



Hello Peter,

Just wanted to thank you for the tour. I met somebody really interesting and had a very great time, beyond my expectations. Gustavo was really helpful all the time and appreciated his work very much.

Kind regards,



Thanks for everything you know I had a great time, made some good friends Met lots of girls But you know you and Max are goldenPeter, i’d like to think we will be bro’s for a long time to come.pleasure is all mine my friend.you know i would love to go back to the Ukraine with you some time again I’ll call ya monday bud.


Hello Peter,

I truly had a wonderful time and met some wonderful people on your staff, the local people that live in the Ukraine and the other gentlemen from our tour. I had a very comfortable flight to New York plane was on-time without delays. This is a main concern of mine.

I did meet a some nice ladies but there is one that stands out from the rest. I am taking my time to decide if she is the right one but I am still not sure. I will follow my heart.

You are a really nice man that made my trip that much more enjoyable. Let’s stay in touch please.

Take care,

Thaddeus J.

How are you doing my friend? I hope all is well. First of all I would like to say this was my first trip to Lima Peru. I must say what a wonderful time I had. I really enjoyed myself the whole time I was there. I have to say Sara and her staff did a wonderful job. Out of all the tours I have taken with AFA, this one have to be one of the best by far. John, Sara and her staff went over and beyond to help me and the rest of the guys with whatever we needed to make our stay great.

John, just to show you how wonderful her staff is, I was working with Ron, seem like every time I think I found someone that I wanted to date, I’ll put the profiles book down then, he would tell me to keep looking, for some reason I’ll run across another young lady that I was interested in dating, then he would call her to set something up for the same day or the next day. I really enjoyed the bus tour around Miraflores.

What can I say about the socials, if I could put it in one word it would be INCREDIBLE! (I couldn’t believe my eyes, the ladies there where the most beautiful women I have ever seen! The hotel, they’re staff, the food and your translators were all first class!)This kind of service need to be notice, I’m really looking forward to my next visit.

This is why me and some of the guys that went on the first tour are making plains to return back to Lima for the New Year Tour. John, I really hope that you take the time and call Sara, and think her, and the staff for doing a great job. She deserve it! I could keep going about Lima Peru, but I’m sure you don’t have the time to read all of it but, make know mistake about it, I can’t wait to get back. Thanks to AFA you’ll are the greatest.

Best Wishes,



Your tour are the BEST. I want to thank you for your services ( tour). Max is the best,, and the city was great( Odessa), 5 days at the beach( arcadia) the locals were talking to me i have no idea what they were saying, i just said DA, and knoded my head up and down. Olga took very good care of me like we have know each other for a life time,, and she know’s i love her very much. I will be going back to ask her to marry me. The people at AFA, in AZ, and Odessa are the BEST, and THANK for opening my EYES.


Hi! Gustavo

Thanks for all of your help with meeting the ladies of CR. Thanks for the tech help with my email. Glade I picked AFA for a contact in CR they have the right guy on the job. Your local office and team did a great job with me.

First time in CR was nice to have a contact like Gustavo

Thanks for the very Good Trip!


As Max will attest, I had a little issue with a lady I met from another service and Max stepped in and helped beyond the call of duty. He is a real asset for your organization and I am switching all my future business to AFA, primarily because of Max and Anna, but I should have taken the hint from you before going over to the Ukraine.

I also met Svitlana in Kiev and was very impressed also. I will become an AFA guy from now on. Thanks for your advice. If you ever need a reference from me, I will be happy to provide one.

Thanks again,


Hi all at AFA!

I wanted to send this note to really thank all of you for making my first AFA tour a wonderful experience and quite possibly a great success with respect to finding a fantastic lady in Nikolaev -- we are corresponding via email, phone and skype right now and perhaps I will go back very soon to make a formal engagement, meet the parents and get immigration paperwork started

I especially wanted to thank Michael Harrison, our tour leader. Mike made this trip, my first, a truly rewarding one. Mike made sure everyone was taken care of, made sure flight arrangements and hotel arrangements went smoothly and was always looking out for each one of us every step of the way. He was always available to us even when it seemed like he might be swamped with requests for date arrangements, securing an interpreter or rounding us all up to make the next bus trip to the next destination. Even when some of us diverted from the tour schedule, Mike made it a point to stay in contact with each of us, not only for details to meet back for the flight back to the states, but to know how things were going with our potential love connections. Mike was truly interested in our personal lives though this experience as well. I can say that I made a few new and great friends on this trip, and Mike Harrison is certainly one of them. I would recommend AFA and Mike as a tour leader to anyone interested in exploring the world of a foreign romance!


Rob L.

Hey John,

I have been married to Sophia (Kachovka, Ukraine) for almost ten years now and have enjoyed it immensely.

My thanks to all the AFA guys who introduced me to foreign ladies way back whenwhen all this international dating was still in its infancy.

Yes, there are some nice success stories out there, I hope we are one of them!

Yours truly,



I have thoroughly checked out all Web and Tour opportunities, and yours is without a doubt, the Roles Royce, of the industry !!!

Not only the women, but the culture seems most interesting !!!

God’s Bless You !!!

Milton O.

This was my first trip abroad and first romance tour. AFA staffing was terrific the entire time. We went to Kiev first then to Poltava, Ukraine. Each day was better then the last. I felt as though I had died and gone to heaven. At the second social we seven tour members were in a club with 190 beautiful friendly graceful and charming ladies. How would thus make you feel? Get on the plane and find our boys. Nice guys do finish first in Ukraine.


Kevin P.

To whom it concern, My name is Joe Kraft. This is my first AFA trip. After using an internet dating agency I was very dissatisfied with their service.

I almost gave up on the process. I was redirected to your company as my only and last hope. Your services are everything that you said they would be. I was skeptical at first, whether I thought you could deliver. You went above and beyond my expectations. If the young lady I met does not turn out to be whom I was looking for, you can expect to see me on many more trips.

Tour staff of Svitlana, Anna-Maria and all the translators were nothing less than outstanding. They worked two endless hours and showed great effort to fulfill all of our concerns and needs. I can only hope they will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts. My only complaint is not enough time to contact all the women I met.

Congratulations on a job well done.

To all my deepest thanks.


Hi John,

I attended the Costa Rica tour on 11/20/08 - 11/26/08. I cannot remember whem I have had such a great time. The ladies that I met at the socials were drop dead gorgeous, friendly, and easy to talk to. I admit I was a little skeptical at first, but that was quickly erased when I met Gustavo, his wife Maria, and the entire A.F.A. Staff. they were all very caring and concerned for the guests on the tour. The A.F.A. staff went above and beyond the call of duty to see that everyone had a great time and the provide the opportunity for us to meet a huge number of terrific ladies. I met a wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent women, Llunis, and I have submitted the application for the K - 1 Visa. I am very anxious to return to Costa Rica to be with my fiancee and vist the A.F.A.staff. What a great organization. I would recommend it to any and everyone.

Thank John for this great agency. My only regert is that I did’nt know about it years ago.

Mike H.

Hola everyone,

I just returned from my Barranquilla tour, and if I had to put it into one word INCREDIBLE! Yami and the entire staff could not have been more helpful with anything we needed. I can not thank them enough! I came to Barranquilla wondering if this was really true. As I stood by the door watching the women come into the socials, I couldn’t believe my eyes, they where the most beautiful women I have ever seen! The hotel, they’re staff, the food and your translators were all first class! I came having my doubts and left having meet some great friends and in love with the most wonderful woman I have ever met!!

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart


Hey John,

Just a quick thanks to you for a tour well done. Your organizing and carrying out the logistics and dynamics went great and your help in Ukraine were very helpful and pleasant. It was quite an eye-opener for me and I am sure for the rest of the guys on the tour.

I am returning to Odessa later in January to meet up again with my new lady Angela. Hopefully it will work out all right and I’ll check in with the AFA office when I get there.

Thanks again!

Take care,

Jim B.

Dear Peter,

I wish to thank Michael and his staff for the great help they gave me during my Trip to Russia. The Apartment key was handed over to Michael by Driver Nadia, on the morning of my Departure. Now I will communicate with my new friends and see if I have someone interested in coming over to USA, to be with me. I thank AFA, Mr Adam and Yourself. happy hollidays.



Hi John,

How are you? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I just want you to know that I had the time of my life on the group tour. The experience was priceless! It was one of the best decisions I ever made! The pictures on the web site brought back many memories of the trip. The guys on the tour were great! I met so many interesting,intelligent and beautiful women. There is one girl in particular that I met at the first social that I am still very interested in.When I call her she is always so excited to speak to me. I had such a great time with her and it was very difficult to leave but knew I would come back soon. I attached a photo of Olga and I. I am going back to Odessa to see Olga for a few days arriving January 14th and am very excited! It was a pleasure meeting you on the tour. I learned a lot by listening to advice and tips you gave some of the guys. I will always remember that special trip!

Thank you again for everything!

Have a Wonderful New Year!!


John, I would like to say that your company is absolutely the best company with your personal service and class that you do with everything. It has been pleasant to go twice to Odessa on the tours and I am also honored that I had the opportunity to meet you during the last tour. With out your company and service, I would not have met the greatest lady. Please feel free to use the pictures of me and Elena to promote your company. I could not be happier.

We are actually talking about 7-8 times per day and I hope we have no trouble with the Visa. It looks like they are very picky about everything; but I have been in touch with Elena about getting anything they are asking for and she is very good about getting it back to me.

I will keep you posted on everything.


I met my wife in 2003 using your service and married her in 2004 and we have a 4 year old handsome boy and another one on the way. We are doing greatly and just want to thank you very much. I highly recommend this tour for single men wanting to meet someone special who will treat you right and love you.

Thank you.

Johnny D.

I wanted to write and thank you for everything AFA has done so far. I just got back from a personal introduction tour in Lima. Mary and her staff at the Lima office was great. They was there for anything that I might of needed. On my third day there, I met Monica. Monica and I got along great, and by the end of the week, we was talking about marriage. A big thank you for introducing us. I will write and tell you more as things progress between Monica and I.

The rate per minute from the hotel to the US is approximately $5.99 or higher. The rates from the hotel to outlying areas are $ 2.99 per minute or higher, local calls from the hotel are about .15 or so per minute.. These rates are subject to change, thus we recommend checking with the hotel prior to making any long distance calls. Some hotels may block the use of AT&T calling cards from the rooms. We are unsure about the LCI or other long distance calling cards. We are of the impression that your long distance calling cards will work from the pay phones in the lobby. There is Direct Dialing to the rooms and with a call back card you can avoid expensive hotel long distance charges.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks again for all your help. Also, as per our brief recent telephone conversation, I wanted to share with you about how helpful my good friend Max, the AFA Odessa represenative, was during my recent trip.

During my last day in Odessa I developed an eye infection. The infection got worse in the evening during a date in which Max was my translator. Max strongly suggested that after dinner he should take me to an eye doctor. So after dinner my date, Max and I headed to the clinic. After the doctor visit we spent a lot of time looking around for an late night open pharmacy. After a few days my eye was ok.

I feel Max went above and beyond the call of duty that night. He spent a lot of time helping me and I greatly appreciate that. I also consider Max not just a helper but a true friend. His mother Anna is also a wonderful person.

Thanks to AFA I had a great trip to the Ukraine and Russia.

Best wishes.


I just wanted to send you and your agency a heartfelt Thank You!

Through your agency I have found the woman of my dreams. Her visa was approved Thursday morning, and I am bringing my new family home on July 15th. Thank You again, God Bless, and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!

Mark and Lada

Hello Jeff,

I have just recently returned from Ukraine where I participated in your individual tour. I must say that my overall experience was good, although I was disappointed a few times with the quality of the woman whom I was introduced to. However, I understand that people are people, and there will be good and bad ones in any place. What I would really like to write about, is my absolute satisfaction with the Odessa office and the individuals who work there tirelessly day in and day out. Both Max and Anna were absolutely incredible people to meet and work with during my time there. I was completely blown away by their devotion to their job, the long hours they worked, and how many countless times they went out of their way to ensure not only that I was safe, but that I was comfortable and prepared for all the meetings and introductions that I requested throughout my trip. They were ready to help with and solve any problem that I had. Both were waiting for me at the airport at 1 AM in the morning to introduce themselves, explain some preliminary details to me, and bring me to my hotel to ensure that I would have a place to stay that night. I have never had such care in my adult life. I cannot even count how many instances where they checked in with me(even late at night) to make sure that my date was going well, and nothing bad had happened to me while I was out in the city alone with a lady. Their interpretation service that they provided me was outstanding, and more than I could have asked for to make both myself and the lady feel comfortable speaking with each other. I simply cannot write enough about their professional attitudes and service that they provided to me while I was in Ukraine. Thanks to them, I am considering another trip to Ukraine using this agency so that I may spend more time with some women whom I did enjoy meeting.

Thanks and have a great day,

Ian M.

Dear AFA,

I just wanted to share with you about my last day in Odessa.

I developed an eye problem. During my evening date my eye got worse and my good friend Max, who was my translator that evening, felt I should see a doctor. So after dinner, Max, my date and I headed to an eye doctor. Then Max took us to a pharmacy to get medication for my eye infection. It took time, it was a lot of running around, but Max did it gladly. He was my guardian angel.

Max is a hard working guy. He works 5 days a week but usually works 7 days a week. I think he is a great guy and a very good friend. His mom Anna is wonderful too.

Best wishes.


* Anna and Max are the office representatives in Odessa, Ukraine

I would just like to announce that on April 18 2008 Angela, Lima Peru, 27 years of age profile number 91064 became Mrs Angela Bigelow. We were married in Lima Peru and we are working on her visa for the USA. Thank you for the wonderful service that you provide.

Hello Tour Leader!

I am sorry but I had 2 old fashioned kodak cameras - and - would you believe - BOTH of them were defective junk. I got no pictures at all - except those in my head and my heart.

My plans for the moment are to return to the Odessa region this summer(July) - maybe August as wellwe will see.this trip actually might change my lifeat least it gave me something to think about and I’m going to take at least one more chance at trying to find that special lady.

I have a lot of good thoughts for AFA and the people in the St. Petersburg and Volgograd and Odessa offices. AFA gave me the opportunity to see and experience some things I would never have dared to imagine. I can’t wait until I can return to Ukraine his summer!

Wishing you the best,

Ernest I.

Gustavo, I just wanted to say thank you for the excelent servive you provided. I had a great trip and found it to be successful. You were allways able to answer my questions and provided good support. As you know, I found that someone special (Karen) and takeing it to the next level. I allso found Cost Rica to be a beautiful country and plan to come back. This time, with my new family. Thanks to you. Karen has made me really happy and I believe that I make her happy. I have meet her parents a couple of times and, the whole family is happy. So far, she has provided all the paper work that I needed to process the K1 Visa. Hopefully, If everything is correct. I will return to Cost Rica to pick her up. I may call you to possibly help with planning a wedding. I will pay for your work. I told Karen that we can have 2 weddings. One here and one in the USA. once again, I want to say Thank You for your excelent services that you provided.

The AFA tour to Costa Rica was my first through this agency and from the first day to the last, the trip was filled with opportunities to meet several wonderful and beautiful women. The tour was very well organized and the AFA staff was courteous and available around the clock for assistance. I would recommend this tour for anyone looking for a sincere, traditional Latin American woman. I would certainly make this trip again.

Thanks again to Gustavo and his staff,



The social was great. Definitely the best of all I have been to. I really like the idea of there being the same number of tables as guy. Each guy takes a table and about every 15 minutes Sandra rings a bell and the guys move to another table. Helps all the girls get a little time with all the guys and helps guys like me who struggles approaching women even in this type of situation get around to all the girls. The girls far exceed the profiles. These woman are definitly more attractive in person This may work out afterall. Catch you later.


Terry B,



Testimonial Images

I want to thank you for all of the help and advise that you have given to me on this great journey. You have truly been more than just someone that sold me a trip/vacation, you have truly shown that you care about what you do. I wish that more people in the world were like you and that they also truly cared about what they do for a living, as you do. You have been more than a salesman, you have been a friend and you have always told me the facts about everything, some of it was good and some of it was bad. The main point being that you told me the TRUTH!!! Again, thank you for all of your help.

Thanks in advance,

John R. M.

Hello Ken;

I’ve been waiting a long time to write you and tell how happy I’m for taking a chance with your company AFA.

I recall my first trip to Cartagena; I took Avianica Flight from Miami to Cartagena on November, 8 2005. I was really nervous because this was my first time traveling to South America; we Americans know all about the horror stories surrounding Colombia. So as I was sitting on the plane trying to fathom how my excursion would play-out; it was this guy about four rows back on the right-side of the plane who just wouldn’t shut-up! He talked all the way from Miami to Cartagena. Once we arriving and disembarked the plane; I was finally introduce to you and the other lucky- souls in the group. The guy who wouldn’t stop talking during the flight; his name was Rick. Him and I became friends on the tour. He met his (Yesinia) soul-mate on tour. Rick and Yesenia were married on a Fiancee - Visas and now living in Colorado. "That-a- boy, way to go Rick"!

For me; it took longer to meet my soul-mate, because I like to measure the water before entering. I remember my first encounter with the AFA Web Page. While employed as a Property Specialist in Iraq; I entered one of my customer offices to perform an audit. I notice photos of beautiful Latino Women on his desktop computer and inquired about the site. He told me the name was, Loveme.com After finishing the audit in-which he receive all high-marks, (Me being excited); I return to my office and began to bower the web. I logged-on to loveme.com and immediately went to Latin Women section. My eyes were lit-up like a child on Christmas morning after seeing all his wishes up the tree. I couldn’t believe my eyes! As a child, watching Poncho Villa and other Western Movies filmed in Mexico; I’ve always dream of traveling to Central or South American and meeting my Latin American dark-eye- beauty. Well, I had just found an avenue to make my dream a reality. Viewing tour packages; I decided to book my first tour to Cartagena. After meeting your Staff, Kayla, Viviana, Mary Cruz and other supporting cast; I knew my stay would be enjoyable because of the hospitality rendered. I must say, my experience with the socials was over-whelming in term of excitement. I was like a "Chicken in a fox-pen"; all the ladies were foxes and I was too chicken to move. During my ten-day tour, I narrowed my choice down to one lady. We started on our quest for a long-lasting relationship which lasted for a year. However, through ours correspondence and me working in Iraq; the relationship went sour. Subsequently being disappointed; I returned to my old-trusted-friend, "loveme.com". I would always browse this site when feeling lonely and needed an adrenaline-rush. As I browse through profiles; there she was, "A Rose among flowers"! I told my friend who would always share my favorite time of the day surfing loveme.com site for beautiful ladies, "She is the one!" He advised me to make sure and go for her. I decided to employ a new strategic; "Take it slow and easy". I immediately started planning my next vacation to Cartagena.

On my second trip to the "land-of-honnies" (Cartagena where all the most beautiful ladies are congregated) proves to be a winner. Once again working with you invaluable-staff; they introduce me to my Colombia Queen. We went on our first date with assistance from another one of your "Star-member" (Nayibe) acting as translator; the evening was lovely and magical. We continued our wonderful relationship and three consecutive trips later; I proposed to (Adriana) my Colombian Queen on New Years 2008. We are now planning our wedding date which should be late 2008 or early 2009.

I must give all of my gratitude to you and your staff for turning my dream of finding "True love" into realism. My advice to men who hopes too find or meet your special soul-mate is; take it slow and easy. You’re going to be excited after seeing so many beautiful ladies, but you have to bring yourself off of cloud-nine. I know you’ll have heard the clique," Slow your role", Well, this is true, because you can never put a rush on love. Take time to learn her culture and establish good communication. This will goes a long way in building a strong friendship first and then a lasting- loving relationship. You will be elated!

"Happy-as-Heaven in Iraq"



Thanks to you and your staff for all the work you did for the new years tour. Everyone was very helpfull and the socials were a lot of fun. I met a great girl at one of the socials and have been spending time with her during the rest if my trip in Costa Rica.

Also, I rented a car and will be returning it at the airport before my flight on Sunday. So I won’t need a shuttle to the airport.

Thanks for a great trip!

Mike Q.


I found a wonderful girl.

John told me before I left, that this would be a trip of a lifetime. He was absolutely right. I would recommend ya’ll to anyone

Thank you for a great trip! You did a wonderful job! You can use me for reference for your tours anytime. When you get the video please send it to me. I found a wonderful girl.

Best wishes and I will tell John you deserve more money! Ha!

William K


Dear John

You remember me?? You told me to tell you what I thought of the trip when I returned . So here it is It was the most fantastic experience of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!. Helen was the most gracious lady and took care of every little problem I had !!.I wanted to take "her home" . Her "crew" especially Jay . were so helpful with me and my wheelchair and walker They were the best ,so attentive and helpful, all you had to do was turn around and someone was there to help you About the ladies My God ,they were the most beautiful bunch of gals I have ever seen in one place These girls were not "bimbos" they were nice respectful elegant ladies. But they did know how to have a good time and make us all feel welcome The only problem I saw with the whole thing was there were like 80 girls at the first social party,and I think 9 guys There was not enough male to spread around so the gals were very competitive I know a lot of folks would say . "how could that be a problem"? I was just thinking of the girls position . They went out ,probably spent a weeks pay for a party dress and getting hair all done up ,and there was no way we could talk to all to all of them . There were a lot that were too young for me, but I tried not to hurt their feelings . I wanted them to know they were beautiful and I appreciated them coming I found my new wife to be. She was one that I had been emailing for a few months. But seeing her in person sealed the deal for me. She in fact ,got up and sang a song to me at one of the socials. they were nice enough to allow her to sing and she brought the house down,,They said that they would get her a dvd of her performance, that was so thoughtful. soon as we marry, I am taking her to "Nashville" ,She was great You were right, about my worries of using the wheelchair due to my recent surgery, It was no problem. the girls looked right past that and looked at the man I never felt out of place These ladies really were the best and you should be proud of your organization , The hotel was as nice as any hotel in Vegas that I have stayed at ,and thats the truth They charged us for every little thing ,except maybe for the "air" we breathed , but that is their culture and we adapted . the service and food was impeccable. a real first class place to stay If I could. I would go back tomorrow John. Thank you for a great experience and the little promo that they asked me to do on tape, was sincere and true and I meant every word of this.


William K



I wanted to presonally thank you all and the Cartagena Staff for the wonderful Cartagena tour you put on in October. I really enjoyed my time there in Cartagena, it was very interesting to see the life in Colombia and it was especially special to meet the beauty ladies of Cartagena. I throughly enjoyed the activities that where planned for the Cartagena tour and Cartagena Staff was very friendly and helpful. I would definite recommend the tour to any man seeking to beauty ladies who our marriage minded. I meet a really nice lady there in Cartagena and I look forward to going back to Cartagena soon.

Thank you,


Hey Peter,

I had an awesome time. At first, it was a little awkward for me because it has always been fairly easily for me to meet and talk with women. On the tour, I had to overcome the language barrier. Everything turned out great. I would like to do a tour to Kharkov, Kiev and Sumy. From the look of it, there is not a tour until next year. Anyway, if I am ever in Arizona, I will give you a call. Take care, and maybe, I will see you on a 2008 tour. Take care and stay in touch.

Rick M.

P.S. By the way, the women were absolutely gorgeous in Ukraine. American women cannot touch them; an average Ukrainian woman would be a 10 in the states.

Hamilton, Ontario


Dear John:

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation to Peter King and his team who organized the Odessa tour of Sept 19, 2007.

This was my first tour and very unlikely the last one. I am planning to come back to experience the same great time and fun holiday. The tour within the beautiful cities of Odessa and Nicholea has made this vacation unforgettable and one of the most enjoyable time of my life.

From the first day I sent my application to my departure from Odessa, support and assistance from Peter’s team was provided quickly to resolve problemsand assist me with my endeavours. I must also mention the wonderful work from the sub-team of interpreters that made themselves available to eliminate communication barriers and assist with administrative details. I thank them dearly and will never forget their help.

It was also very nice to renew friendship with American friends and will definitely keep in touch.

As usual there is always room for improvement in such a complex and detailed tour. If I may, I would suggest that the health club training room in the Odessa Hotel be included to members of the tour so that one can enjoy the health benefits of such a good club.

I would appreciate if you could share this letter with the appropriate personnel so that they can receive credit for their superior work.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to enjoy a great experience. I look forward to more tours with AFA.

Yours very truly,

Maurice G.

Hey Peter, Hope you made it back alight! I gotta tell ya, man No one here understands the withdrawals I’m going through . the place (and, of course) the women are like a drug. You know. I feel now like you are a brother of sorts, kind of like Band of Brothers, just on the other end of the spectrum. Bob Fisher was right, he said and I quote, : "As soon as you touchdown in Vienna, you’ll say; oh, what the @#%&!" And that phrase was the first thought in my head when I did.

Paul Photo

Thanks to you and the Odessa AFA staff, I could not have created a better vacation even with my twisted mind :) Mere words cannot describe the affection I have aquired for the city, the country and the people themselves. I really feel as if (this might sound gay, but it’s true) I left a big piece of my heart there. I dream of nothing more than going back! Frequent memories of the dinners, the commradary, of course, the romance all invade my day to day thoughts. In fact, the first thing I did on Monday was order Rosetta Stone for Russian. True, there is no hope for me, I should just move there

Really, I want to thank most of all, you. Doing something like this from the start is a little out of my character but you made me and I think all of us feel welcome, relaxed and helped us all have a good time. I especially liked your finesse when we sat wtih Marina, telling her about the bus ride and how I couldn’t wait to get back to Odessa to see her. Nice Man! I owe ya. Also, thanks for inviting us to Max’s b-day party. Another fun night, never to be forgotten. I guess that is what this letter is . I could ramble for hours about the fun and laughs I had , but really, this letter is for you.

Thanks Peter. You deserve all the best!

I toast you and AFA for providing such an invaluable invitation to fun and love . Salute!

On a personal note: Like I’ve said many times; I went for the party, but got something way better than I could have ever expected! Marina and I speak at least once a day, we write each other via e-mail as much and I’m planning a trip back in January. This girl is absolutely incredible. I have my travel clock still set at Odessa time, around 8 or 9 her time, I’ll wonder how she is and then hear the phone ring. I walk around all day thinking of her, her smile and how much, unlike her American counterparts, I have complete trust and faith in her. Whenever I call, I can just hear the excitment in her voice and really that’s all I ever need! Much of this I owe to you and AFA. There is some of me in there, of course, but still I’d like to buy you guys a round sometime. Thanks again let me know if you get this and keep in touch

Take care, Paul

Hello John,

This is the Email you asked per our conversation. I am Melvin Richardson. I took the Odessa, Nikolaev, and Kherson tour and as I said, it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life.

I cannot begin to tell you how professional, helpful, and courteous your staff is. It starts with the honest and caring efforts on their behalf long before the trip to do everything to help make the trip a success. Their help extends far beyond pay. Your staff put their love and hearts in their work. They are always there or get back with you for assistance. The staff gives you all the information on the approach to be successful on your tour. You have all the support areas set up to help the tour be safe and successful for the customers.

I live in Phoenix. The Phoenix office has been extremely helpful and I know some of the employees there. I have gotten information from Steve, Peter, and The ladies in the office have helped me with my package or email and other information.

Our tour! Guide, Lena was always there to help from New York and through the tour and believe me it was helpful to us, but she was busy all the time. There is so much we need help with in these new places when we get there to be successful. That is what keeps the tour guide and local offices so busy.

The support there is necessary and I must say that in taking advantage of your most excellent designed business plan, I was successful and very happy. I would rate your business perspective for the customer as the best in the world. I am 56, been around, and I can justify what I am saying. I advise any man considering going international dating to any of your service areas to take your tour, ask questions, and follow the advice given. By the way, the group of guys on my tour were great. They were like friends and family. We did our best to look out for each other. It was a good feeling to be associated with this group.

The ladies attending the socials were a fantastic group also. They! were friendly, courteous, helpful, and polite. Everyone talked! and socialized with the utmost of kindness. The hotels, meals, taxi discounts, translator help and discounts, insurance, local office support, tour schedule, and the entire agenda is amazing.

I want to thank all of you at A Foreign Affair. You have provided me with everything to be successful in my search for my future bride. Now, I only have to make a wise decision as to choose the right one for me.

You have my permission to use me as a reference any time you wish.

Dear John,

The AFA tour was very good. I met a number of wonderful women who were all highly educated, sincere and very beautiful. At the risk of sounding prejudiced, Russian women are clearly the most beautiful women in the world. The socials were big fun and just delightful with the multitudes of women that were very communicative and desirous of meeting all the men on the trip. It was very clear that we did not have fight over meeting women nor did we have to be super handsome or have a perfect weight, the women were interested in a meaningful relationship with sincere men leading to marriage. In fact, it was really impossible to meet all the women at the socials: there were really too many women and the experience was overwhelming. The concept of meeting women who were just joining the AFA search is an excellent idea. Two of the many women that attracted my attention were new ladies in the program. Each of the women made it clear that they were looking for a relationship based upon equality and honesty. Family was the second most important issue, and one absolutely gorgeous woman was very concerned about my parenting skills because she had a thirteen year old child, and wanted a real family relationship with meaningful communication between man and woman. Of course, I am still talking with this woman. And, here is the obvious problem, you are going to meet a number of wonderful women who are going to give you a real opportunity for a future with them. Although this has complicated my life, I am working on these challenges. It is very exciting. Throughout the trip, Valentina and the interpreters in the AFA office were very helpful with any need, and never hesitated to call women for introductory meetings. In addition, the interpreter Irina helped me secure tickets to the world class ballet-opera house, the Marinsky Theater. which is a great date and a wonderful lifetime experience.I made three trips to the Marinsky Theater. Overall, and it is said constantly, the only way that you really make inroads with these fabulous women is to make the trip to saint petersburg in order to demonstrate that you are committed to the process of connecting with one of these delightful women. You can talk and talk and write letters but there is absolutely no substitute for the trip. Although I had talked and written to a number of women, the possibilities for myself opened up with new women that were attending for the first time the AFA socials. And, you truly have no idea who you will meet unless you actually do the AFA socials in saint petersburg. Obviously, I had heard the same stories about doing the trip, and it is really true. You literally accomplish very little unless you make the trip, and you might even want to do a second trip because you will have learned about the valuable and helpful AFA staff. Sometimes, two weeks is inadequate on this significant journey. And, you can always go early and stay longer, and AFA will help you. I came early and found this very helpful with AFA meeting me at the airport to transporting me to my apartment, and then on to the hotel. The hotel is a great place to operate from because the AFA staff is right there to assist you, and your time is precious. This early arrival was great not only on account of the time change but also gave me the opportunity to meet more women. In conclusion, this is very exciting time for any man who really wants to change his life but you cannot make the change without making the trip: saint petersburg women are sweet, educated and very real!!!!! I cannot emphasize the sweetness, and the thoughtfulness of these women.

John P. in Dayton, Ohio


I returned from the July 18 Odessa, Nikolaev, and Kherson tour today. I want to take a few minutes to thank you. I know we paid for the tour, but I still want to thank you.

The reason is because you ( Peter, Steve, Elena Redburn, Max, Nodia, Helen, and others ) did not look at the clients as typical company employees do, but took time and interest to see that all our interests from questions and problems, to advise were taken care of. We were never rushed or put off as most companies do.

Your company is exceptional in doing business. It functions as a company should, and I would rate your company as one of the Top Five in the World. Please use me as a reference or in any way that I may help represent the endless efforts that you and your employees commit your selves to for the success of your customers.

By the way, I enjoyed the trip as the best time of my life, and it was due to your efforts and the screening and selection of all your male and female clients. The Hotels had! a commendable staff. Don’t forget to compliment the bus driver. He was courteous, professional, safe, and helpful, just as all others in your staff.

We got to depend on you so much until we really missed your staff at Vienna. It was convenient with the hotel just across the street from the airport. The Ladies were even helpful to us in resolving some travel issues with luggage and directions. The ladies were most courteous and down to earth. Personalities were of the utmost in the world. Please do consider adding one day to make two days at Kherson, even adding enough to cover the cost of the bus and driver is well worth it. Many of us wanted another day, some payed more to stay than it would have costed added in the trip, and there would be more success because of the number of serious and committed women in Kherson.

Please feel free to contact me for any reference that you may want.

Melvin D. Richardson

Just a few words to say hello

I am still in Medellin, this is my last day here I have two things to describe this experience


You really cannot overstate how wonderful this city is The ladies are every bit as beautiful, sincere, warm, and sweet as you’ve told us, and MORE! Originally, I had thought I would just try this tour for a vacation and to check out if everything I heard about AFA and Medellin was true, I was amazed, actually, as how AFA understated how wonderful this this beautiful city is There many intetesting stories of Success in terms of finding someone special that came from this tour, but, MAN!, the real story is how wonderful this town is and the people here in Medellin this is true, not only from the woman we met from AFA, but all the women here are some of the sweetest, warmest of any place in the world this has got to be the worlds ¨Best Kept Secret¨ I could go on for days about all the cool things we experienced on this trip, but, for one, I am certain you will recieve many other letters from the other men, and second, I just dont think I could adequetly express my real feelings about this city For me, the overwieght, inconfident, pessimist, guy. I met one of the sweetest ladies and she is beautiful her name is Diana I´ve attached her photo We really have been tied at the hip since the first day The funny thing is, at the social, I never made it to her table it just ran late and there were soo many wonderful interesting woman to talk to I had already met a pretty cool girl, but she had to leave early, however, as I was leaving the social, everyone was walking out of the resturaunt where the social was held and discussing where we were all going to go next for dancing this is when Diana aproached and, jokingly, gave me a hard time about not coming over to her table We ended up at the disco together, and danced the entire time, then, we went out after that for some conversation and have been tied at the hip since then Some of the others, did great too One of the coolest stories is about the Tour Client who met a woman from the hotel I must tell you, she is beautiful, and really a neat lady, they hit it off pretty well I am not sure how that well progress, She is soo typical of the women here all over this city one of the funny things about that story was, that I ended up being the translator for them at one of thier dates I can not forget to mention how wonderful the staff at Medellin is Sandra, Mui Especial, she is the hardest worker, and absolutely sweet, wonderful and took care of everything including taking me on a personal shopping trip to the mall to buy gifts for Diana But there where many more people on the staff here Milena, Adrianna, Rownal, as well as the interpretors Rowan, and Diana, and the others man, this has got to be the best group, that AFA has anyplace the service was just without a doubt, better than anyone can imagine everywhere we went AFA, the Hotels, the resturaunts, we found 8 Star service

Thanks, John, Bud, Steve, Peter, Sandra, and everyone for the great experience If there is anything I can do to help other guys needing encouragement or whatever, please let me know because regardless of how this relationship ends up, I know that AFA has thier act together and I would love to encourage anyone needind the experience of a lifetime, to come here it is the neatest place Kenny

AFA Nizhniy Novgorod Tour

After some time of using a tour company that will remain nameless I decided to give AFA (A Foreign Affair) a try. I am glad I did, some people will argue that this or that agency is better or worse to use. But after using the top two in America I can say AFA is much better. Not only because I found my true love on this tour, but because of the following things.

1.) Socials - The structure of the socials are much better then the competition. The quality of the ladies attending the AFA socials are much better and I enjoyed them completely.

2.) Ladies - I would say that if you are considering a tour, you MUST consider Nizhniy Novgorod. I have been to Odessa, St. Petersburg and Nikolaev. I will admit that the ladies in Odessa/Nikolaev are extremely beautiful. But as a complete package of looks, brains and traditional values. Nizhniy is just so much better then Odessa/Nikolaev. If I had a free trip anywhere today, I would choose Nizhniy over the others hands down. You really have to go there and see what I mean.

3.) Tour organization - In every tour there will be hiccups. It is a part of dealing with the former soviet union. But of the agencies I have used, AFA seems to handle them the best. I cut my trip a few days short to visit a girl back in Moscow and in only a few minutes. I had a hotel and plane ticket for the trip. Some issues I know were caused by the late train ride back to Moscow and the Hotel scene in Nizhniy is alittle outdated, but what do you expect from a city that has been closed to foreign people for as long as Nizhniy.

4.) General Comments - I think with what I have said above you should understand why I think AFA and Nizhniy are a good choice. I can only say that if you go to Nizhniy be prepared to extend your stay or buy a chin guard because most of the socials there your jaw will be on the ground.


I want to tell about my trip to Limait was greatplenty of pretty women and great food

I would especially like you to tell Elixabeth Flores how sweet she is

My plane flight to leave at 1:05 am was delayed until 2:45 amshe sat and talked with me, kept me company until 2:00 am, when I went through security

She was so nice and sweet!!!!


Allright, here’s my story:

Testimonial Images

My name is Dan. I live in San Diego, California. I grew up on a small farm in southwestern Washington State, just south of Seattle, in a town called Kelso, Washington. My father worked in a Weyerhaeuser wood mill there for forty years, supporting his wife and five children. I am the fourth child. My parents have been married for over 57 years. This is the kind of love that I have been seeking. I was taught responsibility at a very young age, taking care of the cattle, pigs and the chickens when I was just 8 years old. I have always known that God had a plan for my life. What I did not know, was that he would begin my plan in the Russian Federation. Test me on this!

I spent 12 years in the United States Navy. My duty stations were in San Diego; 32nd Street Naval Station, Miramar Naval Air Station and North Island Naval Air Station. During that time I was privileged to see many different countries on three westpac cruises. Among some of the countries were: Japan, Singapore, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, United Arab Imirates, Australia and Africa. I have met many, many women in these countries. I am a very simple man and I have known many women personally. But my recent trip to Russia and the Ukraine totally opened my eyes up to the true hearts of women in our world.

Testimonial Images

I can tell you, without a doubt, that Russia and the Ukraine hold the most sincere, most beautiful and most gentle hearted women that I have ever had the pleasure to meet in my entire life! No kidding! I was totally blown away by their sincerity and true honesty. If you haven’t been there, do not hesitate to go. I too was very reluctant to make the decision. It took me years to make my mind up because I was scared of the unknown. But now, after I have finally made the decision to go, I discovered something there that not very many men know. These women are what we, American men, only hope for in a wife. If you want to know what I’m talking about, you can call me personally in San Diego, you can get my number from AFA. I would advise you to contact John or Ron at "A Foriegn Affair" (www.loveme.com) That is all I have to say about it. Words cannot express my total feelings about this experience. I will marry a Russian woman! And I will never look at an American woman in the same way that I have in the past. There is no comparison!!!!!


San Diego, CA

Dear John,

I would like to announce the recent engagement of myself, with Ludmila of Nizhniy Novgorod . We were engaged on February 7 2005. So we would like the profile removed from the available data base. It was a very good trip! I was happy to have had the opportunity to meet her and now we have started the fiancee process and I will be going back to Nizhniy in 3 weeks.

Take care,

Garret K

After many hours of internet access during a couple years and viewing thousands of single Russian and Ukrainian lady’s profiles, I finally found the lady of my dreams - so I thought. We emailed occasionally and talked mostly by phone for over six months before I flew to Saint Petersburg, Russia for a 10 day trip to meet her in person during high season. A $3,000 dollar 10 day trip to Russia to meet the lady of my dreams ended instantly in disaster as soon as we met. I got off the plane where she was kind enough to meet me at the airport. When we met, I went to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek she cringed and tightened up all over. I knew instantly it was over and we would never be a match. I would have gotten back on the plane if I could have. It took her a couple days to realize it. We did become friends if that’s any consolation.

The point is I made the biggest mistake you can make by not taking a Romance Tour so I would have other ladies to meet while I was there or at least go at the same time as a tour so I could meet other ladies just in case it did not work out with the lady - and it usually doesn’t. You really don’t know until you actually meet in person, no matter how long you two have been writing or calling each other.

Bottom Line: Always take a Romance Tour with a credible company even though you will go to meet your special lady or if you go by yourself, ALWAYS go at the same time as a Romance Tour. If it does not work out with your lady you can easily pay a fee to attend the Romance Tour so your whole trip is not a complete waste like mine was.

I did manage to arrange a couple introductory dates through local agencies but it is nothing like just showing up for the Tour and being sociable to meet many selected, high quality ladies right in one spot who want to meet and talk with you.

I don’t think anyone can beat an experience like that. Just watch some tour videos for yourself and you will see what I mean. I’ll never make that mistake again. Don’t learn the hard way like me unless you have the time and $3 grand to burn.


Dear Ken,

I wanted to send a note of thanks for the hospitality extended to me while on your November tour to Cartagena, Colombia.

I was very impressed with the professionalism and kindness of you and your staff. They catered to my every need and I never once felt as if I were a stranger. Prior to going I was concerned with the language barrier as I do not speak any Spanish. With the help of my incredible translator, Julie, as well as your office staff, Kayla, Grace, and Arnold, I never experienced one single problem communicating with my dates.

I was also presently surprised as to how well we Americans were welcomed by all of the locals. Cartagena is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited and I look forward to visiting there again in the near future.

The girls I met were absolutely incredible. It is true what they say about Latin woman: they are beautiful, passionate, affectionate, and they love American men.

For the guys wondering whether they should go on a tour with your company I can only say to them that if they decide to go it will change their life. As you know, our group included men from many different backgrounds and from young to old. On the last day every single person did not want to leave. As a matter of fact, some even changed their flights and stayed longer!!

I can sum my experience up by simply saying I would have never believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes! My sincere thanks to all of you for a memorable experience!

Warm Regards,

Nick G. M.


Sirs, Just back from a business trip to Costa Rica and wanted to drop you a line to praise your man in San Jose, Gustavo, a.k.a. "Gus." What a good guy!! Myself and a friend just walked into your office there and he took care of us perfectly. He’s very personable, speaks good english, is professional, and was very attentive to our needs. I met two very beautiful women, both of whom were very nice, and I must say I was impressed with the quality of the women I met. One was the most beautiful woman I ever went out with (and sweet) and the other was the nicest sweetest person it has ever been my pleasure to spend some time with. Honestly!! Because the second girl spoke virtually no english, and I no spanish, I had to have Gus go with us to lunch to translate for us and found him to be a perfect gentleman. I feel honestly I have made a friend of him as well. With his help, I got to know Maria and start what I know will be a longstanding friendship. He was the perfect translator and put us both at ease in a matter of minutes so that before long we were laughing with each other and enjoying ourselves. What a relief to find someone so helpful!

Anyway, just wanted you to know you have a satisfied customer who was greatly impressed with your total "package." Especially Gustavo. Thanks for the chance to meet two of the nicest, prettiest, sweetest girls in the whole world, and be assured I’ll be in touch in the future.


Dear John:

I had a great time in Saint Petersburg -- the best trip I ever have taken in my life. The memory will last a lifetime and I want to thank you and all of those in the Phoenix office for their friendliness. It is your concern for your clients that makes you the best service.


I took my first AFA Romance Tour trip this past August. I said first because I definitely plan on going on another trip soon. I must compliment you on our excellent staff in St. Petersburg. Tatiana, Michael and all the rest were very professional and very helpful. Any employer would be proud to have such employees. I must also compliment you on one of your interpreters, Olga G. Olga translated for me on 5 different occasions and I couldn’t have asked for a better person. She was always on time and you could see that she knew English very very well. After travelling to Russia with AFA, I wouldn’t even consider going with anyone else!

Thanks again,

Dean S.

Dear AFA

I have wanted to write this letter for sometime now, but on this one year anniversary of taking your Cartagena Romance Tour I am now very happily married to a woman that I had met personally for the first time on this adventurous trip.

Although Disney and I had met online from your website on March 3rd of last year, we decided that our daily e-mails necessitated a personal meeting. The romantic city of Cartagena and your services provided the proper setting for us to develop a more personal relationship. By the fourth day of the tour we were getting along so well that we decided to separate from the tour and fly to her beautiful city of Medellin which is nestled in a valley surrounded 360 degrees by majestic mountains. Meeting her family and friends was an unforgetable experience that I will always cherish!

Including your tour, I spent five weeks in Colombia last year with the woman of my dreams. I have had many memorable moments with the incredibly helpful and loving people in many of the cities and resort villages of Colombia.

My relationship with Disney culminated in a commitment of marriage on March 3, 2004 and we continue to live our dream everyday!

Although my use of your tour was unconventional in the aspect that I had only desired to meet one woman instead of the multitude that you provide.it was worth every cent! For gentlemen viewing your website for the first time and possibly they are unsure of the type of women this country has to offer, Colombian women are very honest, attractive, loving, appreciative and incredibly sexy! The women by far are this country’s greatest asset. Seize the opportunity for a lifetime of unconditional love!

Once again, thanks for your invaluable services of helping me locate the woman of my dreams!



To all at AFA,

I just returned from my trip to Saint Petersburg. I could not join a tour due to my teaching schedule but needed to go to meet my fiancee, Tatiana. The folks in the Phoenix helped me get my visa and were very helpful with other information. The staff at the Saint Petersburg office, especially Lena and Michael, were extremely helpful. They help with Tatiana’s fiancee visa paperwork and with getting my visa registered even though I was not on tour and was not staying at the hotel there.

I met Tatiana through your web-site and we have corresponded since December of 2003. Tanya and I have emailed each other on a daily basis since May and it was almost anticlimactic when I proposed to her while I was there and she accepted. She will be joining me as soon as her visa is approved.

I want to thank you all for all the help you have given me and, most of all, for allowing me to find Tanya. She is an exceptional woman in every way. Personally, I think that Russian women are the cream-of-the-crop and no man need look anywhere else for a life-long mate. Also, if you can make only one trip in your lifetime, make it to Saint Petersburg. The city and it’s people are awesome.

Thanks again,



I was on the Crimean tour in July and am happy to announce that I have just become engaged to Katerina . I wish to thank John Adams and everyone at Foreign Affair for making this match possible. I knew Katerina was the one for me once I met her, and John may remember from that day on the smile never left my face. Since my search is over, I wish to discontinue my platinum membership.

I will be visiting Katerina for a week or two over the Christmas holidays, then we will be married next summer, after she finishes her studies in Dnepropetrovsk.

Once again, thank you for a job well done!


(Below is a testimonial, or testimonials, written by one of our former tour clients during his plane ride home. He joined us for a 3 city tour and had the opportunity to meet literally hundreds of these beautiful women in both Russia and the Ukraine. Picture yourself on the plane ride home after such an unforgettable experience; who knows, you may be thinking some of these very same thoughts) Hi John

Thanks for the wonderful trip. I have some hard decisions ahead of me with three fine women to somehow choose from, if they choose me of course. I never forget that part of it ha ha. Here are some testimonials for you to use if you like. This entire process is something I strongly believe in with the way the world currently is. I believe their is more then just a element of truth in what I say.

This is an opprutunity for men to find a very nice wife that is due to the unique state of the world, we now have a very different situation and opprutunity different from anything that has ever happened before in human history. The different dynamics of internet, email, long distance calling, 70 years of communism and time warp, the prosperity and giving nature of Western men, the beauty, grace, warmth, family values, intelligence and education of Eastern women. Its only natural for Western men and Eastern women to find each other, the best husbands and best wives in the world coming together, it is the newest form of natural selection in our rapidly changing world.

The majority of the best husbands ever to be found in human history are in the Western World today. The rest of the world knows it, Eastern women certainly know it. Western women also know it, otherwise they would be seeking husbands from other parts of the world. Men now have the opporutunity to vote with their feet.

After the trip, going back to your home country will be depressing after being in a country which looks like a convention of super models.

I have been to Club med 2 times and nothing comes close to a AFA tour for having the best time of my life and it will probably change my life.

This is the only way to see a country, with the best tour guides you could ever imagine. These women literally took me by the hand to show me their great city with pride. I got to see life in the Ukraine behind the tourist attractions. Things most people do not get to see I got to experience first hand.

These women exude warmth, most are genuine but reserved. The best thing about them is they like nice guys.

Most of these women sincerely want a man whom will love them and love his family. This lucky man will most likely recieve much more then he gives.

The type of wife these women become is directly related to the type of husband the man is.

I wish all these women could find a nice husband. Unfortunately, I can only take one back with me and it will not be an easy decision.

These women attach a great deal of importance to a man’s character, and if he is someone who does what he says he will.

I consistently discovered a 15 to 20 year age difference does not matter with many of these women if the man is healthy and young for his age. This was a pleasant surprize because what man would not want a younger wife. In Ukraine a 40 year old man looks about 55.

Going to the Ukraine is like getting on a space ship and going to a planet of beautiful sexy Women who have the personalities of friendly old grandmothers ha ha or Babasukas.

Its almost unbelievable but true how many beautiful sexy women their are here. But a even greater surprise is their inner beauty. A man must totally deprogram himself with respect to the personalities of attractive Western women. You must clean the slate, forget about everything you think you knew about women and be prepared to be amazed.


Hi John,

I was on your AFA Tour last year Moscow and St Petersburg, July/August 2003, I was the guy from London, England.

Well you said to let you know how things go with me and Tatiana the lady I met in Moscow, well they have gone well, Tatiana and I got married this year on the 3rd April 2004, the wedding was really great, Even managed to get Tatiana’s Mum to come over from Moscow, and some of her Russian friends she met here in the UK also come to the wedding, it was a great day. All our family and friends where there it was a really great day.

I Just want to thank you guys over there in the US, for showing me such a great time, in both Moscow and St Petersburg. Meeting all those beautiful women, talking to the other guys from various parts of the world, about their experiences, sure made the experience a whole lot nicer. I have to say I have not enjoyed my self on a Holiday so much in a long time, and I even met my lovely wife there too. I have included a few pictures, of our wedding day, or you and your wife Tatiana to have a look at, hope you like them.Warm Regards,


I attended the April/May Cartagena Tour. I writing this email to recognize my interpreter, Roberto Ortiz for his efforts to making my tour experience a success. I don’t want to exclude Ken, Rafael, Arnold and Grace for their outstanding service and assistance during my tour. However, Roberto made my Cartagena Tour above my expectations of A Foreign Affair Company. Thanks to Roberto, I had the most dates in my tour group and was overwhelmed with attention from the beautiful ladies of Cartagena. He scheduled my dates and provided the ladies with feedback for me. My fellow tour members commented several times on Roberto’s attention to my welfare and interests. They all stated that they would use him when they return to Cartagena.

Roberto’s personality was easy going and displayed integrity. This was my first trip to South America. I must admit that I had some reservations about South America and the tour. However, he made me feel relaxed while enhancing my opportunity to meet new people and visited places all times of the day. He provided me with detailed explanation of the customs and culture of Cartagena. Thus, my reservations disappeared quickly as I enjoyed the people and the beautiful City of Cartagena. I noticed that Roberto was more than an interpreter. He became my personal assistant, tour guide and best friend while I visited Cartagena.

Roberto’s current occupation (English teacher in Cartagena) and living experiences in the United States made all culture and language barriers non-existent. He taught me Spanish and gave me advice on things not to say while he interpreted for me with my dates and transactions. He took care of my safety and insured that I did not get over charge when I made money transactions with vendors. For instance, the taxi drivers complained to his supervisor, Rafael about him not letting taxi cab drivers at the hotel charge me higher prices. However, Roberto’s loyalty to me and your company mission, making my tour rememberable experience; he continued to do what he thought was best for his client and your organization.

Roberto was so attentive to making my tour a success he made arrangements for my new fiancee to meet me at the airport to see me off. Roberto is currently assist my new Columbian fiancee with enrollment in an English class and completion of her immigration forms.

Roberto’s services, loyalty and friendship were beyond whatever I could have paid him. Due to his strive for service excellence, I have chosen a fiancee in Columbia, returning to Columbia for my vacation in Columbia in August and will continue to promote your Cartagena Tour to all of my friends. I am an African American Professional, living in the United States. I believe in you service because I am one of your success stories. I believed so strongly in your service that I would be willing to even invest in your company if the opportunity presents itself in the future. When I get married, I promise to email your company wedding pictures for your website. Thanks Roberto, Ken, Rafael, Arnold and Grace for the best experience in my life.



I want to say I am verry happy with your service;I am from Romania and I married an American using your agency;we are together for more than 6 years and we have a lovely 2 month old daughter!!!! Thank you for everything!!! I really appreciate your business!!! I am happily married, I enjoyed using your agency and I would do it again in a heartbeat without thinking! I would recommend it to everybody! THANKS!!!!! You have the best women and men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Gary and Fred,

I wanted to share this quick mail as I came back from the August dual city tour SPB-Volgograd. I came back exhausted but I wanted to thank AFA of all offices from Phoenix to Volgograd including of course SPB and Moscow. I had all services I could dream. Thank you very much and if I have one recommendation please do not change anything and keep this excellent work.

Until next time!

My best regards to all teams.


Hi John,

I just returned from the Cartagena tour & thought I’d write a brief letter regarding the tour. I enjoyed the Cartagena tour immensely, it was the perfect place to go, excellent beach, perfect climate & beautiful & friendly ladies. Cartagena is not the Colombia everyone is accustomed to hearing about, I would describe it as a beautiful, tropical paradise & I hope to return at least once or twice by year’s end. I going to recommend your tour a couple of friends whom are interested in traveling to Colombia. My Cartagena pictures have already changed a few minds about traveling to Colombia, or at least Cartagena, all said it looks like a beautiful city, & I agree. Your AFA staff in Cartagena was great, they did an excellent job on the socials & the other excursions, Rafael & the staff made us feel very welcome. The translators were great, all were good people. I would like to mention one in particular, Roberto, I have only say good things about this translator. His english-translation abilities & people skills were second to none. He made life very easy with the language barrier between myself & the ladies. He had a good intiution & created an enviroment of dialogue with myself & the ladies. One night, after a social, he put together a "Dancing excursion" with 4-5 guys & about 10 ladies that was a definitely one of the high points of the trip. He surprised me at the airport by bringing the lady (that I plan to return to see) to see me off, I didn’t expect it, but it was great. When I return, I would hope Roberto could help me once again with my visit to see Yanin. I also would like to say I appreciate AFA for their tours that allow us to meet wonderful women of other cultures & see different parts of this world.

Many Thanks.

Terry L.

Dear John, Gary et al of the A Foreign Affair team

Thanks for such a wonderful site. You really do deliver what you say! I have been a member for 2 months and I have more addresses and girls writing to me than I know what to do with. I’m a fairly good looking young guy, but I’m not used to having to turn down beautiful women, however since I’ve meet a couple of girls worth visiting, I’ve decided that I no longer need further addresses. Your site is great and the responses have been swift. Keep up the good work.

Please cancel my Platinum membership.

Thanks in advance, Steven W.

Dear Elina and Ron,

Thanks Elina for giving me the CD of pictures at the airport. Also, for the great time I had at your two socials. Sunday night I met Julia and had a most wonderful time with her. She was so surprised during musical chairs when I ran away with her. And enjoy see her pictures with her and I. Even though she’s too young; I still talk with her on the phone back her in the states. Your photographer guy really went nuts over her in her pink outfit. Also, Thanks for talking with Yulia in Kherson; she was the 20 year old blond with her mother. I didn’t have the right feeling with her so I wanted you to talk with her to see what she was up to. Now she would now like to come to me and if everything works out she would consider marrying me. Wow. So fast. I talked with her because at the end of the night she didn’t want to kiss me or even the next day. Later I found out she 20 years old and has never gone out with any one. She said she has 6 men in her classes and 20 girls. Just amazing. I have to go back again soon. I can’t say enough of what a great job your organization did. It was so worthwhile going to see all the women and the country.

I see you and Ron and your two kids and think to myself I want the same kind of lifestyle too.


Gary F.

As I understand I am only the 2nd Australian to complete this tour with AFA. And at the outset, I should say there are good-looking, romantic women in Australia, however these are just not enough of them to go around. In the Ukraine where women significantly outnumber men, you will find many attractive and romantic women. It will cost a few dollars but I think you will find this tour an interesting and worthwhile experience.




Hello John!

How are you doing? All is well here. I just wanted to again thank you for a wonderful trip and excellent service! Using your company was the best decision I have made in many years! I have started writing the book on my time there in St. Pete and, as a result, have spoken to several of the "boys" who were there. None of them have had any negative words about the trip. I hope to complete the manuscript in about 4 months and would like to send you a copy to peruse and obtain feedback. I have also, along with several of the guys, have began retrieving all necessary information to proceed with the paperwork to bring Oksana home to me and our future! I am very excited and have already spoken to her several times on the phone. We both are very much in love! I wish to thank you and your staff for dispelling the rumor and misnomers about the "mail order bride" industry. There is nothing mail order about the way in which your company performs its operations! The ladies are treated with dignity and respect and search for a better life with a decent man. There is nothing "degrading" or "belittling" about two hearts searching for love. Shame on the American media for bias and sensationalism! The hearts of intelligent, caring, and loyal women cannot be "bought and paid for". They must be won buy the gentleman. The only women I know of that can be bought by materialism are the ones presently occupying the nation we call home! This trip was a golden opportunity to practice the long lost art of romance. I have already recommended AFA to several of the men here in Idaho who search endlessly for what exists bountifully in Russia; loyal, intelligent, and sincere women! What a country! Again, thank you for all your help and understanding. As we all know, a business exists to make money, however, a sincere business can make money and provide an elevated level of personalization; AFA accomplishes both those goals! Thanks again John!

Brian W.

Hi Chris,It’s been a while since we communicated. I want to say thanks to everyone at AFA for being what you are, so that Elena (41186) is brought into my life.

Many times I wrote to you, and a few times to John Adams with questions or seeking advice. Your replies were fast, personal and right on target. You even supported me a few times when natural disasters threatened to disrupt the budding relationship.

Based on the latest time estimates from the Warsaw embassy (2-12 weeks, but averaging 4 weeks), we expect Elena to be here in July and the wedding very shortly there-after.

It wasn’t included in this letter I sent out today. But I have told every unmarried person that I know, about your services. I have also recommended your travel services, as well as your referral service to an attorney for the visa process. My situation is different; expensive and complex, because I am not in the mainland US, but a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. For the average person, your services would save thousands of hours of labor, frustration, and thousands of dollars in expenses.

Regardless, your services and agency made it all possible. It would not have happened without you. Thank you. Now, I share with you a letter I sent to close friends and family today.



Dear AFA.

I went on the Kiev trip in September of this year and it was nothing but GREAT. I met a lot of nice women and have some really strong prospects for marriage. There were so many Beautiful ladies to choose from it made it hard to narrow it down. I have found one though and am pursuing her and will return to Kiev in January or February 2003 to bring her home to me. You kept your word on the fun and excitement and it was worth every penny spent

Steve L.

I just wanted to take the time and say you are what you say you are. I was not a big believer in a "foreign bride web site". however, you guys made a believer out of me. i have been corresponding with a beautiful woman from saintpetersburg for a few months now. she is witty, smart, funny, and seems to be very sincere. we have sent pictures to each other and both of us like what we see. we keep talking about when I can go to Russia. I am sure I will make the trip very soon. we are both looking forward to meeting. I am sure the sparks will fly, because every time we talk on the phone you can hear and feel the anticipation growing between us as the conversations become more and more intimate. I look forward to using your services in the very near future to bring me to the woman who may be the love of my life thanks


I want to tell you, THANK YOU!!

I had an absolute blast in Yalta.

As a seasoned traveller I am very aware of the "behind the scenes" planning it takes to pull off the socials. I truly appreciate everything you and your staff did to make it possible for us to enjoy our time in Yalta. Comparing Club Med to AFA is like comparing Joey Buttofuco to James Bond. At Club Med you’re like a squirrel looking for a nut on Gilligan’s Island. At AFA It’s like you’re on a premier wine tasting tour in the south of France with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.A "bolshoi spesiba" from a 42 year old, divorced, bald guy who you’ve helped get back in the game in a big way.Thanks again for everything.

I’ll be hooking with you again soon.

I recently attended the Crimean Tour in Yalta. Everything was top notch and very well orchestrated. Staff support and hotel services and accommodations were great. Yalta is lovely resort town and the beauty of the Crimean peninsula offers many a nice setting to take a lady. Last but not least the crown jewel of Ukraine: the lovely and charming ladies; after having met several very nice, intelligent, and traditional marriage minded ladies I have no thought about American women ever again! I highly recommend this or any tour that you conduct to anyone looking to meet many attractive ladies in a short time period.Jerry M.

Dear Foreign Affair:

Thanks so much your excellent website. If it wasn’t for you, I would have never met my future bride Maria. We have been corresponding for about a year now and decided to arrange for ourselves to finally meet in Moscow. Moscow is a GREAT town and I would encourage any single, red-blooded American man to visit there just to see all the GORGEOUS women. WOW! I am told that the female to male ratio there is around 5:1, and after seeing the bountiful selection of ladies, I would agree. Half look like fashion models and the other half like movie stars. Beautiful all and they take care of themselves too, unlike the women in the States. If you’re tired of women who think that dressing up is wearing sweat pants and a ball cap, you’d be in for a VERY pleasant surprise. Not to mention the level of sophistication and lady-like demeanor, and not a horrible tattoo or body piercing to be seen. Just all natural feminine beauty. WOW! again. Anyway, Maria and I met in early April of 2002 for a fairy tale week together. She was all and more than I could have ever hoped for and she now wears my ring upon her delicate little finger. Believe me, if I can finally find the love of my life, it’s possible for anyone. Ironically, on the way back there was a fellow returning from St. Petersburg with the same success. We toasted and laughed the whole way back. Once again, thanks to A Foreign Affair for the excellent website and all the beautiful women it has to offer.Happily yours


Dear John,I recently visited Kiev on the AFA tour but travelled direct from London into Kiev. Gary Kryk your Tour Manager was just simply fantastic with his handling of the whole tour. His approach was very professional with the hallmark of a best friend and also within the visiting guests there was nothing but praise for his abilities. Please convey to him my personal thanks for making my visit a very pleasurable one.

Best Regards,

Rome De Cruz

Dear John:

Testimonial Images

I don’t have much time, so forgive me for being brief and to the point. I did go with Gary Kryk last September to St. Petersburg, Russia. The women are beautiful, sexy, and numerous. I married Elena Ananieva last month. We are very happy. If you want to find a good woman for marriage, I highly recommend A Foreign Affair and St. Petersburg, Russia. AFA will give you great support and personal advice as to how to find the right woman. I enclose a photo for you of Elena and myself. AFA is for real. The women are for real. Go and you will have the experience of your life. Of course, there are no guarantees in life, but the worst thing that would happen is you will have one fantastic vacation.

Good luck,


I have just sent a request to be removed from your newsletter because thanks to A Foreign Affair I recently got engaged. Elenita is from the the Philippines and we had been writing for almost a year before I went to meet her. Our Fiancee’ visa should be finalized within six weeks and then I will be going back to bring her and her daughter home to Pennsylvania. Without A Foreign Affair I would never have found her and I just wanted to say Thank You.Elenita and Scott

Dear John,

In July of 1999 I began correspondance with Elena through A Foreign Affair She visited here in Houston on a student Visa for a few months in Feb. & March 2000, I spent three perfect weeks in St Petersburg with her in June and July, 2000. The St. Petersburg area and the people are remarkable, much more than interesting. Elena and I have developed a deep and permanent relationship via Letters, phone calls, E-Mail and visits. We actually wrote well over 300 letters. She is a consumate LADY, brilliant individual, beautiful woman, and an absolutely fabulous wife. We are married, have been for months, and consumately happy. My wife now has her permanent spousal Visa, airline tickets in her purse, bags packed, and this Thursday August 16th arrives in Houston, TX permanently to begin her new life. Elena was a professor, teaching in St Petersburg until a week ago. Under the circumstances I must request removal from this list Since December of 1997 I have used & recommended A Foreign Affair to many of my engineering associates who are currently your clients. Thanks again for bringing us together, your service far exceeded my expectations. Sincerely Yours,

John & Elena

Hello guys: I was a member of the June tour to Saint Petersburg. To be honest, I was very skeptical of the statements made by your site and staff prior to the tour. But I figured why not, it would make an interesting vacation. I was wrong. Everything you stated on the site is 100% true. I fell in love with the city and the Russian people. They are much more friendly than I had expected and the women are not to be believed. They are as honest and nice as they appear. This is no game; they are like girls were here in the 50’s. No pretence, no attitude, no baggage, just all girl. They love their country and family, but the men there are playboys and or drunks. So the girls are looking for a family man. I will be returning next spring to finish something I started on the June tour. I advise anyone who is considering a trip with A Foreign Affair to go. It is all you expect and a lot more.


Joe Alan

I was contacted and advised that you are writing an article and wanted to contact some guys that have used this service. I am not sure what sort of information you are after but will just jot down a few ideas and impressions ( probably more than you want as I can get carried away once started ) and if you want any further info. you can email me back.

Firstly I guess you will want some info on me. I am a 33 year old New Zealander. Education wise, I never went to University but have military training and 8 years experience as an aircraft electronics technician. I have traveled a bit and have worked briefly in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and for 1 1/2 years in Thailand. I have owned my own business a couple of times in the past but currently work as a Fleet Manager for a fishing company in Micronesia. I have never been married and do not have any kids.

With regard to their agency, I will give you a brief outline on the extent to which I have used the service. So far I have used the website to check out the catalogue of Russian women and to obtain addresses for correspondence. I have also used their email forwarding / reply system to send / receive letters to ladies in Russia. I have even been a part of one of the tours to St. Petersburg, although this was only 5 days ( not a full tour ) which I tacked on the end of a holiday in Ireland and the UK.

My reasons for using this service are many fold ( how long have you got ), but generally my current working / living environment and a dissatisfaction with the dating scene, and expectations of the women back home. For the last 10 months I have been living and working on a small island in the Western Pacific. While there are one or two pretty women here, I generally don’t find the local girls attractive and there are some definite cultural differences which put me off getting into a serious relationship here. Also, not a lot to do here out of hours and I enjoy writing letters, so it passes the time, with the large attraction that I may just make an acquaintance that leads on to a serious relationship.

With regard to the women back home, and the ones I have had relationships with in the past, they have just never seemed to work out. Some are off on their own agenda and unwilling to compromise, or the opposite, no drive or desire to see the world or try new things. I won’t even mention the women I have met who have been into the feminism thing ( or their version of it ) for fear of turning this letter into a novel. So the idea of meeting a woman from another culture appeals to me, with their different priorities, expectations and outlook on life.

Another reason for using a postal dating service is the medium itself. Often I have a problem in that until I start to get to know a woman and relax a little, I am not a good conversationalist. I get a verbal version of writer’s block and have trouble making conversation. If I can get to a second date, I’m usually fine from then on, IF! However doing things by post is different, you can choose your words before you send them, and by the time you physically meet the woman, the ice is broken and there is some history there to foster conversation.

As far as how I have found the service , without trying to sound like I am being payed ( for the record, I’m not ) I can sum up the experience in one word which is Service. All the way from their website which is comprehensive with many features and yet very easy to use, to their tours to St. Petersburg, John and the rest of the team are extremely helpful and prompt in their replies to questions. For example it was almost at the last minute that I decided to include some time with the St. Petersburg tour, on top of an already planned trip to the UK. This must have been a bit of a curve ball for John as I wanted to fly into St. Petersburg a day before most of the tour arrived from the States, and leave half way through. Also I wanted to write to 4 or 5 ladies before I left to try to set up some meetings, and hopefully get a reply back from them, using the email forwarding service, ( all this, about 2 weeks before departure ). Oh and by the way John, can you arrange a Visa for me and have it couriered to an address in Britain. All of this was accomplished with plenty of email but no drama ( from my side anyway, don’t know how easy it was for John to sort it all out ), and I duely arrived in St. Petersburg on July 14th.

Regarding the St. Petersburg tour itself, it was extremely well run, and Ron and Elena did a grand job of keeping things running smoothly. St.Petersburg is a fascinating place, in itself well worth a visit let alone with the possibility of meeting the woman of your dreams. Unfortunately I only had time to attend the first of the four socials planned for the guys on tour, but was enough to give me the idea.

For me, what really made the trip was a superb mix of a fascinating city, with the opportunity to meet some classy ladies. On the one hand you have a city full of history, Cathedrals, museums, art and culture; and then every few nights you are let loose in a room full of intelligent, educated women, all of them pretty and some being just plain gorgeous. And all of these ladies were single and I think most were seriously interested in the possibility of meeting someone for a relationship. It was surreal enough to appeal to my sense of humor; to be for once in my life outnumbered by women 5 to 1. The staff was good in this situation and showed their experience by often doing the thinking for you, "time to change tables", "come and talk to this woman", "you seem to be having trouble, here’s an interpreter", that kind of thing. In fact most things are taken care of by their agency including interpreters ( available most times not just at the socials ), city tours, the hotel, etc. etc. It was very easy to kick back, relax and have fun.

As to how well these tours work, well I guess that primarily depends on what it is you are seeking. Like I have said, the tour is very well run and the opportunity is there to meet a large number of women, so if you seriously want to strike up a relationship with an attractive, educated and intelligent women, all the ingredients are there and their agency has done most of the work for you. What’s left for you to do is talk to as many ladies as you can, decide which ones interest you and then try to generate some interest from those ladies ( and hopefully a phone number and follow up date ). I guess the success of a persons’ tour depends on the individual and I can only really comment on my own experience. At the end of the day their agency make it as easy as possible for you, but it’s still up to you to pick up the ball and run with it. As to my own success, I had a great time and even though I was only there for one social, I am corresponding with one lady, and waiting to see if another I met will write back. My other mission of getting a bit of a handle on the culture and character of the people was also successful, and dissolved my fears that forming a relationship with a Russian woman could bring along with it some major cultural hurdles and other problems that could rise up further down the track and kick me from behind.

And my impressions of the ladies of St. Petersburg, well I was very impressed. Generally these women are intelligent and educated; they are cultured and most have an appreciation of fine music, art, ballet, opera, etc, enough to make me feel to uncultured colonial I am. I was delighted to find most had a well developed sense of humor and sarcasm was not lost on them ( a point that stood out after my time in Asia and my present location ). Very many of the women are extremely attractive with beautiful eyes and nice complexions. Their accent was pleasant and many of their mannerisms and terms of speech were also appealing. I could go on but you get the idea, I am quite taken with the women there, and hope to one day find a soul mate among these wonderful women.

What more can I say, as far as their agency goes, I guess my best recommendation is that I do not use any other service. I have checked out a lot of others on the internet, but their agency was the first I tried and their level of service has been such that I have not felt inclined to try any others. They have a large database of women and many new ladies joining every week, so feel confident they can keep me busy in the letter writing department. Any questions or requests I have had have been dealt with promptly and their email forwarding system cuts down delivery time by heaps ( especially from here ). Their tour to St. Petersburg I can recommend, especially if you have a serious interest in a relationship with a woman from Russia. Even if by some incredible misfortune you do not meet any women there that you wish to correspond with, it will give you a valuable insight into their culture, way of life and character of Russian ladies. If you have any kind of sense of adventure, sense of humor, appreciation of culture and admiration of beauty, you will have a truely great time which will make a lasting impression on you.

Well, as I warned you at the beginning, once I got started it was possible it could turn into an epic. I hope there is some information here that you are looking for. If you have any further questions, I would be happy to answer them just contact me by email.

Regards, Steve

By the way, if any of you guys are on the fence, I’m glad to offer my endorsement for the tour. I had a blast. I didn’t get engaged, but that wasn’t my objective on the first trip. I did get to meet 150 of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life. I dated about 6 of them, which was too many, but it could have easily become 26. I’m age 53 and it was hard to believe that so many beautiful women eagerly wanted to go out with me (I dated ages 24-38) and gladly offered me their addresses and phone numbers. I even had women I never met, referred by their friends, that called me at the hotel and want to go out with me. The Russian women are attracted to courteous men that are stable and friendly. They are apparently starved for these basics, which the Russian men aren’t giving them. They don’t blink an eye at age difference, in fact being a bit older is often an advantage. They graduate high school at 15, then get married, and have a 90% divorce rate by age 25. Russian women are wise about basic values in men, and so they mellow out at a much younger age than American women. Once you’ve tried Russian, you won’t want to go back!

The agency does a bang-up job of orchestrating the socials, finding good accommodations, recommending restaurants, tours, providing interpreters and a socially fun and friendly atmosphere, which everyone likes a lot. Now I’m trying to do the details myself on a second trip, mostly for challenge, so now I really appreciate what a good deal the tour really is.

The socials are your best bet. You can spend months or years writing beautiful letters. But you make the strongest impression by being seen in person, especially at the socials. All the artificial limits women apply in letter-writing just fall away when they see you live and in person, ready to be fun and friendly at a classy party. (And don’t forget to bring a good suit or even a tux!!) You and the other guys have, in effect, invited the cream of the crop. You have so many wonderful choices that now you can focus on important things like English fluency, humor, compatibility, education, devotion and commitment. These women go through so many problems every day of their lives that it is an honor to be invited to a delicious dinner with Champagne at a four-star hotel. These women know exactly what they are doing, and they are _not_ being exploited. When was the last time a first date offered to make you a home-cooked meal or to sew that little tear in your shirt? Makes you appreciate the basics. The socials are great and their agency has figured out the right way to do it.

On the Metro, even the escalator ride is a trip in itself. It takes about 2-3 minutes, and seriously, on every escalator trip you will pass about 30 Cosmopolitan cover models. They are everywhere. I was repeatedly called ’handsome’ by these beautiful women, which was becoming infrequent in America. What a boost for any bachelor! I also made good friends with the interpreters. I got to meet Russians in their homes, eat their wonderful cooking, and I got a whole new perspective on what’s important in life. None of the stereotypes I was led to believe for years about the Russians is true. On the contrary, they are the most hospitable, good-hearted, down-home, country-like people you would have to go into rural America to match. In short, it was the vacation of a lifetime. I look forward to going again soon.

Paul W.

Yes! It was a vacation of a lifetime. The city and people were beautiful! It takes a little while to get used to the culture change but when it comes to men and women they never change! All the guys were picking lint out of their mouths. Their tongues were dragging on the carpet and drooling all over their clothes. American women of this caliber would not even look at these guys! In Russia the women always show interest and conversation. Learn a phrase or two and the girls go nuts! I am going to live in St.Petersburg all of next summer. I will have a year of Russian under my belt before I go back. The Russian people love anything American including you! TODD CUSON

Just meeting one single, attractive, intelligent, Russian woman in her native St. Petersburg is worth the price of the trip. There are thousands like her in this beautiful city. It is an adventure of no small proportion that includes the best and cheapest ballet and opera in the world, wild cab rides, terrific romantic river cruises, marvelous sight-seeing, fascinating language and culture. There are differences to overcome, like the water, the Russian Mafia, the money, and the language if you don’t speak Russian. However, an adventure would not be that without a little challenge and danger. The staff is open, supportive, knowledgeable, and helpful. They did everything in their power to make the trip a success for everyone.

Sincerely Yours,


I joined the group on Sept. 10 for the two-week trip to St. Petersburg Russia.

This trip was a fantastic experience. Some of the guys wanted to find a Russian wife, and some wanted to find a Russian girlfriend (or two) and just have fun. Either way we were not disappointed. I think two or three of the guys actually got engaged on this trip.

The parties were great, and the ratios were mind-boggling. Five or six women per guy, and the girls were young and gorgeous. We actually starting to complain that the ratio was too much to handle! (Women everywhere -- I kept thinking of the Paul Simon song about "angels in the architecture, spinning into infinity.")

The hotel was 4 star with your own room and bath, the Metro was a easy way of getting around, and the palaces of the Tars were a trip.

So, If you’re thinking about going -- do it! A Foreign Affair is run by a group of very hard-working guys who want you to have the best time possible, and you will.

Because of this trip, a Russian girl is visiting me over Christmas, and I’m going back again this summer.

So, do it!


Ben Whitehill

The arrangements made cover a range since personal preferences vary. our agency provided (a) socials where eligible Russian women, with requests for specific individuals honored if possible, (b) semi-private group encounters, which is really quite good. (c) arranged personal meetings with specific persons (some women find the socials uncomfortable and prefer to meet privately), (d) assistance with one’s own arrangements to meet individuals outside any introduction by our agency. With respect to our agency, so far as I could determine, and there was one fellow in my tour who was quite systematic, they are among the top agencies and the choice seems to be more influenced by personal intangibles such as wanting to meet a woman who lives in a major cultural center and so on. The chaps on my trip were all upper middle class with a genuine interest in meeting someone. The women were generally university educated and attractive with a genuine interest in marriage. It might help to bring photographs of one’s house, neighborhood, and city. The reason is that the system in Russia generally had everyone living in apartments which were poorly maintained so it was sometimes helpful to have something like that to show the differences in lifestyle. A similar provision applies to personal automobiles which are rare in Russia as a result of an emphasis on public transit. I don’t know what article our agency is referring to so I cannot comment on that. There was one article on such agencies in the International Herald Tribune (Natasha meets Joe) that I read while in St. Petersburg. My best general comment is that many such articles are the result of the current fad of being politically correct at the expense of candor, honesty, dealing with the hard truths of life. I mention candor and honesty since that, plus treating the women you meet with the full dignity and respect accorded by traditional families in the West, is appealing to these women.

Yours very truly,

Wayne H.

I just wanted to thank John, and all the rest of the staff at A Foreign Affair. My November trip to St. Petersburg was an incredible experience. It was ten times what I expected. The customer service I received before and during the trip was more then I could have expected. I felt as though I was treated like a real person, and the sincerity from all was appreciated. The trip to St. Petersburg was a wonderful time in itself, but add to that the whole romance side of things, and it was well worth the price I paid (and this comming from an Accountant). Looking back now, it was easy to see why we were all so overwhelmed. To go to a very cultered city, to meet 100’s (or should that be 1000’s) of beautiful women who are just waiting to meet us, this is truely the experience of a lifetime. If anyone ever needs a referral, please feel free to send them my way. If someone is even thinking about doing a trip through A Foreign Affair, I would simple say DO IT. I wonder why I waited so long. The personal service was unbelievable, even as to going as far as checking with each of us individually throughout the tour, just to see how we were progressing. I think I meet about 20 women I would love to bring back, but stuck with one. But as they say, "you can’t always get what you want" so I am not sure if the one I picked will pick me. So I almost sorry to say, but I am sure I will be doing another tour next year. Once is just simply not enough. Thank you again for all that you did, and thank you for providing this incredible service.


Dennis G.

St. Petersburg Tour November 2000

I went to St. Petersburg with A Foreign Affair last September. I have never gone with any other company, but I truly believe A Foreign Affair is the best.

Their personal service and advice was priceless. I can only think of three complaints about my trip: (1) I couldn’t get any sleep for the first five days due to jet lag and excitement. I went about four days and four nights with less than a total of 8 hours sleep. (2) I know you won’t believe this, but there were too many women. About 1/3 are "put them on the cover of a magazine beautiful" and by the end of the first week, I was glad I had found my Lena and could just date her and not have to meet any more women. (3) I wish I could have stayed longer and spent more time with my Lena.

Listen, I could go on forever and ever. Bottom line is that I do not believe any other tour company could be any better than A Foreign Affair. St. Petersburg is truly a place full of beautiful women who want to meet and marry an American man who would simply make a decent husband. All you have to do is treat them like a lady, be honest and sincere and the choice is totally up to you.

Eric Fender

St. Petersburg Tour 2000

With A Foreign Affair help, I was surrounded by attractive, good women, and all I had to do was act naturally. The best woman in Russia is coming to America to be my wife. The second best one may still be there. Thank you A Foreign Affair and thank you Irina.

Dr. Robert E. Sept. 2000

Dear Mr. Redburn:

Please accept my profound gratitude for the many kindnesses afforded me in Odessa, Ukraine. Certainly, you with the lovely and gracious Mrs. Redburn were the ultimate host and hostess. The entire "Affair" was artistically contrived and skillfully executed. Particularly impressive was the dignified and respectful treatmet of The Ladies who were honored Guests.

Gratefully yours

K. Fannin, M.D.

It was a frenzy. There's no other way to describe it. There were 300 women, and they were literally pushing each other out of the way to talk to the guys, even average guys. It's like being a celebrity. You can't even walk across the venue without ladies stopping you and trying to take pictures with you. Everywhere you looked, there were beautiful women, and they all wanted to talk to you. I took 6 numbers that night.

The ladies were literally pushing and pulling trying to get a guy at their table.